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Is there something in your life that you have been putting off until just the right time? What exactly are you waiting for? What excuses do you keep coming up with that putting a road block in your path? The time is now!! This is your time to shine!! Just do it!! I f you’re scared, do it anyway! You have all you need, just believe you can do it!! (Been telling myself this every. single. day) now believeinyourself yourlife dosomething proud bethebestyou today todayistheday justdoit entrepreneur mindset mompreneur goals future

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Welcome our New Defensive Coordinator coachbeau to the Southside. We are excited to have him. NOW Southside 🐉🏈

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Just like I predicted 6 years ago....girls....go through thick and thin to impress Lev 🧚🏻‍♀️ любовьонатакая tbt 6 years ago to now

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I've been using these dazzle drops from Avon. I'm beginning to really like all this glow stuff. You can use them 3 ways. What I like most about it is how much of the intense glow you want to apply. You can have a light shimmer or a strong one, your choice. It even blends beautifully with your beauty blender brush. 🙌 These dazzle drops will be coming in campaign 13. . . makeup makeupaddict makeupgirl dazzle glowup shimmerymakeup shimmer glamuprockingbeautyboss Avon AvonRep Avonrepresentative cosmetics makeuplover makeupaddict beautygram beautymakeup beauty beautyproduct instamakeup now whatsnew itscomming musthaves beautiful

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С любимой мамочкой! ♥️

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Through oracleofyoursoul Because we are now living in different dimensional spaces, moving between third, fourth and fifth dimensions, we are noticing that there is uncomfortable energy that we are experiencing, this is part of the Ascension process. . 🌸 So yes on top of ascension symptoms that include the Awakening and reconstructing strands of your DNA that are causing all kinds of physical symptoms you’re also managing the emotional body. . 🌸 Because you are expanding, evolving and growing,....what may have been acceptable for you a month ago, a year ago, a week ago may no longer resonate and feel good to you. You may have to establish boundaries or make some changes as YOU change. . 🌸 When uncomfortable energies arise whether it be in relationships or in your work or anything that relates to how you’re spending your time and using your energy, you want to pay careful attention to how it feels in your body. You may make decisions that you can’t follow through on because now you have a different awareness or the energy has changed within you. It is a very subtle movement and this is why it is important to be compassionate and practice the energy daily of self-love and checking in with yourself to gauge where you are and how you feel. . 🌸 This isn’t about being accountable and letting your emotions run amok but this is about checking in with yourself. We’re not in an energy anymore where it’s about doing what you think is the right thing, it’s not about doing what feels appropriate, it’s about what is going to feel good in your body even if it means saying no or setting a boundary. Even if it means you disappoint. . 🌸 If you are a healer, a mentor or a guide you are likely feeling called into deeper work at this time and so what you’ve been doing for years may no longer resonate with you. You are being called to deepen your work and to expand into unknown territories, new ways of showing up, new ways of being and of healing. 🙏🏻 in Love, Lynnette

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Compelling personality

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EMPOWER THOSE AROUND YOU! ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿True LEADERS are strong, confident, & whole. They are in the trenches with their team WORKING HARD! Being the Boss doesn’t mean you get to take it easy! IT MEANS YOU WORK THE HARDEST! You embrace the strengths of others SECURELY. You admire the QUALITIES of others. It doesn’t require OUTWARD CONFIDENCE. empowerment equality leadership embrace strong together werise

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Water is the main element of spring. April with water, May with grass. Spring is not just a flowering time, it is a time of hope, a revival of the spirit. 🌿