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This little lady turns 19 years old today! Happy birthday to my other half, mini me, the one who has taught me how to love unconditionally, and never give up! You are and are becoming the strong beautiful lady you have been since day one, only stronger. Never give up on yourself or stop pushing for more. When you are down I’ll always be there right by your side to pick you back up. alwaygotyourback redlips4ever mylife mygirl 19 copcar illstandbyu

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What Monday should feel like! If not, consider if it’s time to adjust how you live - or if you simply have to adjust your mindset 🙏❤️ (📸 of my daughter Isabel)

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Ma quit bugging me while i try to protect you from the window demons gsdlife gsdlove mygirl

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After school, we always snack together, and I get to hear about all of her funny stories from the day. As you can see, she has me laughing! We love the low mercury, all natural safecatchfoods tuna on lentil crackers, for a healthy option. Typically we mix it with lemon, pink sea salt and add avocado on top. ad

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When your 7 year old picks her own clothes out for school & says, make sure you get me up early to curl my hair... oh, ok girl... 😊 mygirl myoneandonly happymonday

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Ett leende som får mig att smälta, ögon som tindrar och rättfärdigar ditt namn, och diskussioner som får mig att både skratta och gråta. Tänk att just du skulle komma och förgylla mitt liv, växa upp till den fina och färgstarka person du är idag. Ännu har jag bara sett början. Grattis min vackra dotter på din 10-års dag 🎈❤️

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Keiner kann kopieren, wie du deine Kippe rauchst Wie du dein Haar wegstreichst, bevor du Blicke tauschst Keiner kann so gehen mit seiner Hand an den Jeans Wenn man besonders ist, dann kann man nicht den Standard bedienen Du passt nicht in die Norm, kennst die Form nicht ihrer Schubladen.. Prinz Pi ~ Das Original handinhand mygirl loveislove mylove würzburg meandmygirl loveislove nothingcompares loveher love peoplearepeople blondie brownie loveislouder loveisforeveryone withher glücklich sunday girls pic picture photo photography fürimmerundimmer lifestyle prinzpi dasoriginal meinoriginal morelove peoplearepeople girlwithtattoos meandher