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Você é único, sua casa também. Exerça a liberdade de dividir os ambientes e decorá-los do seu jeito. Saiba mais sobre o Next On 399 pelo link do perfil. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ next nextinc urbano vidaurbana belemdopara nexton399

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Its a wrap genkss... Ini penampakan kita sebelum dan sesudah event di mulai.. Ga ada yg bener sihh tapi ya sudahlahhh...ini lah kami tanpa polesan tanpa basa basi hanya menjadi apa adanya... Kalian gokil genks...terbuat dari apa sihh kalian ini, gila okey,resmi hayu, serius kemon, nguli tidak diragukan lagi...ga ada matinya litaonettwidi irma_andriani_bunray Dian Yustisia Sonjaya Thanks my team. 2ndproject next project events weddingevent

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recreate yourself how many time its needed quote next mood

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last year / this year / next year ➡️ ? . . I went to Kyoto last year 去年京都に行きました Kyo nen Kyoto ni iki mashita . . I want to go to Hokkaido this year 今年は北海道に行きたい Kotoshi wa Hokkaido ni iki tai (casual) . . My mum and dad are coming to Japan next year 来年お母さんとお父さんは日本に来ます Rai nen okāsan to otōsan wa nihon ni ki mas . . . last this next year japanese japan japanesefood japangram tokyo japan studyjapanese instajapan instago instagram japantrip rugby japantour travel traveling lovers_nippon japan_focus japan_daytime_view idea great photography explore hotel japan_night_view 日本 東京

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I’ JUST KILLED THIS’ 16.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤩🤩🤩🕶®️ Might have to drop it on y’all . New Track Called BOSS MOVEZ ( also it could possibly end up a feature Rocking ‘ Wit me ). . So STAY TUNED📺 ....... |So ya’ know I’m always cooking 🍳 up the cook up 🔥🔥🤩🎵🎶🔊🔊🔊.• 🚨newmusiccomingsoon 🚨 .• 🎶🎵🔊🔊 I AM STORIE TELLA ® freestyle storietella rbmusic rb songs rnbmusic rnb newtalent lovemusic rap rappersbelike rapper singer newmusic newmusicalert unsigned next unsignedhype hiphop hiphopmusic upandcomingartist independentartist singersongwriter singersbelike hiphop gotbars boston artist artistlife music 🎤🎤🎤🎤🔥🔥🔥• Live,Laugh,Love,and Create ®

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一昨日の半年記念日を昨日祝ってその事を今日つぶやくっていう珍しいスタイル。 みおちゃんに手作りのiPhoneケースと定期入れもらった😊 何でも自分で作ってしまうな、この子は… 喧嘩は増えたけど会ったらお互い大好きから結局仲直りしてる😂 半年あっという間やから1年もすぐ来るんかな?🤔 とりあえずお互い大人になって仲良くやっていけたらいいなヽ(*´∀`)ノ てゆーか使うの怖い… こーゆーの大事にし過ぎて使えない派の人です✋ みおちゃん 半年記念日 1126 手作り スマホケース 定期入れ 大好き love らぶみおちゃん next 7month l4l

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Still my princess. This dress for some reason out of all the gorgeous dresses she has had over the years this is the one she always remembered no idea why except she felt good in it. Lilly felt so pretty when she was 5 in this dress she would prance about in it and even wanted to sleep in it. She cried when she grew out of it and we had to give it away. Trust me I kept it past the point of her squeezing into it still wanting to wear it. She never forgot this dress over the years and always asked me to get her another one. Quite hard to do when the line finishes in the store and they don't sell them anymore. Lately she has been saying she doesn't feel pretty and is picking things out in her appearance that no 10 year old girl should do. No matter what I would say to build up her confidence or what clothes I would buy her she would still not like them and still said "mom do I look good today" Yes everyone who knows my daughter thinks she doesn't care about what she wears and "its lilly she doesnt care" she just likes to get muddy and dirty but there is still that secret princess inside that she only let's a few see. After a lot of searching online I finally found the same dress in her size! She was so happy and today the sun was finally out and she got to wear her dress again! I got to see her twirl her skirts, prance about on the beach and know she felt pretty all day. themagicofadress next prettygirl proudmom priceless

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T W I N N I N G When daddy goes shopping 😍 Luke definitely is the kids personal shopper 🙋🏼‍♂️ I HATE clothes shopping and couldn’t think of anything worse to do 🤦🏻‍♀️ If I shop for myself, it’s online and I buy two sizes and send back whatever doesn’t fit 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s only since becoming a mum I hate it, I’m not sure if it’s just me being lazy, but the thought of taking all three shopping and going into a changing room and trying things on, is too much effort 😫 And if I do get time without the kids, I’d rather spend that with my feet up and eyes closed-in other words being asleep 😴... . . . twinning next therollingstones tshirts daddysthestylist ihateclothesshopping onlineshopper sincebeingamum maybeimjustlazy timeout idratherspendmysparetimesleeping mumofthree thestruggleisreal parentsofgirls 17monthsapart couldbetwins daughters maybankholidayweekend roughwiththesmooth ourphotodiary keepingitrelatable stayathomemum raisingthreeunderfive anothermummyblogging

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3日間使うとフラッグぼろぼろ(笑)🤣 だから東京用にもう一本買ってあるよ👍 みきちゃん キャラメルのレアレオありがとう😭可愛すぎてずっと眺めてる~❤️ お面メンディーまでありがとう(笑)🤣並べて飾ったら怖い みきちゃんのお友達も玲於ありがとう あいちゃん 亜嵐の飛び出すやつありがとう😭私の愛する彼氏にプレゼントさせて貰うね~❤️ 私の集めてるガチャのピンバッジもめっちゃ嬉しい😭 コンプしたいのに全然出なくて😭本当にありがとう 玲於のガチャもありがとう ちあきちゃん クレカのチャームいつもありがとう😭これで3個目~❤️ めっちゃ嬉しい~❤️ GENEのキーホルダーもありがとう イケメンなお兄さん達 玲於の銀テありがとう~❤️ お兄さん達イケメンなのに優しくて最高 ぜひうちの娘の彼氏に(笑) GENERATIONS UNITEDJANUARY みんな~❤️ありがとう~❤️ 3日間でまただいぶ玲於増えた💚💚💚 佐野玲於 愛しすぎてごめんなさい(笑) ストーカーではありません(笑)🤣 30日の舞台挨拶 娘にハガキ届いてない?って聞いたら ねーよって😭 悲しい😭休みも取ってたのに 仕方ないからランペのライブ準備する日にする(笑) next rampage

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Stylez for Milez .. The name says it all .. “Self-medicated, Self-inflicted-pissed-off-ness” “I stand in the light, and I like to excite my fans/I plan to make a killin.. ya I like them rubber bands”

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Dig This Rapper .. A stretch of the mind, the same way you would stretch your body in awkward shapes so that you could be more comfortable with the little motions ahead of time .. “Everybody plays safe, everybody plays dumb/No one thinks I play fair.. they, are complacent” “I don’t feel impatient, I don’t think I missed mine/I can feel the matrix, flowing through my enzymes”

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Really doe