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Now it’s official... we are so excited and proud to pronounce that today we are going to finish the recordings for our album that will be released on the 15TH OF DECEMBER !!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 Tickets will be available soon on Eventim 🤘🏼🤘🏼keep your eyes 👀 and ears 👂🏻 open Have a nice day 🙌🏼 . . . . . record release december the 15 th berlin numetal convolt awesome lucky happy excited album music musically hot love musicians musician rock rocknroll cool proud dream big band work instagood instagram

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🔴 Мы очень благодарны за то, что Вы выбираете и рекомендуете именно нас! Большое Вам спасибо за доверие!!! И конечно мы всегда рады и открыты для новых знакомств и интересных идей! . . . . . . . . . . red performance singing singer event fashion performingarts music popmusic performanceart microphone stage musicartist fun audio girl product musician publicspeaking shopping purse me photography photooftheday beauty outfit pretty stylish instapic nails

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Still feeling that warm glow from gussapolooza . I had THE. BEST. TIME. with the Little Hardy Band. We had some great vibes up there. Oh ya, you can't see him but steevy4ord is to the left of me and he is a force folks. Thanks for coming up and making that sweet guitar of yours sing through all our tunes. ash.wizzie.wut ryanjameshardy and I were all smiles. And Ryan was too sexy for his shirt. Stay tuned for some video!!

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Great shooting with bohaa_photography 🤩 Merci à toi Camille !! Les photos déchirent 👊🏻😎

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•○•super cool life update and even cooler gig announcement•○• It's been incredible to call London my home for the past year. I studied music at lccmlondon met amazing musicians from all around the globe  and learnt more about my passion, the world and myself than I ever have before. At the same time it's been going really really well with our music in Switzerland, which is the reason I decided to continue my pop music studies in Zurich. It's a massive honour to have been offered a place at zhdkcampus and it allows me to concentrate completely on what I love most rather than waiting around at airports. My first week at this new school has been so so lovely and it feels like the perfect place for me right now. On that note: I'm starting this new chapter with a gig at the uni's venue toni_mehrspur alongside Melissa Kassab. Come say hi 💕 this Saturday 29th September 20.30 To new beginnings 🎉🍾 📸 olafveit ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • tourlife newinzurich zurichmusic livemusic icicestbienne singer songwriter musician dreamsdocometrue swissmusic swissband chband swissinlondonoriginalmusic goodvibes dana danamusic danamusicch

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"Hunting Days" (Giorni di Caccia) è il brano che chiude la Triade dei singoli usciti in anteprima, in questi 3 anni di percorso solista, al Disco che sta per essere rilasciato questo Autunno 2018. * Il brano è stato registrato al KU Studio di Napoli, da Guido Marziale & Renato Grieco La registrazione vede la collaborazione dei musicisti - Stefano Costanzo Drums / bells / crotali and objects) - Renato Grieco Bass "Hunting Days" was written by Jen V Blossom (Music & Lyrics) - Vocals / Acoustic and Electric Guitar •PH Backstage Michele De Angelis •Video MIDEA _______________ JenVBlossom dreamer artlover singer guitarist musician photos shoot new videoclip comingsoon HuntingDays album aviable autumn 2018 alternative music project poetry rock noir folk blues fusion sound road searching universe nature intothewild

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Hello guys!!! I’m super excited to take part in a big Contest. Every month the competition starts from Zero... so if you wanna help me out to win the Overall ( September). Please if you like my music vote for me, trust me it will mean a lot to help me with my music career and who knows, maybe I could win the Talent of the Year 50,000$ thinkbig dreambig THANKS IN ADVANCE !! Cause without you nothing is possible.♥️🎤🎶 ❣️Please help me to share with your family and friends. If you don’t have a fan account it’s so easy just follow the steps; Singup - Fan- create account- go to my profile: Vicky Duch and hit VOTE. If you have an account: login and go to my profile and hit the VOTE. ———————— Hola chicos!!! Estoy muy feliz de poder participar en esta competencia donde hay grandes talentos. Yo participo en la categoría de cante me ayudas a ganar el overall de este mes?. Si gano ya quedo clasificada para el gran premio final de 50,000 $ que son super importantes en una carrera musical... Muchísimas gracias!! Por favor compártalo con tus amigos y familiares!!. . . . . . . singer contest voteforme supportdreams dedication talentjoe recordingartist dreamergirl motivation instasinger newtalented talentedmusician musician cantante persiguiendounsueño

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Hi. One time when I was a kid I was in holiday and I was watching the mask. There’s a scene in the mask when he’s getting ready he starts shaving his tongue. So me being the weird movie copying kid I always am, I decided that I would take it upon myself to get ready like the mask and shave my tongue! When my dad came back from the shops with all of these Spanish snacks he offered me some Lays Paprika crisps. When I opened my mouth my dad saw the bloodbath that was inside my mouth and immediately started freaking the hell out!!! Unfortunately for me the only thing I was sad at was I couldn’t even taste the delicious paprika crisps because I had ruined my tastebuds and I couldn’t taste anything delicious for about 2 weeks 😭 So the moral to this story is lays paprika crisps are delicious and you should get some...NOW! =>

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THE PRACTICE INSIDER __________________________________________________ OVERCOMING PREJUDICES — Classical music is regularly an elitist following with deep-embedded prejudices, mantras, maxims, and value systems. Many of these become so ingrained that to merely question them can completely shred your credibility in the eyes of the musical occult. Intonation is practically the quest for the Holy Grail with string players. Those who've got it don't really know how they got there only to preach practicing your scales. Those without it practice their scales and remain both frustrated and determined to dig in their heels. As someone with a deep musical background prior to coming into learning the violin, I've done so on individual views of my own many would feel fly in the face of skilled classical training. The ear is actually extremely adaptable. The well-tempered, 12-tone chromatic scale of Western music is human invention. We as musicians train our ears to hear it. But just as we work to train ourselves to accurately hear it, we can train ourselves to inaccurately hear it. The more a player plays a scale degree inaccurately, the more their inner ear trains itself to hear the incorrect note as correct. With a fretless stringed instrument, it is also easy for left hand weaknesses to embed themselves in the ear as learned tuning and deficient intervalic relationships. My solution is to comb through my intervals and scale degrees (do, re, mi, etc.) with an electric keyboard. You can feed deep-rooted prejudices by scoffing all you like at how feeble it sounds to use assistance, but with focused study, I have found that, in doing so, you can isolate the exact deficiencies in your intonation built into your inner hearing along with left hand inaccuracies. As frustrating as this correctional process can be at times, I am extremely pleased with the results all the way from the beginning of my study to now. The decision's yours.

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Even on their worst days, my beloved Larsen's Il Cannone strings are truly spectacular. On the 24th, I'm ordering a new set, a full set of medium tension strings. But I simply could not continue to abide the Vision G, D, and A with Obligato E that came with my new instrument. The D string majorly lacked character, and the A string was quite sharp, a combination that gave a nasty timbre shift between strings. The Visions and gold-plated, Obligato E were selected to provide brightness to what was thought to be a dark-sounding instrument. But all it did was bottleneck the overtones from fully coming through. This instrument jumped out at me for having a much fuller set of overtones than the others in the shop, which is likely why it was perceived as dark. But now that it's mine, not being compared to other violins, I'm starting to hear the needs of the instrument itself. Switching them out for my old set of Il Cannone from my old violin with soloist G and E strings with medium D and A was a huge improvement. The D and A in particularly are so much more full of life. I do think brighter or higher tension strings bottleneck my instrument's sound. The higher-tension G and E work, but I do think medium will be way better on those as well. I can't wait to hear what a fresh, new set of medium-tension Il Cannone strings will sound like (especially after the 3ish-week break-in period)! This line of strings has become a huge obsession of mine, and I love the concept behind the sound. I feel like larsenstrings's vision for them truly achieves something special.

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This is probably my favorite exercise from this set! The G string is an extremely important string for a soloist, and my instrument in general tends to lack in power on the G string. When I buy new strings, I plan to get the Larsen Il Cannone strings. The A and D will be Medium, but the G and E will both be Soloist grade. Soloist is brighter and more powerful! This exercise has really allowed me to spend a great deal of care improving my ear to tuning on the lowest string and develop the hand coordination necessary to reach around that far. I look forward to more exercises that continue this process!

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I promise I haven't forgotten everyone! I know the point of sharing practice videos is to share your development, but there is still a certain personal standard I think we all possess in what shouldn't quite yet see the light of day! What these exercises begin to allow me as a student to start hacking away at is what I'm finding to be the genesis of playing the violin. The first finger accompanied by the thumb is where every position starts, and first, third, and fifth are the major positions on the violin. Everything else starts to fill in the gaps from here. Precision in position location is crucial in tuning. Technical areas such as knuckle position, rotating the hand around the fingerboard to the lower strings, sliding silently but accurately up the string, and accurately judging where a position begins when going to that position cold (without a slide) are all keys to the many locks on the door of precise tuning on the violin. By adding fingers more slowly than in other methods, I am at much more liberty to focus daily on these keys that will make learning the violin a joy and not a frustration. It is indeed often frustrating even in my limited focus to get tuning exactly right, but it is universes easier than if I were dealing with the fine coordinations of using more fingers than I am ready for in my playing. I may possibly make one more video very (hopefully) soon from this exercise series I've been working diligently on, but I will mostly be working toward adding a second set of exercises covering these three major positions with the first finger very soon. I am hoping for just one more set of exercises on this before adding the second finger!

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One of the most difficult things with playing the violin is down-shifting, especially when you're going from a position over or close to being over the body of the violin to a position away from the body. I've worked a lot so far on other exercises from this series, as well, but the first is by-far the most difficult. Nothing is better for getting those upper positions on lower strings more and more in-tune! Upper strings are much easier. It's the lower strings you have to really focus on the most, because they take a lot more stretching to reach them! And yes, I'm not doing full bow strokes as written! I've decided I might as well get used to splitting them up, when I'm practicing under-tempo! 🤣🎻

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What a moment was it luv u park plaza buddies.....