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Hollywood Wall of Fame: Jack Black (09-2018).

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John Carter (2012) John Carter adalah seorang kapten perang yang berasal dari Virgina saat itu ia hidup dalam suasana perang suadara. Usai perang ia dipindahkan ke Arizona dan disana dia bekerja sebagai pencari emas. Namun ia mendapat tantangan dari penduduk setempat salah satunya dari Kolonel Powell ikut melawan suku Apache. John menolaknya maka usaha-usaha Powell untuk menangkap John tidak pernah berhasil. Suatu hari John tertangkap dan ia meloloskan diri dari kurungan Powell ditengah kejar-kejaran mereka bertemu dengan suku Apache. Kemudian mereka bersembunyi di gua keramat dan tiba-tiba John Carter berpindah ke panet Mars. Dibintangi Oleh: taylorkitsch lynncollins dominicwestfanpage T Rilis : 9 Maret 2012 Distributor : waltdisney Tag: JohnCartermovie, taylorkitsch, lynncollins, dominicwest, samathamorton, cinema31tahun2012, filmbarat, boxoffice, movie, kapten, perang, tentara, virgina, perangsaudara, arizona, pencariemas, beruang, disney, tantang, penduduk, melawan, sukuapache, indian, suku, sinopsisfilm, infofilm, planetmars, waltdisneystudio, motionpictures

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Vintage Jeep from Beverly Hills to Encino 🌴

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I grew up a massive fan of chunky so I’ll watch almost any doll movie even tho none have compared so far. This film is a prequel and shows how the infamous Annabelle doll gets its spirit from. This movie is about a nun and a bunch of little girls move into this orphanage that’s owned by a couple who lost their little girl 12 years ago. Now as soon as they move into that orphanage strange things begin to happen to the little girls. One of them is named Annabelle 😦. This movies average. It’s not bad at all. It’s just not special or amazing. The acting is creepy and the writing is well put together. I believe Lulu Wilson is one of if not the best child actor around right now and she doesn’t get the reputation and recognition she deserves. But I also really enjoy Anthony LaPaglia. He did a perfect job seeming hurt but open hearted. It’s worth a watch for horror fans. I rate this a 6.5 outta 10. annabelle annabellecreation doll evildoll evil possessed possession possesseddoll slipcover slipcase slipcovers slipcases curse dark film films movie movies video videos cinema cinemas motionpicture motionpictures bluray dvd blurays dvds soul

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Max Ophül's opulent biographical melodrama tells the tragic story of its titular character, a great adventurer who becomes the main attraction of a circus after being the lover of various important European men... criterioncollection criterion lolamontès maxophüls martinecarol peterustinov film movies cinemalovers bluray filmbuff cinephilia filmlibrary worldcinema moviemania foreignfilm moviecollection classicfilm moviegeek bluraycollection frenchnewwave motionpictures filmmaking blurayaddict filmlover cinema cinephile criterionbluray criterioncollector cinephilecommunity

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La torre de Suso (2007).

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Kevin Kline y Sigourney Weaver en 'Dave, presidente por un día' (1995).

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COURAGE IS FIRE,& BULLYING IS SMOKE 🚬 . . . . .motionpictures

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Todd Phillips just posted this on his Instagram, this appears to be a makeup test. So this MAY or MAY NOT be the official Joker make up. If it is I'll say it's definitely different. And looks more homegrown and circus like. But I'll wait until we get an official photo of him as the joker dontworryhewontgetfaronfoot toddphillips gusvansant paulthomasanderson themaster thejokerandharleyquinn jokerandharleyquinn thejoker joaquinphoenix rooneymara zaziebeetz walktheline myownprivateidaho movienerd youwereneverreallyhere inherentvice irrationalman weownthenight riverphoenix gladiator filmreviews movienights filmmakinglife moviestime filmtime movietime🎬 cinemasecrets cineplex motionpictures

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When blood turns too water & Friends turns too blood.. You dont choose your family - you make the family..

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Caricature of Sorrowful Jones which starred Bob Hope and Lucille Ball. This caricature was made by Jacques Kapralik whose art was used promoting motion pictures. The AHC holds several pieces of his artwork in addition to his personal and professional files. bobhope lucilleball motionpictures caricature

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whatever you do , do it good.

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self - belief and hard work will always earn you success.thank you Mr. d_rhyne23

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Isabelle Huppert en 'Madame Hyde' (2017).