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"Oh darling, let's be adventures." He's taught me that the world is huge, that there's more to just the town we live in, and that adventure can be 30 minutes away. 🤟🏻 myman camping trail green adventures 3years

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I hope GOT7s comeback this time will be successful. I just want them to receive the recognition they deserve. They have been waiting for so long 😭

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🛤I would follow you a-n-y-whereeee...of course, usually I have to follow you because I’m such a slowpoke 😆 thanks for always being patient with me whether I’m lagging behind or bounding ahead... 🎩 hats off to you drizzyyydrea the universes greatest adventure buddy 🥇 bigup

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I wanna wish one of the best fathers, friend, boyfriend, and just over all amazing person I know a big HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! I love him so much and wish him the best day ever! Thanks to some of our good buddies we had a great time tonight. 😍❤🎂🍻😘🎈🎉🎳🎳 myman30thbirthdayHappyBirthdayamazingboyfriendrealtionshipgoalsbowlingfoodgreatfriendsgoodtimemakingmemeoriescantbelievehesminewheredoesthetimegobaebirthdayboy80sbaby boyfriendandgirlfriendhessoamazingimsolucky

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Я знаю что такое настоящая любовь! Я просто хочу, чтобы ты был счастлив! И тогда буду счастливая я! С Днём Рождения мой andrei_artsiukh ❤🎂 happybirthday mylove myman

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Solo tú ❤️ myman

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MyMan M 👸🏻 & S 🤴🏻

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Happy 5 Months to this amazingly handsome guy right here 💗😏 myman

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Did you know that ears make great handles? I couldn’t resist and told her to pull them...I nearly keeled over from the cuteness 😍 whatacutie myman

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This man is my amazing hubby! He puts up with my crazy emotions + supports me through my toughest times! I couldn’t be who I am or do what I do without him. We have been though a lot, as most couples of almost 14 years have. Through it all we have persevered, we have triumphed, we have overcome! I love this man! Together we are better. Together we are unstoppable.

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🌸 [ In japan, cherry blossoms are so special because the flower blooms intensely, yet only for a short period of time each year. As the flowers die and petals fall, it fills the street with street like a layer of soft, pink snow and are most beautiful when captured between its life and death. This is precisely the unique appeal of cherry blossoms; their aesthetic focuses on the unavoidable transience of the world that exist. ] I feel incredibly blessed to have experienced this special moment with you. The world is impermanent, people come and go. But for now, I cherish our existence in each other’s life and I aim to enjoy what is in front of me and stop to appreciate its fleeting moments wit you. 🌸 🌸 🌸 cherryblossom mononoaware beautyofnature blossoms mothernature lifequotes mujo mugatu southkorea liveinthemoment inthenow tumblraesthetic myman loveyou rupikaur loveme tumblrtextpost textpost travelguide flywithme

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Happy birthday my lovely husband. Setiap tahun berusaha bikin surprise buat kamu tp sering kali gagal. Wkwkwk... Ya sudah yg pnting doanya spy Papih selalu sehat, panjang umur, bahagia selalu, berkatnya berlimpah2, tambah bijaksana, tambah sayang sama aku n anak2, jadi suami dan ayah yang terbaik. Amin. Jesus bless u always. . . happybirthday mylovelyhusband myhusband myman birthday birthdaybass love family

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Bragging post on my man right quick. He is the sweetest man I know. Today is our 2 month anniversary. It has been the best couple months of my life and I can't wait to spend many more with him. I'm so blessed to have him by my side through life. Y'all don't understand how happy I am. I'm so thankful for all he does for me. He is my sunshine when skies are grey. He's the light through the darkness. I will always show him off. He is so perfect. 😘😘❤️❤️ myman mymanisbetterthanyours perfect lovehim somuch amazing smilesfordays alwayscheesing anniversary todaywasperfect myking mylove mylife blessed thankful happy proudtobehisgirl love

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"Francophrenia, or: Dont kill me, I know where the baby is!" jamesfranco myman