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Looking lovingly at the router because WE FINALLY HAVE WIFI! 👏🏻 4 weeks after moving in and lots of stress later, we’re connected and life can start getting back to normal! 🙌🏻 And when I say that, I don’t mean that I sit scrolling through social media 24/7...but Ed’s been unable to work from home, online shopping for the house has had to be done at my parents using their WiFi, I haven’t been able to download music and videos for work, no blogging, no Netflix, no catch up TV...we’ve had to sit with a TV guide and set up programmes to record... 🙃 It’s been inconvenient, but happy smiles all round now! And I can start getting back to you lovely lot which I’m really excited about! HOORAY! . . . blogger fbloggers wifi connection connected finally waitinggame back to normality jumper cuddlyjumper ootd ootdfashion hairup messy hair ring earrings happy smile new home

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Hey hi hello there. I’m so inactive. Have a doodle of my husband and I talking sports. :))

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I’m a perfectionist, neat freak, and big time mess maker.... thankful he puts up with my tantrums 🙏🏼❤️

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What better way to practice yoga than in a beautiful art gallery. 🧘🏽‍♀️ Making your practice beautiful for yourself, your own nourishment and growth. Not to fit in to any other ideals, but your own. 🎨 Yoga, like art is all about finding enjoyment in the process, the embellishments. The finished product is not the point. The finished product is art on the wall, I want to be living, moving, messy, fun, art on the floor. nonconformist embellishment art movement messy gallery yogalife makelifebeautiful havefun

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| R U I V O S DOS S O N H O S | . . Essa Deusa é dessas aventureiras, que fazem o cabelo em casa e nunca conseguem o tom tão desejado... Hj mudamos isso! Ela ganhou esse tom ruivo nude tão incrível, com uma limpeza de fios e tecnica certas! . . . Cor&Corte: _chiarello Modelo: jojo_hannab

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Covering the hardscape with Elastopur Reptech. A rubber-like substance which hardens using a two-component method. Put on some old cloths and gloves, it’s going to get messy! I used some sand in the submerged part to gradient from the sand aquarium bottom. TIP: cover the wood in clearfoil before starting.. I forgot to do that and had to go back in later with a knife to remove all Elastopur spots from the wood- not recommended! paludarium hardscape terrarium aquarium aquascape elastopur reptech background styrofoam build walkthrough diy messy

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This further proves how vile and messy these people are! tokyotoni mother of blacchyna who shares a 20 month old daughter with robkardashian took to instagram to beg Rob to let her see her granddaughter dreamkardashian Clearly things between Tokyo and Chyna aren’t good at all. I’m thinking mending these broken relationships off of social media is the first step in having a relationship with Dream! This is tacky and attention seeking and a bit lazy on her part too. Wasn’t important enough to try to track down any other way to contact Rob other than putting it out on the interwebs! Stripper mentality for sure! thelibraloungewithkeisha thekardashians theshaderoom perezhilton messy baby strippers communication prettyandpetty try again sis

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A bad bitch, doing bad bitch things, living her best bad bitch life

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TGIT😁😁 sorry for my messy work area..so many things to do still messy work