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DESIRED RESULTS .. Not getting the desired results from your nutrition, your training, your lifestyle? .. 🤔 Are you consistent? .. 🤔 Are you putting in the work? .. 🤔 Are you staying disciplined? .. 👉 Is all the above worth it? .. 👉 You tell me. Is achieving and maintaining your best health, fitness, and physique 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now worth it? .. 👉 You bet your ass it's worth it. .. 👉 Put in the work now. 1 day. 1 week. 1 month. 1 year. Before you know it, you're living a healthier, fitter lifestyle that's sustainable longterm. .. 👉 YOU CAN DO THIS!! .. .. .. .. YourBest Nutrition Training Lifestyle gym weights WeightLoss weekend HellYes instagood instadaily macros iifym flexibledieting gainz muscle bodybuilding workout health fit fitlife fitness fitfam diet PushForward cloudhealthdynamics

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Regrann from daffacho - Secara singkat bagaimana untuk mendapatkan perut Six Pack intinya jaga pola makan - Hindari makanan berlemak tinggi - Kurangi asupan makanan dg kalori tinggi yg masuk - Olahraga Cardio juga dapat membantu untuk pembentukan perut Six Pack gym fitness motivation trainning abs sixpack - regrann shirtless.repost indoboys__ gym gymnastics gymmodel model malemodel workout cowokganteng cowoknusantara cowokberotot indomuscle88 indomuscle96 shirtlessmen_id shirtlessboys chest triceps biceps berotot_id manly_id fitness muscle sixpack indomusclefitnes 6pack transformation - regrann - regrann

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Look in the mirror, the only competition is you. Everyone else has their own paths and journeys, if they’re dumb enough to focus on yours and have enough time to talk behind your back and comment on what you’re doing, it’s because they’re not happy with their own life, and people like that aren’t worth wasting your precious time on. gymshark gymmotivation gymapparel gymfashion gymwear gains gym muscle motivationalquotes motivation health healthy fitness fitfam instafit gains blonde woman hair model likeforlike like followforfollow follow

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Float Like A 🦋 Sting Like A 🐝

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Random off-season deadlift training footage (currently cutting) 👑 Basically a bunch of touch-and-go stuff for reps of 8-12(-15) 😅 Work capacity increasing like mad right now!

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WHOLE TEAM PR - STATS: KILLA CAM - 365x3, 315x6, 275x10, 225x20 iamkillacam TOM THE TANK - 315x4, 275x8, 225x15 tomdelaney23 YOURS TRULY - 425x2, 365x6 Didn’t record my PR... I was in the moment...the 5 plates come soon 💪🏽 The best part of all this was seeing my guys get astronomical gains they didn’t expect.. I love this shit.

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First day of FALL, so FLEX! Every Fall brings a new energy for me. The cooler weather, the sun angles differently, there is always excitment combined with anxiety about starting something new (just started a KB TGU challenge). The impending shorter days here in the Northeast allow less guilt for me staying home and being anti-social. I am a self induced recluse . haha curlieandfit thesilverslayer fitat54 fitover50women fitover50 kettlebells turkishgetup agestrong fall2018 flex muscle fitness hair strengthandconditioning allnaturalbodybuilding grayhair silverhair grayhairdontcare salonstrike curlsforthegirls curlygirlmethod curlyhair naturalhair

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Faltam exatamente 100 dias para acabar o ano, e a sua promessa de virar "fitness" está indo bem? 🤨 . Por aqui os treinamentos vão indo muito bem, de segunda a sábado firme e alguns dias de domingo também faço cardio! 👊🏻 Nossa, mas pra você é fácil Fernanda, personal trainer, já "mora" na academia mesmo. Páraaaaa gente, não é nada fácil, tem dias que estamos desanimados, cansados... hoje treinei com um cólica daquelas, mas fiz... porque? Porque me sinto bem, já faz parte da minha vida ser assim! Exercício físico é remédio e eu amo meu estilo de vida saudável! ❤ . . . treinodesabado sabadou treinodeforça foco maromba mmss gym pousoalegre personaltrainer mulheresquetreinam dieta shapeemconstrucao focada amotreinar muscle musculacao vidasaudavel lifstyle fernandamateuspersonal

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Always playing catch-up with the big homie watson_fit ... +20lbs since Hawaii ... WE EATTIN

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Alright.... I’m jumping in the bandwagon with this one. pubertychallenge 2010 versus 2018. Never did i EVER think that I’d be able to achieve some of the goals that I’ve wanted to accomplish since high school. I remember seeing a commercial for the Boflex in high school and it distinctly said... “You don’t need to be 19 years old to have a body like this.” At the time, i was 18, and i remember telling myself that by 19 i wanted to look like the dude in the commercial. That goal fizzled and i lost hope. I went through all of my 20s just not caring and thinking that it was a lost cause. Then 30s hit and boom... that long lost goal creeped up again. With help from my brothers tallsquall and Jordan, and a lot of self discipline, this is a result that i always dreamed about. Joining the 300dcspartans kept me focused and served as a huge initiative to push all year around. And now at 40, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, and have the knowledge to push even harder. So excited to see what the future will take me. . . . . . . fitness fitnessmotivation fitfam fitlife fitgram instafit aesthetic discipline physique muscle gym gymrat gymlife fitnessjourney shredded GOATLAXXX transformation skinnytomuscle eightyeartransformation instagay gayjock

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Strange Saturday Viele Übungen können schon mal komisch aussehen, obwohl Sie durchaus eine Berechtigung haben. Zu diesen Übungen gehört auch das freie liegende Beinbeugen. Zielmuskel->ischiocrurale Muskulatur (ROM könnte auch größer Ausfallen) strangesaturday work fitness health healthy anatomie gym muscle monday fit neuss düsseldorf köln mönchengladbach Gesundheit Training sport workout body fitfam Personaltraining Ernährungsberatung Personaltrainer Ernährungsberater Mentalcoach Mentalcoaching werbung RobinThomas iamrobinthomas

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Сезон для клубники уже прошёл, но когда ты прагматичный кочка, тебе все времена года не по чем ❄️ Потрясающий рецепт протеинового смузи для безуглеводных диет🍓🥗 ᛃ ᛃ physique bodybuilder gym workout bodybuilding motivation fitnessmodels fitness sport classicbodybuilding mensphysique fitnessmotivation muscle strong ifbb training athletics goldenera fitnesslife fitnesslifestyle gymlife gymtime strongman transformation cheatmeal oatmeal healthylifestyle healthyfood strawberry

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The playground equipment has arrived.

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Fresh 💋 courtesy of infinitycosmeticclinic 💉 . Have you ever thought about getting a lip fill? THIS IS YOUR GIRL 🙌🏼 This is my third time getting my lips filled by Kristy, and as always she absolutely killed it! I wouldn’t trust anyone else 😘 . ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ FIND HER AT: infinitycosmeticclinic www.infinitycosmeticclinic.com & feel free to DM me with any questions! 💁🏼‍♀️ GirlyThings

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What a journey! Couldn’t be prouder of you placing 2nd at your first competition! All the hours of cardio, posing, training and low calories have paid off! You’ve really shown what dedication and passion looks like! Now is where the hard work starts, next year we’re bringing something bigger and better! I love you baby! 💕🥈

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This shit pisses me off.. if you’re going to be a trainer then FOCUS on your client and teach them properly!!! We have the power to change someone’s life to make it better or be a shit trainer and make it worse. This isn’t a job, it’s a passion and a career TRAINNOLIMITS repost - gymfuckery

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Yooooo these make your iced coffee delicious 😍 just ask keto_poker

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Head down one foot forward!!

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I love training... hard! I love that you can have the worst day, be completely overwhelmed with life and bullshit and pick up a weight and... just go somewhere else mentally, emotionally, physically... if only for a few hours. I love that no matter what you're feeling or dealing with in your life, you have a place you can go to just think about things, gain clarity and perspective, and feel so much better when you leave. It's my drug. My therapy. I don't do it for attention. I do it for survival... my irontribe instafitfitfitnessmomlifebeautyigfitgymtraineatcleanfitfamweightsifbbinstagoodstrongphysiquerealhealthyliftmusclebodybuildinggainsfitshreddedgrindirontherapymotivationflexnpcworkoutgirlswholift theironlifestylemagazine

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Just half mad

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Blueberry, banana, & almond protein shake. Indulge in this delicious shake and feel no guilt! With 27 grams of protein and only 397 calories it's perfect after an intense workout. It's made with 200ml of skimmed milk, 200g of Icelandic yoghurt, 50g of blueberries, 1 small banana, and a dash of flaked almonds. Follow uncappedfitness for more protein packed meals and training videos.

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Good afternoon people 💋

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It's a marathon, not a sprint, but I still gotta win the race, yeah 😎😎😎 inspire 🙂

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Decided to upload this piece, nudity isn't something we should judge we were born with it, yet want to play judge jury and executioner, we were made to use what we were given so shine! The lovely sylvannus94

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