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Week 3 Day 1. I was very tired today, but am still loving the flexibility to move around my rest days. I even listened to joelfreemanfitness and upped my weights. They don’t seem very heavy, but with my shoulder still recovering I’m still pretty proud of it!

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We never get tired of seeing your box reactions and seeing you using the products! 💕 It’s the absolute best! 🙌🏼 Remember to tag us in photos of your AGSC box and products! You could win a free month! ✨ . . . agsc allgirlshaveclub theeverygirl allthatglitters bathproducts shaveclub subscriptionaddition subbox thatsdarling beauty femfeed pinkfeed skinlove instaskincare skincareaddict bathgoals womeninbiz thehappynow pursuepretty girlboss inspiration treatyoself shopsmall relax metime mood skincareaddiction skincaredailymask

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The last couple of days have been rough. I’ve been a HOT MESS. I’ve found myself tired, anxious, stressed, and emotional. And when that happens I eat poorly, I make excuses, and have a bad attitude overall. 🙅🏼‍♀️ But if you’re like me, you know what makes you stressed and what causes you to breakdown and cry and have anxiety. I am the queen of letting anxiety and stress control me when things change a little. Change isn’t always the best for me and right now as I have to work through my days a little differently, I have to remember to find time to focus on me and never give up on me and what makes me the happiest. It’s okay to take breaks when you need it. It’s okay to eat a brownie. It’s okay to sleep a little extra, but it’s not okay to let stress and anxiety control your life. Sometimes you just have to slow down, take a breather, and do what’s good for you. Stress and anxiety can no longer control me and I realize it’s because I haven’t been pouring into myself. So tonight I’m taking a little extra time on ME because its good for my health both physically and mentally. It’s time to focus and show up so I can be the best mom, wife, daughter, friend, and co worker. ✌🏻❤️

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Yesterday we went to Uluwatu to see a fire ceremony to be able to understand Balinese culture better and saw this breathtaking view. . . . Tegnap Uluwatu-ban jartunk, ahol megnéztünk egy tűz szertartást és ez a gyönyörű kép fogadott. . . . uluwatu fireceremony gabivargafitness happyme grateful begentletoyourself thankful bali2018 livelovelaugh eatpraylove befaithful lifeisfullofsurprises dream makeyourdreamscometrue besttimes exhaleyogaretreats canggu love oceanview chilltime metime beinthemoment breathtakingview boldogság elvezdazeletet elvezdapillanatot stayreminded truthful illcomeback

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I got these bath bombs at gordmans. I went with the ones that had a blueberry scent. (More pictures in the next post.) 🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀 pamperingmyself selfcare selflove pampering treatyoself treatyourself metime fizz relaxing relax timetorelax stress healthandbeauty bath baths bathtime bathtimefun bathproducts bathbomb bathbombs bathbombaddict bathbombcrush spagoals treatme bathburst instalike instadaily love discoverunder1k discoverunder5k

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Crystal Harmony was initially created based on green aventurine quartz and green herbs that offered amazing benefits for the skin. I decided that I had to include calendula with this blend as this sunny looking botanical offers so many benefits. 🌼 Here's a little summary for you. Calendula Extract: calming, soothing, and protective to the skin. Calendula is anti-inflammatory and highly antioxidant with vitamins A and C. This skin-soothing botanical has a long history of use for healing cuts, abrasions, irritated skin, and infections. 💎💚 Pic: tammygagnonphotography calendula calendulaoil botanicalbeauty botanicalbased musthave crystalinfused healthyskin skintherapy getglowing pamperyourskin loveyourskin organicbeautyproducts greenbeautyproducts crystalinfusedbodycare luxurybeauty luxurybrand veganbeauty toxicfreebeauty organicskincare metime cleanbeauty greenbeauty nottestedonanimals nofillers crueltyfree toxicfreebeauty crystalhills beradiant crystalhillsorganics shinebright beamazing

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He is emotionally intelligent but does nothing with this knowledge. He is artistic. He is aware. He is still a dick. <\3

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Jangan pernah menyesal dlm hidup karena baik buruknya, hitam putihnya bukan siapa2 yg menjalaninya. Syukur padaMu yaa Rabb. metime blessed

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I got these bath bombs at gordmans. I went with the ones that had a blueberry scent. (More pictures in the next post.) 🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀🛀 pamperingmyself selfcare selflove pampering treatyoself treatyourself metime fizz relaxing relax timetorelax stress healthandbeauty bath baths bathtime bathtimefun bathproducts bathbomb bathbombs bathbombaddict bathbombcrush spagoals treatme bathburst instalike instadaily love discoverunder1k discoverunder5k

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Snuggling by the fire with a little inspirational reading and a warm mug of carmel apple cider. How are you spending this rainy, fall night? selfcare metime macysnuggles

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What difference do you see? I bet we see different things... The first picture.... I see someone scared, nervous and excited for another embryo transfer. I see someone whose focus was on something bigger than herself, who had not felt like her body was her own in many years.... The second picture..... I see someone who has a wonderful family, who's body has carried two beautiful boys. I see someone who has no regrets over what her body has been through but is happy to have it feel like her own again I see someone who has committed to some me time and feels empowered, energetic (mostly 😳) and excited to share this with others. The best change isn't always physical Ready to join me? Not too late for next week's start... changeisntalwaysvisual fertilitysurvivor metime sharethelove

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What is THE MAX Challenge?⠀ ⠀ MAX Cardio Training, MAX Strength Training, and MAX Cardio Kickboxing for ALL Fitness Levels! Variety with PURPOSE! Pair that with Nutrition Counseling and Motivation and you've got THE MAX Challenge. Get in at our LOWEST introductory price! We can’t wait to hear from you! Learn more NOW!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Link in bio.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ . fitness nutrition motivation comingsoon mounthollynj whodoyoumaxfor weightloss goals heathylifestyle reachinggoals fitnessmotivation themaxchallenge takeittothemax iamworthit metime youareworthit themaxchallengeofmountholly ⠀ ⠀ https://buff.ly/2O1YJp1

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What did you do for yourself today?! 🍷I poured a glass of red wine( my fav!) and relaxed and talked to some great company 😊 🧘‍♀️I sat and reflected and prayed 🥗ate my healthy food predominantly fruits and veggies until dinner 😋 I am currently helping my daughter write her speech to run for class representative. I love seeing her heart ❤️ I never would have had the courage to run for that, so I am super proud of her ❤️ sparkleupbuttercup selfcare selflove wine winelover eatclean cleaneats momlife ilovemykids reflect selfreflection takingcareofme redwine taketimeforyou blog blogger wellnessblog wellnessblogger healthblog healthblogger takecareofyoursoul metime proudofmykids

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My energy levels have been bottom of the barrel low lately. Sleep patterns are all over the place too! Anyone know what retrograde I can blame for this? 😂

23 minutes ago

FINALLY taking the time to crack open this beauty! Even more excited to box of goodies that go along with it!🤗🤓📚. Thanks longbergeman😘

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Off work and the kids are in bed....past tired. Kicking up my legs and not moving from this spot for at least a hour lol chefprettyeyes selflove metime

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These baby abs and definition are what I've been working toward for a LONG time. I'm feeling confident enough to share this today. It's worth it. It's fun. It's results.

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latepost 😄 sepertinya ibukku lelah itu . Ini satu-satu nya fotoku , hasil jepretan ibu-ibu arisan yg lagi liburan juga di selecta 😁. Sepanjang liburan, aku jadi fotografernya ibuk 😌. Ngobrol santai dengan wanitaku ini selalu bikin ketawa geli (semoga bisa memahami y hhahaha) karena pola pikirnya yang polos, jadi yang diungkapkan adalah pemikiran simpel yang jarang aku dengar setiap hari dan bahkan tidak terfikirkanku. Satu kata untuk ibukku : "Unik" 😘. Kalau kamu, satu kata untuk ibuk kamu apa? 😉 . . Good Morning 😘 . . unbreakablecoach nuruldanibuk selecta batumalang malang kotamalang infomalang apelmalang kotamalang metime herbalife indonesia herbalifemalang herbalifeindonesia herbalifesurabaya surabaya liburan infosurabaya kotasurabaya familytime selamatpagi goodmorning

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It’s been a wonderful day filled with sunshine and friends. Laughing. Talking skincare. Sharing hard life stuff. I’m grateful to pick up where we left off. Im grateful to laugh and share the good things. I’m grateful to have these women in my life. I’m grateful to learn from them. I’m grateful to be trusted with the tears. I’m grateful to witness courage, strength and grace. After a day of being filled up, tonight I find myself needing to process. There is something about the water that helps me do that. grateful highvibetribe friendship goodforthesoul womenliftingwomen madetothrive bettertogether metime

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Yo solita Yo solita !!! Son palabras que desde que mi hija es bebé la escucho decirlas. Esa nació muy sabia y bien alante ... Hoy hablé con nelsonbermejoplata sobre el gran valor que tiene ese tiempo que pasamos a solas ... Que rico es! Les comparto un recuerdo de uno de mis viajes sola . Viajar sola es una maravilla ✨ ¿Y a ti que te gusta hacer sola? . . . . LaMisi Sola MujerSola SinMiedo Poderosa Aventurera Aventuras TiempoParaMi Viajando Viajes Viaje ViajarSola Volando DayTripper Trip Tripping High Clouds EnLasNubes AmorPropio Happy Felicidad Feliz MyBeautifulMess MeTime FunAlone Gracias Vida Life LifeIsGood . . . La Misi acompaña a Nelson por fidelity95.7 Martes y Jueves como a eso de las 8:30 am ... Conversaciones para ponerte a pensar con consejos para que no te cuenten 📻