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Often we think of consequences for our actions, but don't realize lack of action has consequences as well. How many opportunities have been missed because of a lack of belief that they will produce a desired result? How dreams have died in the heart of people because they were afraid to act? How many others suffered as a result? Our action and inaction have consequences. Are you going to make move or no? truthdotheworkfaithnonsense actionmovecouragefearlessfaithfulsacraficewhatyoudomatters

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Today is a no no day, the other half of yesterday's shot will have to do because I just could get into a decent vibe, or half a mood 😑 sometimes life gets in the way of trying to give my life some sense. Good news is that I a kinda il with it; ups and downs are maybe the only thing one can call NORMAL... To think that a year ago I'd have thought "oh no here I go into that hole again". Now at least I'm thinking I have more "muscle" to try a climb up 💪. (bee don't be too positive yo scary 😱🤔😳😛😛) . Day 6 of AnglesOfSummer crescentlungetwist . yogachallenge 💁‍♀️making shapes🌞 ☀️Hosts☀️ twistedgalpal bohemian_heart elliegriffinyoga _monette erika_yoga_and_unicorns erikafischeryoga 🌻Sponsor🌻 aloyoga ~ prettyaf details lifestyle? showoff balanceitry exercise persistence patience bodypositive practicepeachy stretch move mentalhealth chronicillness mentalhealthawareness anxietymanagement yoga notperfect noshame yogalove yogaeverydamnday instayoga yogagram inspire

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Best office ever! Assisting nature in its healing powers 🙌🏻 A well functioning nervous system is at the core of our philosophy. That’s why Chiropractic for ourselves and our children is essential to the natural wellness lifestyle. Move, eat and think well friends ❤️ movewell eatwell thinkwell

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Hope you had a wonderful weekend. For those of you who checked out the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, we hope you danced your heart and soul out!

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Catch a kickitbyeliza class at South Bay Summer Sweat on Thursday, a power hour full-body workout with candicepeak at the new ovboston store on Wednesday, or check out one of the many different yoga classes all over town. If none of that strike’s your fancy, head to the link in our bio for all the details on 15 healthy things to do this week 💃🏻 . . 📸 lindsayhite . bostonwellness bostonfitness kickit kickboxing yoga bootcamp boston fitness healthy exercise sweat move workout powerhour monday

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🌱 Omega 3 🌱 Omega 5,6,7 🌱 Omega 9 .... aus Samen und Algen ! Die Omega Auslese ist eine natürliche, pflanzenbasierte Zusammenstellung von Omega - Fettsäuren. Im Gegensatz zu anderen auf dem Markt erhältlichen Omega Produkten greifen wir statt auf Fisch auf Algen ✔ Gehirn, Augen und Herz sind bestens versorgt ✔ Die Omega Auslese schließt die Lücke zwischen dem, was wir essen sollten, und dem, was wir tatsächlich essen ✔ Das bedeutet für meine Gesundheit: ✔ bessere Blutwerte ✔ bessere Durchblutung ✔ besseres Hautbild ✔ Faltenreduktion ✔ ein leistungsfähigeres Hirn ✔ besseres Sehvermögen ✔ natürlicher Entzündungshemmer ✔ elastischere Blutgefäße OMEGA youhaveonlyonehealth Move

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Im Juli gibt es noch ein paar Workshops für euch. Frisch dabei: Jazz mit Naomi am 23.07. und 30.07 Don't miss it! www.kiwi-moves.at dance move workshops summerdance kiwimoves

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(L to R) $339,000 Rancher 3bd/2bath in Manitou with an attached 1 car garage!! • $229,000 Remodeled Rancher near Ft. Carson 4bd/2bath & Full Basement • $275,000 2-Story in Stetson Ridge South 3bd/3bath & oversized garage • Call/text me to view today 719-465-4634!! sale primeday home house invest buy sell move property investment finance value live realestate realtor realestateagent realtorlife welcomehome homesweethome colorado coloradosprings coloradorealtor denver fountain monument

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Time to put my feet up! 😂😂👣 MondayMadness SMASHED...IN ..THE...FACEEEEE 👊💥🤪 smoked salmon, spinach & poached eggs for sups 😘👌 Find what you enjoy & you'll stick to it x But most importantly...... Do what makes you smile 😁🙋‍♀️ This pic also reminds me I need new trainers.. my toes have poked through one of the tops in the mesh ...why does that happen !? 🤔🤨 Asics need to reinforce their trainers ExerciseIsMyTherapy FindWhatMovesYou FlexyFlex mylife mywwjourney wwmaguk weightwatchersuk wwuk mywwdiary mywwlife myweightlossjourney mywwflexdiary mysummerofflex wwarmy wwdiary weightlossdiary fitbitfriend FitbitVersa SetGoalsSmashEm exercise Move weightlossdiary wwfitfam FitPoints aerobics gym workout fun

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RIVER/BODY a dance performance event in the Housatonic and Shepaug Rivers by Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works August 18 -19 5 - 6:15 pm Housatonic River North Kent Road Kent, CT August 25 - 26 5 - 6:15 pm Shepaug River Hidden Valley Preserve 198 Bee Brook Road Washington Depot, CT with dancers Aislinn MacMaster Paula Josa-Jones Dillon Paul DeAnna Pellecchia Amy Wynn actor Evangeline Johns and musician John Marshall Performances are FREE to the public. ____________________________________________________ "When you arrive in a new place, in just a few days, the 70% of your body that is water is now from that watershed.” - Andrea Olsen, Body and Earth River/Body is a water dance about the intense and immediate ways that our bodies and the body of the river are connected. We are water bodies living on a water planet. River/Body is about awakening the sensual, compassionate heart of that relationship. Performances will begin promptly at 5 pm. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early. Bring a towel or cushion for seating. Wear shoes that will allow you to safely walk down to the river. Supported by: The Martha Boschen Porter Fund, Berkshire Taconic Foundation, Housatonic Heritage, Northwest Connecticut Arts Council, Housatonic Valley Association, Steep Rock Association and generous private donors. ______________________________________________________📸pamumawhite Read more at paulajosajones.org! pjosajones paula_josa_jonesriverbody river body multidisciplinary sitespecific community dance performance water connecticut housatonic housatonicriver currents environment compassion watershed dancelife danceworld riverrock riverrocks summer dancer move movement create collaborate

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Taking notes from one of my informal mentors daniel_viscovich on this fine Monday. ⠀ I am a very sensitive and emotional person. I am very hyper aware of what people think of me, and I am certainly guilty of letting it ruin my day, mood, and ability to take action. ⠀ But ya know what? Each day I grow more confident and unafraid of what others think. I remind myself of my why, my mission, and I carry along. Thankful to have some great people in my life to remind me as well! Now go out and be unapologetically yourself!!! ⠀ Repost daniel_viscovich ・・・ “To be unafraid of the judgment of others is the greatest freedom in the world.” move grow thrive

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🔶A flick of that wrist 😁🔶 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ How to gain more wrist extension. Goal: 🈴Find a stretch on the front of your forearm - 1-2min 🈷️PAIL’s into the floor - 20sec ⬇️Relax into more extension- 30-60sec 🔁Repeat 3-5 times stoptrainingstartmoving wrist pails

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Fuck, Heute war ein guter Tag! Topsatz mit 6x150kg weggebeugt 💪 Hat sich sehr gut angefühlt und da ist definitv noch was im Tank gewesen. Hätte mich auch für 155kg entscheiden können aber bin lieber den sicheren Weg gegangen. Ich mag es aber lieber kleine Schritte zu machen anstatt mich an hohem Gewicht kaputt zu grinden... Danach gabs noch ne menge Squats die bei dem Wetter weniger angenehm waren... It's your turn matt.jcby 👈

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I suck at sports since childhood & hence never really developed the liking for any sports activity so developing a habit of going to the gym everyday (almost🙊) has been one of the toughest things I have done & now I am addicted!! specially also because I find it very hard to follow any kind of diets! ———————————————————————— Its not about going back to my wedding weight anymore I genuinely enjoy it so much. Its my only “me time” hour in the day where I am not a CEO or wife or anyone. Its just me & my favourite music tracks. Since I am working on my financial goals I can’t afford a gym membership & find that its wayy easier as well as saves me time to use the gym in my building since its part of my daily morning routine. ———————————————————————— Please I urge you to move, workout, do anything that makes you sweat it has honestly changed my life. I deal with work & life pressures so much easily now, am in a great mood throughout the day & get no more back or any kind of pains due to sitting all day.

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The need to slow down and breathe is something needed in every routine, no matter how many responsibilities you have or how busy your life is. I spent the past week in Northern Minnesota on a lake with family and nature surrounding us with one goal: Detach and breath. Take time for yourself. I woke up very early to watch the sunrise over Lake Elora and do some movement meditation. Meditation increases self awareness, reduces stress, controls anxiety, improves sleep quality, can decrease blood pressure, and promotes emotional health. Why on earth with a list like this wouldn't you add this into your routine?! It's even MORE important in a city like New York to practice. You owe it to yourself!!! You don't have to sit crossed legged to feel the benefits either. There are other options like moving meditation such as walking, tai chi, yoga, stretching. Give yourself 5 minutes a day. It can't hurt to try. yougotabodysomoveit trainer personaltrainer meditation movingmeditation sunrise fitness destress stretch move connect bepresent happyvibes awareness positivity motivation inspiration yoga lake nature upnorth minnesota thousandlakes

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One poses one wonders!!! Come to my classes digmefitness tomorrow 7.30am Matrix meta or 8.30am Matrix express and tell us your goal after!! 💪💪💪

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Moving across town or across the country? Relocating your business? Need temporary storage in Temecula during your transition? Ruff and Ready does it all! 🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛🚛 📲Call us today at (951) 834-3539 for your free in home estimate. • • • moving movingcompany temeculapremiermovingcompany temecula whereareyou time ruffandready ruffandreadymoving life home house keepmoving movingday move letsmove instahome instaworld people travel traveling instago instagood trip photooftheday fun follow movingtruck storage vault longdistancemoving

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Who you are today isn’t who you have to be tomorrow. 2 1/2 years ago I remember reading someone’s 2 year weight loss story and thinking that I didn’t have/want to wait 2 years. What I realize now is that it’s not about the future it’s about the Right Now. I shouldn’t have been worrying about what my life/body would be in 2 years,only what I could/can do for it Right Now. Before I was always waiting for something, always had an excuse or reason to not start. But then I started taking each day as it’s own and living in the present. Making the best decisions for my body,mind and soul. I realized the Right Now is all I have and it can’t be wasted. So much time is wasted reminiscing the past or dwelling on the future. But that’s all that is happening- time being wasted. Action is the only possibility to change and growth. Tomorrow may or may not come, if it does, we have to ask ourselves did we do everything we possibly could do today to prepare for the person we want to be tomorrow? If you are having a hard time staying present or getting yourself motivated trying Moving. It doesn’t have to be intense, whatever fits you. Just move your body in some way. Feel your body, feel yourself, feel the blood and thoughts flow through you. Start your journey Right Now. Happy Monday All! ❤️Love Me, Love You, Love Us❤️ movement motion rightnow rightnowisallwehave bepresent mondaymotivation mondaymood beatthemondayblues move exercise feelyourbody feelyourself beyou doyou comebacktoyourself justdoit excuses stoptheexcuses journey eachdayisajourney onedayatatime health enlightenment awakening woke spiritual spirituality weightloss fitness poppilates

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