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QUIEN ES LA MADRE MÁS BABA EVER?...🙋🏼‍♀️ Miren ese niño atrás con el corte de pelo homemade más lindo de la vida!!! 😎🤣💟 [Miércoles de amor intensisimo que debía plasmar en las redes]🤷🏼‍♀️ . sanluis motherandson nosotros danteamor instalove familytime cutekid

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To say I'm blessed is a massive understatement. 11 years ago today I got the privilege of being this handsome, smart, kind, caring, funny, witty boys mother. Time is going by so quickly and I'd give anything to slow it down and relive certain moments. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be his mom. I'll never be able to fully express how much I love him. ❤️ birthday happybirthday 11 son myeverything myheart myrock photooftheday instagood instadaily love family motherandson

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[ MÃE QUE NÃO SABE NADAR] . . Acreditem eles nos dão coragem de ir além dos nossos medos. Não é de hoje que eu percebo o quanto João me transformou para MELHOR e também de como me fez ir além do que eu posso, tenho pavor de água, seja piscina, 🌊 mar, Rio o que for. Acreditem eu sou aquela que vou para praia 🏖 e fico como um bife a milanesa Tostando apenas 😂. {A velhos tempos que não serão mais os mesmos kkkkkk} Pois é, mas agora o negócio é outro né minha GENTEEEEE e alguém ADORA uma água, então a gente começa a adorar também. Quando recebi o convite da academia academiaelitesports pensei primeiro na segurança do João, nas habilidades que ele irá adquirir, depois no meu medo, então fui NA FÉ 😂 Meu foco é sentir calma quando estiver próximo a água 💦 e lembrar que tenho um peixinho 🐠 pois tenho pavor e medo de que algo aconteça principalmente com ele. ( isso não vai mudar, mas vai amenizar) Aos poucos estou me libertando desse medo, João está me ajudando e juntos eu sei que vamos vencer. Tentei mergulhar hoje foi uma negação 🤦🏻‍♀️ mas PRA CIMA KKKKKK! Tia alessandrafornazier já me adotou peixinha mais velha da turma 😂. A gente acha que estamos ensinando, mas no fundo.. dia a dia eu aprendo mais com ele do que ele comigo(...) . . . Dia 05 de outubro tem sua primeira apresentação para a família 😍🐠 SEMMMM psicológico BRAZEL 😂 . . Obs: Ele está a minha cara 😍 . . . mother father mom related dad sister mama sis fam motherhood bro mommy siblings daughter children brother familytime motherdaughter motherandson mothers maternity brothers motherlove sisters parenthood motheranddaughter motherday mum mothersday child

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Home from a beautiful family vacation in Ottawa! Such a great visit - (minus arriving in the city and being narrowly missed by the Tornados that hit Ottawa🙏🏻). Ready to catch up on sending out some beautiful galleries this week and shooting the remainder of fall sessions! Book in for a Love & Light Lifestyle session with me before it snows! (Again!) Message me for details! Erin xo yxe yxephotographer lifestylephotography portrait_ig portrait_vision motherandson yxephotography goldenhour

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A few months ago when asked by my son what I wanted for my birthday I said a cactus please. When he asked me what a cactpiss (he's 4) was I showed him a few pictures and videos. This really sparked his imagination and for days he would watch YouTube videos on how to care for cactpiss. My mum took him to a garden centre to choose a cactus and these are what he came back with mine is the Opuntia monacantha and Reece's is the Philo cereus pachycladus. I now have two cactus that will grow old together, like me and my son. The best present of them all 😍 🌵 🍁 ☀️ motherandson nextgenerationofgardener raisingboys myboy 4yearold son mumandson cactus cacti cactpiss houseplantsofinstagram crazyplantlady mumandsoncactus succulents indoorgarden urbanjungle houseplantclub iloveplants plantlife talkplantytome kidsgardening nature birthday boyswillbeboys kidssaythedarndestthings cactus🌵 cacticacti

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Apparently it’s nationalfitnessday so I finally did a workout. After Jake being poorly, and then having a sleep regression, I was too tired to workout. Now he’s back into a good routine, so I thought it was a good enough day to jump back on the wagon. Thanks to niix.fit for easing me back in —————————————————- Sweaty face and messy hair as proof of my workout. Jake gate crashed it at the end ❤️ fitmum fitmom fitness 8monthsold baby babyboy motherandson babies babiesofinstagram mumlife momlife motherhood

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Tiny toes 😍

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He drives me up the bloody wall. Makes me wanna pull my hair out. Makes me wanna shut myself in my room by myself at times. Pushes my buttons and tests my patience. But, he is my son. My little angel love. Such a pure little soul (although at times I feel like the devil has taken over him!) Not only is he bloody gorgeous but he makes me smile every day and gives my life even more of a purpose. 💞✨ • • • motherandson parenting parenthood stressfultimes curlylocks babycub littlelove angelface myson mummaandson parentingishard camping gladtonburycamping snuggles mumlife testingpatience pushingbuttons

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jojoholmes2 rocking our jaxon crew & moto leggings which are unisex! Double tap photo for direct shopping links! We never forget your little guys!

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👤 КТО ЖЕ ОНА? ⠀ Вы никогда не узнаете как ОНА живет, пока не станете ею. Ей быть тяжело, временами даже невыносимо, но почти каждая хочет этого. Хотите узнать живете ли вы ЕЁ жизнью? Читайте дальше, не останавливайтесь, и если, почти на каждое предложение вы можете сказать: "Да, это про меня", то вы точно ОНА! ⠀ 👫🏻 Если говорите МЫ и почти все глаголы используете во множественном числе (поздравляЕМ, проснулИсь, покушаЛИ). ⠀ 👀 Если вы с легкостью можете видеть с закрытыми глазами, пока досыпаете с утра. ⠀ ☕ Если вы не кривясь можете съесть холодную еду или выпить остывший кофе. ⠀ 🧖🏻‍♀️ Если вы можете помыться в душе, пока горит спичка, еще и частично одется. ⠀ 🎶 Если вместо "цвет настроения синий" в вашей голове играет песенка трактора или фиксики. ⠀ 📽 Если вы можете смотреть одно и то же хоть 300 раз. ⠀ 🐍 Если вы со спокойствием удава можете смотреть, как размазывают пюре по стулу, одежде и лицу, то вы точно ОНА. ⠀ ⠀ Я думаю, уже все догодались, кто же эта ОНА. Правильно, МАМА! На самом деле есть еще очень много "Если вы можете...", это только то что первое пришло в голову. Мамы - это очень крутые женщины, они даже круче супермена и человека-паука. Вот только нам не надо никаких укусов мутантов-пауков, чтоб появилась суперсила, достаточно просто родить себе маленького человечка и все навыки активизируются в тот же момент💪🏼. И именно дети наш криптонит, придающий нам сил, когда кажется, что уже пора сдаваться! ⠀ ❔ Предлагайте свои варианты "Если вы...", а еще пишите как зовут ваших маленьких криптонитиков и сколько им?

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Drinking cappuccino’s is our thing... as a single mom I spent quite a lot of time alone in coffee bars all over Amsterdam when Aleph was still a baby. It was my peaceful time out and only luxury I could afford in the first year. Now he’s getting bigger we are moving into big boy conversations together and I always feel so blessed to sit there with my son and my soul mate. singlemom localsofamsterdam motherandson

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Citește-ți cartea preferată cu aceeași dorință ca întotdeauna: de-a o termina până dimineață. ❤️

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Having the best time with my little family💛

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☀️ 💛 ☀️

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Today it’s my youngest and only son 13 year birthday! ❤️ It was a blessing that we both survived the birth, it came very close! He is a such a good human being, kind, loving and wants to help everyone in the world, both people and animals. I’m so thankful to be his mother and love him endlessly❤️ Happy birthday my love ❤️

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| Mister Hazelnut 🌰 | Maintenant, nous allons avoir tous les mercredis après -midi ensemble ! Profitez de Jo ' sans courir à droite et à gauche et prendre du temps ensemble 💚 parce que le temps passe vite ! Bientôt 12 ans, tu deviens un jeune homme. Petit saut à la ferme faire le plein de fruits/légumes. . . . . Strasbourg alsace robertsau fermedemarthe jardindemarthe bio myson manoisette 🌰 mongarcondamour instachildren happytime happyday instachild instaboy boy children motherandson mereetfils fermebio biofarm farm

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Pienso en mi vida pasada.. y en todo lo que podia hacer... Pienso en mi vida actual de madre y definitivamente si bien es muy dificil que alguien dependa de ti las 24/7... es lo mas lindo que me pudo pasar!! ❤.. Tengo la red de apoyo que toda madre primeriza desearia.. que es mi familia.. mis padres.. Mi hijo es feliz , fuerte y sanito.. y ese es el mejor premio que he podido tener.. Gracias vida por tanto!!! 🍃 . . . . . mom mother family motherandson ilovemyson thisismylife september me newlife photooftheday instamoment

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Throw back of Lil King 👑 Park Day!!!

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The audacity that this kid has lookin’ this cute, & on a regular basis... 😍

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