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Kalo ijazahmu belum bisa menjadikanmu berpenghasilan, Percayalah Hapemu 📲 bisa jd media untuk menghasil kan💰Mau?? Join_Moment Org yg "Kaya Harta" aja masih perlu uang, Apalagi org "Kaya saya" 😅😅 Itu sebabnya saya rutin promo MOMENT

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Omitan la cara de muertisimo 🏔👍🏽

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I can’t wait to go back 🖼

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Green series, life in color part ✌🏼 💚🇲🇽🖼 Green is commonly considered to represent intelligence and enlightenment. What do you think about when you see the color green?

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We enter the path of practice through the door of knowledge, perhaps from a Dharma talk or a book. We continue along the path, and our suffering lessens, little by little. But at some point, all of our concepts and ideas must yield to our actual experience. Words and ideas are only useful if they are put into practice. When we stop discussing things and begin to realize the teachings in our own life, a moment comes when we realize that our life is the path, and we no longer rely merely on the forms of practice. Our action becomes "non-action," and our practice becomes "non-practice." The boundary has been crossed, and our practice cannot be set back… Suffering and nirvana are of the same substance. . . . living happy model fitness healthy fashion beauty livingfree growth mindset inspiration photoftheday modeling photoshoot art happy radiant beauty goddess photo beautiful moment love light beauty natural