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Happy birthday to my sexy ass girlfriend. I love you and miss you.. cant wait to celebrate with you soon.. I'm literally so proud of you.. and thank you for all the hot pictures you send me on snapchat 😍😘 I wouldn't be the same without you.. ❤ sheshot mygirl besties missyou _ashnicole_21

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My sweet adorable bright eyed full of life little girl! When she sleeps she sleeps. When she is awake she is wide awake looking around taking it all in! She is rolling, scooting backwards, teething,is a pro at tummy time and tries to grab everything I’m holding or or within her reach. She is growing oh so fast.💨 growingsofast timeyouthief lydiahopeflanders 26weeksold watchlydiagrow mygirl

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Last weekend *Bling* was 17th overall out of 205 tough runners, at one of the biggest races this state has. *Blings* time steadily improved each day, and she more then held her own as a rookie in a sea of pro horses. I am so grateful to this mare not only for her athleticism, but being sweet as can be, with a heart of gold and all the try in the world. She’s always so forgiving of my mistakes and imperfections as her owner and jockey. I am so excited and confident for Vegas this December. She’s gonna rock it👑🦄🌵🛢💕bheartranch wbc mygirl bling aqha

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Your life is a series of choices. Whatever life throws at you, up, down, and all the in-between, it is your choice how you will respond, how you will act, and how you will engage. Shake the dust off when you fall. Stay strong and choose well. Be who you were created to be. Your life is your story. wisdom yourstory yourlife bebrave choices writewell editoften life mygirl

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Aujourd'hui opération "tri des photos des enfants" Et là c'est le drame ! Parce qu'il y a des milliers de photos à trier, parce que je me rends compte que j'ai pris un sacré coup de vieux depuis la naissance de Léo et parce que j'ai un gros coup de blues en voyant que mes grands ont bien grandit !!! Je me rends compte que j'ai oublié comment ils étaient tout petits 😫😫 . . babygirl baby2014 mygirl instakids kids mafille famille family familymoment cute instacute mumlife viedemaman mumof3 love enfants familytime life lifestyle mumofgirl mumofboys

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В этой жизни надо быть настолько милой, чтобы все хотели с тобой фоткаться, даже когда ты спишь 😴😇💕

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The 1st song that he ever sang to me 😑 nirvana mygirl

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We don’t get to spend nearly enough time together, but you’re always there when I need you...with a listening ear, advice, or just a much needed laugh. I love you bunches suzy_kj!! family twinsies mygirl loveya tbt

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T-4Days! Taking full advantage of Throwback Thursday because I didn’t get any pictures today 🤦🏻‍♀️. Looking at these pictures of her so tiny makes me want another 😩💕

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Emmeline’s first dance class! 💖🌸 She was too excited to cooperate for any type of picture ☺️😝

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Всё же моё любимое время года- это лето и в двойне приятно,ловить теплые деньки😊жаль,что лето так быстро пролетает 😔и теперь наступила осень...когда все и всё готовится ко сну😕ведь следом наступит зима...брр😖 Ну, а пока довольствуемся теплыми сентябрьскими теплыми деньками😊 изархиваводалетолюбимаяпорадоченькамоймаякмоймирмояконфеточкаребенокдетидевочкапринцессаСофималышкамамапрекрасноевремямоментыжизниlovelikelittlebabylifelivesunsummerautumnkidsjuniorbabygirlbabymygirl