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Being able to create these composites makes me feel like I have some kind of superpowers, it feels so amazing to see how these totally different images from different parts of the world, could blend in together to make a whole different place, time and phenomenon. I never imagined a year ago that I’d be into creating Digital art, I used to not ‘accept’ it as an art form, like everyone else, calling it Fake. But my perspective changed when I fed myself with knowledge and got open to the fact that ‘True Art is, expressing yourself’ and not what people and society accept or not. Digital Art has emerged more than ever in the last few years and I am more than happy to call myself a Digital Artist. To the fellow creators, be determined to chase your passion and never be influenced by people to stop, keep going. Followers or no followers, appreciation or nothing at all, always remind yourself, popularity can never be the primary motive to gain through art, over time, when you work hard and be determined and work smartly, you’ll gain popularity but if you chase it, it all goes in vein. Ok, ok.. end of cliche words, but seriously, this was all to remind myself and clear my mind. 🙂 Thanks for making it to the end. 😁🙏🏻 . . . . . . photoshop adobe adobephotoshop aov earthofficial traveller aurora way2ill createcommune visualsoflife artofexplorers alaska northernlights digitalart edit_grams visual_creatorz visualambassadors instagram natgeocreative discoverearth night digitallyart visualart theglobewanderer theimaged visualartist depthobsessed fatalframes

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Eyes on you night

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Le seul endroit où le mot succès vient avant le mot travail est dans le dictionnaire💭

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A colorful rocky beach with a dark red sunset

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「你還是住在我的回憶裡不出來」 Favourite song ever 2700

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Porque tú formaste mis entrañas; Tú me hiciste en el vientre de mi madre. Te alabaré; porque formidables, maravillosas son tus obras; Estoy maravillado, Y mi alma lo sabe muy bien. 🙇‍♀️♥️ Salmos 139:13-14 Gracias Dios por permitirme vivir, por darme la oportunidad de seguir aquí a pesar de grandes dificultades. Porque aún me quedan cosas por hacer en esta tierra y sólo tú conoces y decides cual es mi tiempo y propósito. En ti confío💫

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До Хэллоуина - рукой подать. Время искать подходящую тыкву и придумывать жутковатый костюм. А пока, мои юные любители кошмариков и многочисленные хейтеры, вот вам Michael Myers! (Coming soon...) 🎃🎬🗡 2garinaart darkart sketchandart michaelmyers хэллоуин

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Mein Maximilien schläft hier

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No choice but to capture its beauty.

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