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💄💋 New lipgloss! The brand is ‘Jesse’s Girl Glow Stick’ and the chameleon pigment is ‘Aurora’.💋 It looks like it would be a bold/obnoxious color - But it’s not! You’ll see in the last video in this post’s queue that the color is pretty subtle💋. I just love it because it changes colors (blues and greens) depending on how you look at it or the sun hits your lips just right. It’s so silky smooth on application and doesn’t get tacky/sticky. The only problem I see with it is that it’s not a long lasting lip gloss💄. I found this particular lip gloss at Rite Aid for $9.99. They also had 4 other colors, including a white/rainbow that I want reeeeally badly🦄💋. I bought this one because it’s looks like the lip gloss of a Mermaid! 💙🧜‍♀️🧜🏽‍♀️🧜🏿‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️💙 mermaid mermaids mermaiden mermaidens mermaidians mermaidinspired mermaidsoul mermaidlove mermaidlife mermaidgirl mermaidmakeup mermaiding mermaidstyle mermaidstatus mermaidstuff merfolk mermaidlorian themermaidlorian spooniemermaid spooniegirl spoonie spooniewarrior spoonieforlife

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I made this character like a year ago and never did much with her but hey her name is Chizu and she likes cute things and murder mostly 😊

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🕚 Finally finished with Mermay day 24! This Mermaid is 1950's themed and I'm pretty happy with her overall idea and design, but I really had to rush due to being busy today and because of that I feel her expression is sort of lacking. Also nonsensical hands. My favorite part of this illustration is the skirt/tail because of my idea to use the 50's trend of huge puffy skirts to make her half jelly fish!! I think it works 😅 Hope you like!

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So what? Blue Girl: byeehun

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✨ REPOST - - • - - 📷 Picture and MakeUp by arielmakeup 💖 Follow her for more gorgeous makeup looks! 👉 arielmakeup arielmakeup - - • - - 🎨Products used: 🐚 Eyeprimer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance. 🐚 Eyeshadows: Sugarpill Kim Chi and Velocity; MakeupGeekCosmetics Shark Bait; NYXCosmetics_Italy Prismatic eyeshadow in Mermaid; NablaCosmetics Frozen, Babylon, Nocturne and Antique White. 🐚 Glitters: feather.and.fox loose glitters in Mermaid Sparkle. 🐚 Eyeliner: NYXCosmetics_Italy That's the Point "Quite the Bender" and "Hella Fine" eyeliners. 🐚 Eyepencil: MACCosmetics Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline. 🐚 False Lashes: Ardell_Lashes Double-Up lashes n° 203. 🐚 Mascara: MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Gigablack Lash. 🐚 Brows: NABLA Cosmetics Brow Pot in Mars. 🐚 Brushes by SpectrumCollections and MAC Cosmetics. - - • - -

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✨ REPOST - - • - - 📷 Picture and MakeUp by ryankellymua 💖 Follow her for more gorgeous makeup looks! 👉 ryankellymua ryankellymua - - • - - 🎨Products used: mehronmakeup Paradise Paint AQ palette houseofbeauty.co Lip Hybrid in Aquarious with little tiny bits of Sweet 16 and 24K mixed in - - • - -

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throwbackthursday to sipping on festive Starbucks in celebration, while cheesin my face off, wearing my fav chip shirt! 😂❤️ . Can’t wait until August for my next trip to Disney & Orlando💕! The real fun is, that I’m going to my old stomping ground of Cali & Disneyland first! What an epic month August, will be! We might also be making a cheeky trip via Vegas too 😉✨ . P.s I’m so intrigued by the Starbucks secret drinks you can get! What do you order when you go? The only time I EVER get Starbucks is in celebration or on Mainstreet! I save my daily drinking for my chocolate cupcake superfoods (it actually costs less than your daily coffee FYI😋) . disneygirl disneygirls celebrationflorida homegoodsfinds actresslifestyle weightlossstory progressnotperfection loosingweight loosingweightfeelinggreat workingonmyfitness workingonmyself purplewall starbuckssecretmenu starbuckslife buymelilly targetstyle mermaidvibes healthandfitness thinnerleanerstronger girlswholiftweights disneyaddict disneymerch disneyloverforlife mermaidgirl highvibrationliving weightlosstransformation weightlosssupport

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Don't follow trends *unless* they're over 164000 years old. 💎 Like hematite. 🌍 Its reddish chalk created some of the earliest found human writings (at Pinnacle Point, S Africa). 💎 • Shop www.uvantshop.com • • • • crystaljewelry mermaidgirl hematite pastelgoth crystalhealing crystals gemstonejewelry goldjewelry psychedelic festivalwear fashion history gypsystyle retro love california funfacts jewelryforsale neon aesthetic minimaliststyle engagementrings bohostyle unicorns vintagering vintageweddingring scienceisbeautiful weddingjewelry https://etsy.me/2sc8HfN

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My girl loves to swim🙌🏽😍🧜🏼‍♀️ mermaidgirl

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I'm back for my watercolors after almost a month travelling with my family 😊 it was a very good time for chilling! How is your mermay going? I hope to do a few more. Btw, I have a new cellphone for better pictures 🎉🎉🎈🎈Yuppiii! . . . mermay2018 mermaychallenge mermaiddrawing mermaid mermaidsoul thelittlemermaid draweveryday mermaidlife dailyarts girlsinanimation mermaidgirl illustratorsofinstagram mermayprompts illustrationoftheday characterdesign zeichnen animedeutschland dailydoodle kidlitart mermaidsoul kawaii drawingtime artstagram artlove artchallenge animegirl

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Increasing sensations Blue Girl: mimisweet90

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久々に実家に帰省して遅くなった母の日と 早めの父の日のプレゼントを渡してきました♡  この数ヶ月は2日連続の休みも取れなかったけど、 自分が大切なものを大切にできる私でいると 決めたから、新たな決断をしました✨  事故で手術を繰り返し、 一年前は歩くことすらできなかった自分。 それを支えてくれた家族や周りの人。 これからも愛と感謝を胸に生きていきます♡

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This is my paradice 🥑🥕🍋🤩💕