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I swear I’m not orange 🍊

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Het eerste jaar van de middelbare school zat erop en dat vier je natuurlijk het beste met een fotoshoot. Heerlijk ongedwongen gingen we begin van de zomervakantie eropuit met de camera om portretten te maken. Ik zie op deze foto’s een natuurlijke schoonheid waar je niet omheen kan. ____________________________ Het begin van een nieuw jaar inluiden met een fotoshoot kan natuurlijk ook! Stuur me gerust een bericht voor meer informatie of een persoonlijk adviesgesprek. ____________________________ portretfotograaf portret daglicht natuurlijklicht tiener daglicht naturalbeauty mooivanbinnenenvanbuiten portraitphotographer highschoolportrait portrait funshoot prettygirl beauty nomakeup fotograafleeuwarden lf2018

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Aug 20th, 2018 Bandana makes my face more round😂😂😂 - - nomakeup bandana

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nomakeup ( bon ok on a triché , on a mis un filtre mais chuuut)

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Doing a 7 days of me newchallenge the real me nomakeup nofilter just real selfies for 7 days. All about giving yourself a chance to beyou without worrying about instalove or followers. Why? To prove that you don't need to wear makeup or to use filters to get love. Just a good attitude and a great smile whocares loveyourself beyourself justdoyou behappy me instagood instadaily natural beautiful bereal P.s if you swipe to the end there's a comparison justforfun haveagoodday and laughatyourself that way no one else can 😁

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I don't often do selfies so forgive me looking super tired and a mess lol. Hard work alway pays so I can only pray my training, gyming and rushing around brings forth fruit. I haven't forgotten about you all just stressing to get ready for newyorkfashionweek 🤣 not long now before the runway show awaits 😎😎😎nomakeup natural selfie instagood insta model fashion gym plusheen lover 😍😍

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This boy said he’d uber me to where he’s at 😛 yasss sis spend money on me

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Bin maagi si dua hai tu.. 😘❤️ indiatiktok

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/ 🌵

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New article! How To have Acne-Free Glowing Skin (Not your typical advice) 😍 Link in bio!

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- 우리가족은 주말 에도 각자의 자리에서 바쁘게 지내는 관계로, 비교적 오늘 시간이 있었던 내가 입원 하기 전 집청소를 깔끔하게 끝내놓았음🤗 변호사랑 통화하고, 과제 도 하고.. 간만에 책도 읽어야지👩‍💻 수면시간도 아닌데 어떤 아줌마가 계속 전등 끄는게 문제😤 . .

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Home enjoying❤️

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