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الحَيَاة أقْصر مِن أنْ تُهدِرها مَعَ أشخَاص تُبرّر لهُم أفعَالك طيلَة الْوقْت ، منْ يحبّك ، سيرَى الخيرَ فيْك ،وَمَنْ يبغُضك ، لَنْ تستطيعَ إرضائه 😴🌸🥀 . __black-moon__ . black moon summer bored random lonly alone happy sad messy back .

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Ocean Child

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‘I smelled the cake a bit to hard and gave myself toothache’ 😂 So today has been a bit of a second birthday day. My favourite part was setting fire to my marshmallow cake 😆 Yes, that is the sweetest, messiest cake ever. Yes, my boys pull goofball faces when I suggest they smile. Yes, at least one of my children has marshmallow in their hair (hello bath time). Yes, the mini cake is a vegetarian one for my daughter. No, the cake is not supposed to be blue - the sprinkles leaked their dye too much 😄 Yes, I love this. I love it so hard.

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- Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselve ✨ | How it really looks like when you draw something ✍🏼🎨👩🏼‍🎨 Who can relate? 🙋🏼‍♀️ me messymessyhandsdontcarepaintingsacryl

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Uno dei look che ho avuto il piacere di realizzare su alicezuccaro per il workshop fotografico tenuto da riccardo_lancia, presso mediability_lab, lo scorso mese ✴️ Due gemelle dall'energia pazzesca e un Pro con la P maiuscola sono stati terreno fertile per degli scatti mostruosi ❤️ Felicissima d'averne potuto prendere parte, e di aver lavorato con voi! photographer photography photoshoot fashion fashionphotography portrait studio beauty face blackandwhite bw makeup makeupartist mua grunge wetlook messy smokeyeyes messysmokeyeyes black wethair intense look dramatic model gorgeous girl eyes kajal

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I am sorry I have not posted much. This week has been insane! Lots of 😭😭 and 😠😠. The twins are teething, my teens have gone back to school (which is an adjustment) and I found out I have a lot of medical things going on. I am trying to post as often as I can and check out each of your pages. I hope all your weeks and weekend have been going well. I will be posting for Sample Saturday in a bit. Thank you for your support and love ❤❤❤❤ momlife stressful life doctors teething messyhair momhair messy selfcare love support instagood instafollow thankyou backtoschool teens beautiful betterweeknextweek getbackintothegroove strongwomen mentalhealth physicalhealth

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I broke rule no. 1 of being a parent - never turn your back to your kid, because they do things like stick their hands in French Onion Dip and smear it all over their face. ParentFail DuncanEmerson

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الحَيَاة أقْصر مِن أنْ تُهدِرها مَعَ أشخَاص تُبرّر لهُم أفعَالك طيلَة الْوقْت ، منْ يحبّك ، سيرَى الخيرَ فيْك ،وَمَنْ يبغُضك ، لَنْ تستطيعَ إرضائه 😴🌸🥀 . __black-moon__ . black moon summer bored random lonly alone happy sad messy back .

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Trying to clean up a bit, starting from my desk, b.c my life is a giant mess *finger guns* cleared off a small swath of desk and whoa it's like the red sea parting except it's the mess on my desk and most certainly not a miracle of God (Although tbh if you've got a fun cocktail of anxiety and depression it may feel like a miracle of a sort to start cleaning up) pedobear pedobearneedsjesus likereallyneedsjesus welp timetostop drowning inmyownmess messy craftshit isagiantmess lol banishing someofthe resin backinto its box hopefully itllbe neater andmore organized iwanttoopenshop andnotdie thiscomingsemester workspace desk

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Haiku of the day: .. .. .. Magic in the mess/ Get funky, the flow of life/ Accept the unknown/ .. .. .. Today has been funky. Today has been beautiful. The goal was to embrace the fire within and accept the unknown and while I try to control the uncertainty, I end up trying to gain control again. The universe has a funny way of reminding me that I am better when I forget to do and just be. I’m embracing the abyss of the unknown yet again and knowing that it’s all gravy baby no matter what happens. .. .. .. hotyoga haiku poetry yogaheals yogagetfunky jamesbrown crowpose yogaflow gowiththeflow onedayatatime progressnotperfection messy selflove embracethemess beyourself jerseygirl

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Karaoke night...with me...& gin...only one way this is going, and it’s downhill all the way! 😂😂😂karaoke gin messy

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Posti in piedi, a terra sulle panche, sotto gli occhi del d10s parte un altro campionato di serieatim Noi abbiamo scelto la condivisione come segno di contestazione all'intricato sistema delle paytv di quest'anno✊💙 People all around the room at club Napoli with kids sitting on the floor, under maradona eyes, for the first matchday of Italian football league Serie A. We chose to watch all the matches in public places as a kind of peculiar protest against the messy and pricey pay-TV subscriptions this year. ✊💙