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•Spur of the moment tarotreading and not having one for some time~this one was intuitive•Having recently cut a bad energy from my life - my favorite quote from the reading was EMOTIONAL VAMPIRE. The amount his presence showed up in a negative way in the reading was amazing. And this is/was NOT a boyfriend - just straight up a negativeenergy •Best part of the reading...elimination of this energy.....the path is clear for new and wonderful things in my life oh and a mystery man that wears glasses that I have not met yet* I’m intrigued 🤔💭and ready for someone who deserves me ♥️

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Halloween 🔜

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Ready to collect all the tamarind pods. 😋 เก็บบักขามกันเด้อข่า..ฝักโตๆน่ากินเยอะเลย🌳 ทริปเขาเหลียงซาน2018🐜

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Hoy extrañé esa nada que habia entre tú y yo. Sutil y callada, sobrentendida y total.

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🦋✨🦋✨🦋✨🦋✨🦋✨🦋✨🦋 I wish I was a butterfly, not scared of life, enjoying life, my beautiful life, a moment in time under the sun. I wish I was a butterfly, dancing around in the blue sky, not knowing that I'll die. One day I'll be a butterfly. peterbalkus ✨ 🦋 🦋 iwishiwasabutterfly butterfly farfalla sky sun cielo sole life beautifullife dancing dancingaround ballare girl belikeabutterfly esserefarfalla mylife lavita joy poem poesia beautifulpoem moment underthesun ilvento netherlands almere breeze danceinthewind

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