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The day is moving along swimmingly.... Then you drop all your nail polish down the stairs. biggestmessever OMG At least it was the piggypaint that broke, easiest to clean up.... Still not easy to clean up. There is green nail polish everywhere. Banisters. Walls. nailedit

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How about you vote for the Queen😊💞👏👊👐👌💪💪💪👀 jlo is nominated for a Latin American music award, in the category Favorita artista Feminina. Make sure to cast your vote. Link in my bio. Let's make the queen win the 2 awards. People choice and Latin award. You can vote 10 times a day with différents emails and if you don't live in America and can't vote don't worry. All you need to do is download the application VPN in play store. Change your country to USA and then come back to the site and vote. Want more information? Dm me jlo jenniferlopez jlovers latinmusicawards omgpage omg vote like

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OMG haha

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A consciência de amar e ser amado traz um conforto e riqueza. MinhaRiqueza 💜

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Yudum yudum içmek yetmez  Aşkı kadehten.  Sevmeli dilberi kıvamında.  İçmeli mutluluğu, içmeli,  Öyle hafifçe,  Baş dönünceye kadar değil,  Ta ki,  Zil zurna sarhoş oluncaya kadar zevkten,  Dudak dudağa, kana kana !  Dudaklar kızarırcasına,  Durmamacasına.  Öyle özledim ki seni.  Anlatamam bunu dizelerimde birtanem. . artmagazine art photo abstract fineart amazing drawing photosoph fallow popart vscocam tolike love curls modeling fitbody natural nudemodel sensual woman softness model melanin babe boudoir omg legs nüdes grind crown

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i’m so bored what should i make this account

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DMV what ya think of this is Miami taking out lyrics and flow 🤔

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Caution to the wind.

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