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Bila 3 anak dah dewasa... 16thn 13thn dan 11thn.. yg last 2thn. So maknanya yg 2thn lah jdi peneman kehulu kehilir. Apa? Seronok? Best? Alhamdulillah mmg seronok and best. Lebih2 lagi buat keputusan berenti kerja demi kekuarga. Diusia 35thn 2 drpd 4 anak dh masuk sekolah menengah. Yang sulung next year form 5.. . Apa? Mak masih muda? Yeke muda? Alhamdulillah 🤣😂 mommyof4 stayathomemom workinghousewife lovemylife memyselfandi mommyroutine supermom tgif momslife

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• Kognitif - Psikomotor - Afektif • .. .. .. Kognitif --> Kemampuan mengetahui dan mengingat bentuk hewan . Psikomotor --> Kemampuan mengkordinasikan antara keinginan dan gerak tubuh. Respon gerakan tubuh (memasukan sedotan) terhadap kemampuan kognitif (sesuai dengan konsep hewan yang dimaksud) . Afektif --> Kemampuan memperhatikan dan mendengarkan arahan dari orang lain .. *Tulisan semata-mata untuk pengembangan pribadi. Dalam hal menulis, mengingat kembali materi yang pernah dipelajari, dan mengisi waktu bermain dengan sedikit terkonsep. malikabiruhumano parentingindonesia momslife parentingislami parenting parentingblogger dailyparenting dailymom daily dailybabygirl preschoollife babyactivity babydaily carapintarmam mengenal

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I found this set of books for £17 on Amazon when I was looking for a single lift-the-flap book (it normally costs around £6-10 each). They are a bit smaller in size compared to the ones sold individually (swipe left to see the size comparison); but when you can get 6 books for that price, why bothered with the size? 😁 . Naomi loves these books, she can spend a good 30 minutes reading through one book page by page 💕 . . . childrenbook books kidsbook book toddlerbook motherhood momslife mumslife sahm sahmlife stayathomemom bloggermom motherhood kidsactivities childhood reading bookshare earlylearning lovetoread flatlay

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It’s been a crazy busy morning...dishes, shower, actually straightening my hair, made 4 colors of playdough with the kids and now off to the grocery store! crazy momslife

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There is no such thing as too many breastfeeding pictures. Besides since the last 7 days we’ve been sick one after another, and Emma is feeding 18 hours a day, which is double shift at work or about 4 hours of sleep and 2 hours of unimportant stuff like changing nappies, cookings, eating, pooping. Ever wanted to go to toilet with an audience? Have children 🙌 Enjoy ❤️ . ❓Also a question to working people. Does finishing work on Friday and giving birth on Saturday count as dedicated and hard working? Trying to update my CV 😉 . normalizebreastfeeding ig_motherhood dailyparenting parentingblog breastfeedingmom mamabear babybear irishmammy momswithcameras momblogger irishblogger instamama instamom instamother irishlife corkmom cork mallow toddler honestmotherhood rawmotherhood motherhood ig_motherhood keepingsane momof2 momoftwo ireland momslife momblog busymummy parentingblog momofdaughters

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Udah lama banget nggak posting foto makanan dan resep. Mamak masih berjibaku dengan mengurus anak bayi + beres-beres rumah + ngurus suami + masak + laundry + setrika + me-time setitik. Udah bisa beres beres dapur dan cuci piring abis masak aja udah alhamdulillah banget. Nggak ada ART, nggak ada goclean, nggak ada gojek, nggak ada pasar online disini. What doesnt kill you make you stronger ye kannnnn? . . . iyainaja lifeinksa dailykitchenstory mamaklyfe momslife curcol

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Repost evil9225 ・・・ Parliamo di cose serie... Vi butto nella home un’altro locale instagrammabile 😂 Tanto poi!!! 183_restaurant Com’è? Direi non è il posto per i vegetariani (senza offese 🙏🏼) Si mangia 🥩 ed è strepitosa. Quando sono a pesaro, è uno dei miei ristoranti preferiti. Segnatevelo! . . 183restaurant lovelookinstarestaurant fashionpicinstagreat mommomsmommybeautydayfreedayfashionfashionstylebrunettefashiongirlfashionmomfashionbloggerbloggerslifemomslifemomstyledesigninfluencermomslifemomsblogbeautymom

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あいにく夫抜きの沖縄ですが今日結婚10年目でした。 . 10年前の今日、 あっつい中、結婚式に出席してくれたみなさまの顔を一人一人思い浮かべました😊 . 教会の参列者が100人を超えての大所帯。 撮影禁止なのにどでかい一眼で撮影して教会のひとに追いかけられる友人。 暑くて化粧が取れると文句を言う友人たち。 オフショルで露出しまくる介添人。 . 披露宴の真ん中にずらっと並ぶ通称マフィア席と言われた親族席。 . 披露宴中もスケジュール表を席の下で確認しながら、カットするもの、まくものなど調整し続ける新婦、緊張で顔が青い新郎。 . 二次会ではツヨシくんのDJでガン踊り、 ウェディングドレスのままお店の外で座って一服する新婦。 . あー、 思い返したら面白い出来事がたくさん❤️ . ひろきに作ってもらったウェディングドレス、もったいないなー。 フカダ○○○○よりフィッティングの回数多いんですけど と、呆れられたあのドレスw 10周年だしもう一回着たいなぁ。 う○か! と言われるだろうけど、もったいないじゃんねぇ。 . とにもかくにも 皆さまのおかげで10周年を迎えられました。 ありがとうっ!

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This is my personal favourite: travelling with kids is a nightmare for most of the parents because kids tend to fall sick quite easily due to weather change and water change. What I have tried & worked really well for me is carry 2 litre of water bottle with you from home. Water that your child usually drinks this way you can avoid water borne diseases or infection in your child while travelling to new destination. This tip works well for kids less than 18 months of old. You can switch to bottled water once your child is settled in new weather. Try this once in your trip & let me know your experience😘 mominfluencer mominspiration fitmom happymommy momslife momsofinstagram happykids parenthood parenthood_moments followforfollowback supermom inspirationalquotes instagram quotes quotestoliveby motivationalquotes newmom postpartum thehappynow bangaloreblogger mommyhood beingaparent beingmom traveltips traveller travellog travellingwithkids

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🎉 Les anniversaires d’enfants sont une occasion festive à 1 2 3 Super! 🎉 - 123Super 💙💚💛💜🧡

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Hallo ihr da draußen! 🙋 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Wir sind gestern abend wieder gut zu Hause angekommen! Auch wenn es nur sehr kurz war, hatten wir eine tolle Zeit auf dem bauernhof und wir sind uns einig, dass wir da nächstes Jahr wieder hinfahren, aber dann für länger! 😄 urlaub2019 ist geklärt 👍 * Sicher werden wir dann auch wieder ins legolandguenzburg (unbezahltewerbung ) fahren, denn wir konnten gar nicht alles fahren und uns anschauen 😞 Aber Spaß hatten wir alle 😄 * Auch Ulm wollen wir dann wieder besuchen!! Und es gibt noch so viel mehr!! 😀😁 vorfreude ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ urlaub familienurlaub urlaubaufdembauernhof lebenmitkindern lifewithkids lebenalsmama momslife wifelife lebenalsehefrau lebenmitmann familyblog momsday mamaalltag instamom instamama boysmom momoftwo jungsmama evaskrimskrams

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Wenn dein kleines Mädchen jemanden andren Nummer 1 nennt und ihre Gedanken nicht mehr nur bei Papa sind. Wenn sie dich nachts anstubst und sagt "Mama hat er mir ein Kuss gegeben?" und du jeden Tag in die selbe Bar gehst weil das Mini Kind ihre traumprinzen treffen muss 🤘 dann ist es passiert und die erste Verliebtheit hat Einkehr gehalten. Ich danke den Team der casanova.beachclub in vrsar für ihre Energie und ihre ungenervtheit dieser kleinen verliebte Prinzessin gegenüber. Extra drinks mit show, extra deko und immer ein Lächeln welches sie bekleidet. Meine püppi ist verliebt und ich komm aus den grinsen kaum raus. Ich hoff morgen fallen nicht zuviele Tränen. instatravel travel urlaub holiday dream life love leben lebenmitkindern momslife meerliebe mom mädchenmama girlsmom croatia kroatien croatiafulloflife casanovabeachbar firstlove sew sewing dress fashion fashionforkids

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I actually tried to copy this pose from a popular profile but failed miserably. It was hard to hold Shambhu while instructing Arni to kiss him gently. She was like in her full swing and aggressive gestures. The net result is this dizzy pic but still the emotions are intact. No matter they both are posing here but still they both react to each other in similar fashion like Shambhu gets thrilled the moment Arni bumps on him and pulls him from all the possible angles. At the same time Shambhu gives her a cute memorabilia- flashback of her little version and how we took care of her when she was like him. And yet there are enormous days when things don't go like the way we expect someone's profile grid to be - neat, interrupted and clean. But this is how life with the two little kids or even one kid is. Full of ups and down. Accept it, this is how life is🤗 . . . . storyofmylife momslife childhoodunplugged ig_childhood ig_motherhood siblings siblingslove cutekids babiesofinstagram indiankids momoftwo motherhoodjourney motherhoodunplugged

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Sometimes simple wins! Do other people over analyse, over style or over design sometimes? I've had one of those weeks! Less is more.... Less is more.... Mantra to myself knitstagramers knitting knittingneedles vintageknittingneedlelove vintageknitting seekthesimplicity ilovecrafty mylifestylecollective chasinglight keepingfocused mumprenuer lavender wildflowers naturallife mumslife momslife momsofinstagram momstuff smallbusiness etsyshop uketsy uketsyshop uketsyseller madeinbritain madeinsurrey etsylove

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How many of us carry a sanitizer with us? I think it’s extremely important to not only carry them ourselves but also teach our kids the importance of hygiene, as kids fall sick during school as they interact with germs in the playground, school buss and even in classrooms. As a mother I will fight the germs and protect my child by giving him a hand sanitizer in his lunch box everyday! What other precautions can we take? DettolBacktoSchool mommyblogger momslife SparklingPaletteBlog Instagood WelivetoExplore healthylifestyle

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Anche Giordano ha avuto il suo cambio look e devo dire che mi piace tantissimo con questo taglio 😍😍😍😍 Molto più ordinato! Vi ringrazio tantissimo per i complimenti e l’affetto che mi avete dimostrato sotto il post di ieri ❣️ Spero di riuscire a rispondervi tutte ❤️ Però ragazze tutte mi avete detto “Stai molto meglio” “Decisamente meglio”... ma allora prima ero uno scorfano?? 🤣🤣🙈 Per chi fosse interessato alla donazione dei capelli consiglio di visitare il sito dell’associazione “Un Angelo per capello” dove troverete tutti i dettagli. Il mio salone di fiducia mi ha informato su questa opportunità, magari potete chiedere anche al vostro ☺️ Buona pennicchella a tutti 😘! (Tutti quelli che hanno la fortuna di farla 😩😂) mammaunangelopercapellomammadicinqueparoladimammamammaaiutamammamomslifemomwithcamerassardiniasocialloversthewomoms

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Regrann from ibupedia_id - Sebaiknya anak tidak diberikan gula & garam sebelum usia 1 tahun. Bayi tidak mengenal rasa hambar karena mereka baru mengenal definisi rasa saat mulai MPASI. Biasakan beri makanan dengan rasa alami untuk anak. Kecuali jika anak mulai susah makan alias GTM. Biasanya ini terjadi saat usia 7-9 bulan. Umumnya dokter anak menyarankan pemberian gulgar agar anak makan lahap. Ini boleh dilakukan, tapi sebaiknya jumlahnya sedikit saja. Cek tips mengatasi GTM di Ibupedia_GTM. . . . ** Kenapa NO GARAM di bawah 1 tahun? ** . . 🍌 Kebutuhan garam bayi sedikit sekali, kurang dari 1 gr per hari (0,4 g sodium). Ini bisa dipenuhi dari konsumsi ASI & sufor yg diberikan. Berikut kebutuhan garam untuk anak berdasarkan usia. . 👶 0-12 bulan: Kurang dari 1 gr (0,4g sodium) 👶 1-3 tahun: 2 gr (0,8g sodium) 👶 4-6 tahun: 3 gr (1,2g sodium) 👶 7-10 tahun: 5 gr (2g sodium) . . 🍌 Terlalu banyak garam bisa membebani kerja ginjal bayi yg belum sempurna. Ini bisa berujung pada masalah ginjal & terbukti memicu hipertensi saat anak besar nanti. . . 🍌 Agar MPASI si kecil makin sedap, gunakan penambah rasa alami: kunyit, cinnamon, bawang putih, mentega, daun mint, sledri, dll. . . . ** Kenapa NO GULA di bawah 1 tahun? ** . . 🍎 Terlalu banyak konsumsi gula mengakibatkan kerusakan gigi, menurunkan imunitas tubuh & membuat anak mengalami masalah jantung, diabetes, & obesitas saat mereka sudah besar. Info lengkap tentang bahaya makanan manis bisa dicek di link pada bio (bit.ly/BahayaMakananManis). . . 🍎 Daripada menggunakan gula pasir, lebih baik beri sumber gula alami, misal buah yang manis atau madu khusus untuk anak di atas 1 tahun. Bahaya madu buat usia di bawah 1 tahun bisa dicek di ibupedia_madu. . . . Jadi intinya selama anak mau makanan yg alami, penambahan gula & garam tidak diperlukan! Adakah Bunda yg sudah merasakan manfaat saat bayi sukses menjalani pantangan gulgar di bawah 1 tahun? Share yuk di sini agar Bunda yg lain semakin termotivasi 😊 . . ibupedia parenting parenthood keluargaindonesia family bayiindonesia anakindonesia ibudanbayi motherhood momslife pregnancy ibuhamil funfact mpasibayi nogulgar mpasi mpasianak mpasihomemade

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It's BOGO Day 5, and we're going out with a bang! Buy a 15 mL dōTERRA On Guard, get dōTERRA On Guard Foaming Hand Wash with 2 Dispensers FREE! On guard is one powerhouse you do not want to be without. Containing oils like cinnamon, clove, and wild orange, this natural immune booster is sure to protect you from any of the environmental threats that may cause you to get sick. So if you are a teacher, student, mom, dad, kid, athlete, or are around any kind of people, you're going to want this. We want to receive and give love to others, but let's not receive and give germs! This deal is a great way to save a ton of money. In our family, we know this to be true, because we use these oils all the time in our home. The hand soap doesn't have antibacterials so we're not creating environment where germs can thrive, and on the off chance that our kids pick up some nasty infection at school or playtime from their friends, it doesn't have to be shared with everyone and we can kick it out of the house as soon as possible. A total Godsend! Don't miss out on this deal! Message me and I'll help you get an even better offer and bring home a free while orange and copiaba. . . . staywell stayhealthy bogo bogoday5 lovethis clean kids

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Поднять вам настроение? Нашла в инете приколы про папочек, делюсь ими с вами. Дочитайте, там в конце прикол и про нашего папулю😆😊. Вы только посмотрите на это фото - милотааааа❤️. Итак, подборочка👇🏻 😁 Мы пошли в ясли. Пока вожу ребенка я, но так исторически сложилось, что на неделе поведет супруг. «Ладно», — говорит, — отведу. А как его там сдавать?.. Я говорю — «Ну как… приводишь, переодеваешь, снимаешь памперс и сдаешь воспитателю». «Как, просто сдаешь и всё? А какую-нибудь НАКЛАДНУЮ надо заполнять?» 😁 р/д. Видит как то жена, то её мама носят малышку на руках и говорит: «Да выпустите вы её на пол, пусть поползает». 😁 Когда доче было около года, папа наш задумчиво так на нее посмотрел и сказал: «И как ты ее, такую большую, родила?» 😁 Обмывали как-то новорожденную дочку моего приятеля. А я, типа, опытная мать, и вот новоиспеченный отец (программист, кстати) меня спрашивает: «Маша, а в каком возрасте дети начинают задумываться о том, что такое число?» 😁 Неонатолог объясняла во сколько слоев одежды одевать сына, чтобы он не замерз. Потом говорит:«Ну, а на улице будете носик периодически трогать». На следующей прогулке муж за 10 минут раз 15 пощупал Жекин нос. на 16-ый раз я спросила что случилось. «Ну как же, трогаю нос, чтобы сын не замерзал». Говорит, думал, что у новорожденных рефлекс какой-то специфический есть. 😁 Ходили мы на УЗИ во время беременности вместе. На первом УЗИ доктор сказала, что не может точно сказать кто у нас будет и сказала, что мальчика как то там не наблюдает по ее опыту, но точнее скажет на втором УЗИ. Пришли на второе УЗИ. Доктор говорит — я вам кого нибудь обещала? — я говорю — Вы сказали, что мальчика вы там не видели. — Доктор говорит — ну вот и теперь я его там точно не вижу! Я лежу улыбаюсь, хотела девочку. Лежу двольная. Через минуты три муж мрачным голосом говорит — Доктор! Так кто там?! 😁И про нашего папу: много лет назад, когда только поженились, в каком-то разговоре спрашивает у меня: «а ребёночек, когда рождается прокусывает сосок и так начинает бежать молочко?»😆😆😆 Сейчас говорит, что не было такого, да, alexandrdante? Расскажите приколы про ваших молодых папочек😊👇🏻

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D-4 첫째땐 무통없이 자연분만 , 겁도없이 모르고 죽는 줄 알았고 둘째때도 무통없이 자연분만, 아니까 더 죽을 뻔 했다. 그래도 남편덕에 라마즈호흡법 잘 기억해서 정말 빠른 회복에 몸도 만신창이가 되지 않았어서 감사.이번엔 예약하고 제왕절개 를 해야 한다니 칼, 주사따위에 겁 많은 나는 오히려 더 무섭긴 하다만 뭔가 그 날 바로 딸을 만날 수 있겠구나 하는 생각에 기대감도 크다. 엄마가 되는 길은 참 미묘하다랄까. 몸이 수없이 바뀌고 뼈가 뒤틀리고 장기가 왔다갔다 하니 호르몬 변화에 무드스윙 은 당연하고 애를 한 번 낳던 세 번 낳던, 자연분만이고 제왕절개고 뭐고 참 페미돋는 말이긴 하지만 여자는 대단한 것 같다. 아니, 엄마가 대단한거겠지만. 철 없이 자유연애를 외치던 내가 아이셋 엄마라니. 정현이 널 만날 날이 4일밖에 안 남았다니. 몸은 게으름 터지는데 마음은 두근두근 정신 못 차린다.