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"Y si miro hacia la sombra donde la luz se deshace, temo también deshacerme y entre la sombra quedarme confundida para siempre" me phototoday nature shadow life

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Sunset pic, cause I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of the sunset . . . . Picture by: me . Phone: Samsung galaxy J5 . . . . Taaags: photography Sun Sunset photographylover nature roadtrip

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This is the greatest thing I’ve ever done. When is your turn??? . . . . . . wetravelinourstyle mestylemylifestyle travelphotography travelwithme getaway ilovevacay vacation art nature traveler travelphotpgraphy coupletravel bucketlist island paradise bahamas exumabahamas exuma swimwithsharks nurseshark naturesapparel เที่ยวกันเถอะ ้อนนักก็พักร้อน เราเที่ยวในแบบของเรา travelandleisuregoals visitthebahamas bahamasphotographer exumabahamas theisleofparadise travelandleisure travelawesome

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I lied I don’t live for Bonnie and Jeremy on tvd, I live for Bonnie and Damon

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omg, you never know what you’re gonna see when you pay attention. I just happened to be watching this Song Sparrow wipe its beak on a branch. Then I noticed a whole bunch of little white mounds along the length of the branch and went for a closer look only to find out that this is its fecal sac repository!! I counted 15 little sacs. I wonder how many they usually take out of the nest each day? Then I could calculate the age of the nestlings. These dear little birds are so tame; they could care less about me walking near them! songsparrow fecalsac repository birdsofinstagram observation nature explore look payattention enjoynature natureisfascinating naturecanbefun amusing ornithology animalbehavior

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“Se for pra ser feliz, que seja viajando!” E a felicidade que a gente fica quando tá montando roteiro pra próxima viagem?

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When you receive something divine from a beautiful soul you have connected with 😍💜🌟 divine beautiful

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Seek the Kingdom of God above all else. 🔜

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lunes, cama, faber, pose.

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to wszystko na niby ☝️

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~The Spanish steps in Rome, I’ll never forget the kindness I found In Italy~

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♡ _______________________________________ Route666.... Rock Blues Band!!!!❤❤❤ _______________________________________