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2020-04-10 14:05:13

Forget an item on your grocery list? This Master Grocery List will help jog your memory when you are at the store. It has the most commons items listed in every category in the store. ⁠ *⁠ *⁠ *⁠ #polkadotimpression #groceryplanner #grocery #groceries #mealprepplanner #mastergrocerylist #etsyprintables #etsyshop #planmymeals #forgotagroceryitem #grocerylist

2020-04-07 08:00:33

M O R N I N G • R O U T I N E⁠ ⁠ Something I tend to struggle with, but im using this time to work towards it. ⁠ ⁠ Being in isolation can lead us to feel lazy, showering and getting dressed for the day will make you feel fresh and ready like you would any normal day. ⁠ ⁠ Exercise is always important, but in these times even more so. Try it with the family with @thebodycoach⁠ ⁠ we love cooking as a family recently, its really helped us bond, plus hubby is learning a few new tricks. ⁠ ⁠ clear out the living area, the place you will spend a lot of time in right now, keep it decluttered ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #makelifeeasyplanner #makelifeeasy #mle #makinglifeeasier #mealprepplanner #fittnessplanner #familymealprep #familymealideas #selfcare #sundaymealprep #covidisolation #familydinnerideas #schoollunchboxideas #planneraddict #2020cleaneating #healthy2020 #2020planners #digitalprintables #digitalplanners #makinglifesimple #simplifying #happyplanning #stickerplanneraddict #cookingwithfamily #cookingideas #familyfavourite #motherswhocook #plannerformums #planningmyweek #isolationwithfamily

2020-03-30 19:35:46

Here’s the “meditations” I’ve been doing and the top/healthiest thing I would recommend right now. HAPPIEST MOMENTS Some time in February I found myself feeling like I’d forgotten what it feels like to be totally happy, ecstatic and blissed out. Every day was a battle of convincing myself I did enough things, practicing gratitude, and trying to absorb that on paper, everything looked the best it’s ever been! So why didn’t I feel the pure joy like I made it? I started recalling one by one (see pics) of the times where I’ve felt the most real, overflowing happiness and also a KNOWING that this is what life should feel like, I’m connected to everything, everything is good. (ties so tightly into spirituality/faith for me) Then I would try to bring that feeling into my body right now. Laying down, eyes closed, can I remember exactly what it felt like, and feel it now? Repeat with more memories. Just to remember what real happiness feels like - it isn’t from checking off all the boxes that you “should” be doing! More ideas: YOU MOMENTS Might overlap with your happiest moments, but what are the moments in your whole life when you’ve felt the most sure in who you are? Repeat the process with these. What makes you you without physical things, labels, status, anything to your name? What does it feel like, to feel completely like you? I highly recommend covering and closing your eyes & laying down comfortably, so you can really forget you even have a body. Who are you without your body? In times of trouble - THIS is what will give you a sense of safety. Everything will change but nothing can take this groundedness from you. BLUEPRINT I would usually end with a visualization that I’ve found to be really important to me. I go through my body (usually top down) visualizing my healthiest body. Have a headache? You could visualize cool blue compression where it hurts, like a fire going out. Want to lose weight? What does it feel like to walk around and move in that body? Have an injury? Visualize and feel it healed perfectly. Then let the body take over because it knows how to actually heal, you just give it the blueprint 🌀✨

2020-03-27 20:23:46

Luckily I started a week before the fear & panic kicked in... and then forgot it. Once quarantine was issued, the first programming that came in was like: treat yourself! You’re going through something new and now you get to stay at home, make a party out of it, so drink and eat and celebrate however you want! Do all the things you normally can’t on a Tuesday. Anyone else? As I posted previously, I know all the ways to treat your body in moderation and reason (my posts are always reminders for myself first and foremost) but maybe knowing what NOT TO DO makes it even worse?? Because then you know you’re on the wrong track so you just keep going cause you're already there. So as I started trying to quench the voids I didn’t even know I had, I was getting really really full with food, drinks, stimulation. Physically uncomfortable. Search & quench & grasp & cling. Hoping to connect to others to desperately avoid feeling alone and scared. And I realized, there is never enough delicious or mentally stimulating things I could give myself to ever feel content. Because I literally have it all in front of me already!! Great food and drinks and shows and virtual connections! And I felt the worst I’ve felt in a long time. This put me on a very fast forward track of *GET YOUR SHT TOGETHER OTHERWISE YOU’RE MISERABLE* and I’m finally succumbing to the belief that: You must be content within yourself because external things will never fill that space. I knew this, I am not radical in realizing this, philosophers have known this for a thousand years but sometimes you need to be re-minded. Again and again. I was accidentally already practicing this in early March, but when things got hard ALL practice was gone because it was party and fear mode. Now it’s so blatantly obvious when I start fixating on something - it’s so external! Even if I had 200% of ____ I am still alone in myself, alone when I close my eyes, and alone in all feelings & experiences. No matter how great your support system is, you are alone in yourself. And that’s not a bad thing! Tomorrow I’ll share the practice I found myself doing so you can try it or be inspired to find your own! 📸@thekhoalabear

2020-03-25 09:00:32

I S O L A T I O N⁠ ⁠ Hi mammas, as many of you know, I took some time away from Instagram.⁠ ⁠ Now we are all in isolation, im thinking of ways to get creative and keep us busy for SO many reasons. I thought id share what we are up to and give you some ideas too.⁠ ⁠ • Mix the salt and flour in a bowl⁠ • In a separate bowl mix the water, vegetable oil and few drops of food colouring⁠ • Add together and form a dough, if too wet add more flour⁠ • Store in zip lock food bags in fridge to keep them fresh⁠ • This recipe is for one ball so just double triple etc. as required⁠ ⁠ Enjoy!⁠ ⁠ Stay Safe, and wishing you all peace ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #makelifeeasyplanner #makelifeeasy #mle #makinglifeeasier #mealprepplanner #covid19 #staysafe #ideasforkids #playideas #playdoughrecipe #playdough #gameideas #recipeideas #whattodowithkids #homeschooling ##sahm #planneraddict #plannermum #plannermom #momswhoplan #mumswhoplan #happyplanner #ideaswithkids #mumofone #mumoftwo #familytimeideas #familyfun #stayinghome #positiveplay #positivity

2020-03-19 16:33:41

Easy gauge for what you should** be putting into your body right now: . 🌀Does it lessen the burden on your body?🌀 . (Aka relieve stress? Cortisol suppresses the immune system so much that when you get an organ transplant, cortisol is given so the body doesn’t reject the organ! Keep an eye on if you FEEL stressed or your body is working too hard for anything) DO have one glass of wine - can literally lift weight and stress off of your body. DON’T drink half a bottle of wine - will burden your liver and waste a whole bunch of vitamin stores. DO intermittent fast to lessen the digestive burden, allow time for cellular clean up and healing. DON’T extended fast right now - may be too much of a stress and deplete precious reserves. DO take your vitamins and eat nutrient rich foods. DON’T start a drastically new dietary regimen. Stability and routine is key for low stress right now. DO exercise and move regularly, especially walking outside, yoga, dancing, and whatever else makes you happy! DON’T take up sprinting HIIT twice a day as your new hobby even if you want that #quarantinebody DO have a dessert and enjoy your food! DON’T eat food mindlessly, especially when watching the news or feeling fear or anxiety. DO release the burden on your mind and especially JUDGEMENT of yourself. DO sleep in and nap whenever you want, maybe take a break from caffeine too - there’s a good chance your body will appreciate the long-needed deep healing sleep and a real break from cortisol DO try to get back on to a circadian rhythm with daylight hours, cutting back on naps once you feel recharged DO connect back into yourself, who you are, and what you believe to be true. If you could schedule a whole day around nourishing and healing yourself, what would that look like? DO treat yourself to the attention and care you deserve, for maybe the first time ever. . **is always individual. Listen to your body above all else. A sprint or glass of wine could nourish you, but send an already stressed person overboard. What’s your favorite way to lessen the burden on yourself? . 📸😽: @thekhoalabear

2020-03-04 20:57:46

Which will make you healthier: A pristine diet and exercise with low self-worth and a cynical view on life OR A mediocre diet, seeing the best in the world and believing that you are strong, healthy and good as you are Which would work best for you and your body?? . It’s probably obvious that my tone on health has expanded a lot in the past years from just physical (diet and exercise). . I’ve mastered the physical. Been doing that for 12 years, I eat better than everyone I know and I’ve still been very unhappy AND had health issues. JUST diet and exercise is not enough to be happy and healthy in life. Duh. . ...But somehow I believed that for a long time and validated each day—if I was good, if life was good—by if I ate and exercised like I should. Laying in bed, this alone would tell me if I’m GOOD or not. My worth. My outlook on life. So it’s been a challenge for my brain to expand that same concept to all other areas of life! What if I put that same fervor into becoming a better friend, partner, coach, teacher, self-validating, loving myself, caring for the world, FORGIVENESS, self-forgiveness!? . If I used the same critical thinking to be better in my relationships, emotions, spirituality and self-talk each day. Honestly, the physical - numbers, calories, math - is so much easier to handle!! . What if at the end of the day, as I lay in bed, I ask Was I true to myself? Did I love and support others? Did I let their love and support in? Have I let go of the day and forgiven so I can start fresh tomorrow? No matter what I did, have I forgiven myself and know that I AM ENOUGH? What do I believe about myself? What do I know to be true? Who am I? This came up because I finally watched “Heal” on Netflix and there’s 9 things that everyone that heals does, and ONLY TWO of them are food related. The rest are emotional, spiritual, embracing social support, etc. I would say yeah, food is about 2/9ths of the puzzle. Definitely important!! Not everything. What do you think of at night before you fall asleep to determine your worth? For real. 🌝

2020-03-02 04:44:13

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2020-02-28 11:53:14

UN REGALO PER VOI // PLANNER PER CAPIRE QUANTO SPENDI A SETTIMANA PER MANGIARE SANO 📋🎁⠀ ⠀ ➡️ È possibile realizzare un menù settimanale economico e sano? 🧐⠀ Qualche settimana fa ho cercato di rispondere a questa domanda mettendomi alla prova condividendo sul blog un menù settimanale basato sulle mie abitudini alimentari. L’ho costruito attraverso le schede dei menù settimanali che vedete in foto!⠀ ⠀ 💰 Il risultato? Mangiare sano, in modo organizzato, a me costa a settimana circa 46 euro a testa.⠀ ⠀ Provate anche voi a compilare le SCHEDE DEI MENÙ SETTIMANALI inserendo i vostri ingredienti, porzioni e costi!⠀ ⠀ Per riceverle, direttamente per messaggio privato, dovrete seguire questi passaggi:⠀ 1. Seguirmi qui su Instagram ➡️ @cr_eative⠀ 2. Taggare nei commenti vostro amico amante del mangiar sano⠀ 3. Condividere questo post nelle vostre stories e taggarmi. Mi raccomando, è importante che mi tagghiate, così non ci sarà il rischio di perdere la vostra condivisione, e che lasciate la story attiva per 24 ore!⠀ ⠀ Che aspettate? Non vedo l’ora di inviarvi le schede e fare questo “esperimento” con voi ☺️ È un modo utile per capire come è articolata la vostra alimentazione e compiere scelte più consapevoli, sia in termini di salute sia di denaro.⠀ ⠀ Ps. Nel link in bio trovate l’articolo sul “Menù settimanale economico: mangiare sano senza spendere tanto” ↗️ #mangiapositivo

2020-02-25 21:30:05

L E T T I N G • G O⁠ ⁠ Half term is done and I realised how much I miss the days he wasn’t at school. ⁠🏫 ⁠ This picture was taken in Southend last summer before he started school. I spontaneously booked us an airBnB for two nights. We had the BEST time ever. He ate what he wanted, he played all day and we walked and talked so much. ⁠🏖️ ⁠ I know he still hasn’t forgotten that weekend away and I hope to go back this summer too. I miss him having the freedom he once did. I miss us waking up on a weekday with no care of what we are doing and ‘see how things go’. ⁠ ⁠ But thats part of motherhood, letting go. As painful as it may be sometimes, I know he is developing, growing and learning. ⁠🤱 .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #makelifeeasyplanner #makelifeeasy #mle #makinglifeeasier #mealprepplanner #bossmum #sahmmum #ukmum #mumswhoplan #southend #happyfamilies #mealprepfamily #motherofone #motheroftwo #pugmum #lgrowingup #schoolrunmum #plannerprintables #digitalprintables #2020planner #2021planners #familyplan #planningholidays #mealplanning #stickeraddict #planneraddict #mumof2 #happyplanner #simplfied #loveplanning

2020-02-21 21:07:16

WHY I’M EXCITED FOR SPRING Is it too soon to be excited? I don’t think so…I’ve been planning out March because it is always so packed, and I’m actually excited to add so much more to my plate! Spring energy & sunlight give me the boost I need🌞 . SPRING IS FOR 🌱CLEANSING - body, mind, home environment, liver & gallbladder 🌱New projects/dreams/goals 🌱Sprouts 🌱Spirituality 🌱LETTING GO Traditionally, most cultures/religions would use spring time to cleanse the winter gunk that we built up to stay warm and alive - fasting, deworming, blood cleansing practices etc. Sprouts naturally spring up now which are high in sulfuraphane = best for detoxing. Animals will eat sprouts during this time but won’t touch them any other time of year. Which is why I’m not a fan of taking a condensed sulfuraphane supplement daily year round (v unnatural), but in spring when sprouts are here - yes. And it’s so easy to grow your own! I am mostly so excited to clean out EVERYTHING. My body is feeling it - I feel very nourished from winter, but my usual diet hasn’t sounded great lately. I need a switch up and am going to try something I never do: an extended fast/cleanse and incorporate green juices. OTHER WAYS TO DO THIS 🌿Intermittent fast 🌿Green juice and liquids only for a day 🌿Dandelion tea 🌿Sprouts on your salad 🌿Journal 🌿Define what spirituality means to you 🌿Make monthly goals (on new moon this Sunday) 🌿Declutter your house 🔥Write the things you want to let go on paper and burn it If people knew they needed this hundreds of years ago, imagine how much we need it now with processed foods/drinks that are more chemicals than nourishment! Our livers need a break. I believe the physical body is so intertwined with emotional, so my main focus will be keeping the releasing doorway open. Let go of old stagnant, impacted parts of me - physically and mentally. I don’t want to accumulate anything else for a sec. I’m ready to sit and breathe daily, cry whenever I need to, and luckily I know I have a support system to talk to if anything is too much for me to process on my own. We’re all on unique journeys so find what’s right for YOU this year. How will you celebrate?

2020-02-21 15:58:12

Free Shipping for all laminated items!!! ▪︎ ▪︎ #polkadotimpression #etsyseller #freeshipping #weekenddeals #housecleaningplanner #mealprepplanner #groceryplanner #etsyshop #childrenlearningworksheets

2020-02-04 01:22:47

High school might be my favorite age to work with… . Although I still got a little nervous, I kept telling myself that if I am qualified for anything, IT IS THIS. I can speak from the heart, from experience, from what I do now - practicing what I preach in a doable (not dogmatic) way, and what I’ve learned in the past 12 years to save them all of the mistakes. . 🌿TOPICS COVERED🌿 - Calories in = calories out IS FALSE - Fat does not make you fat - What to eat and when - Proportion sizes - Why do I feel like crap at 1pm? - Do I need to eat breakfast if I hate eating when I wake up? - What to eat before and after work outs - Healing your relationship with food - The science behind what to eat for stable mood, healthy hormones, longevity, good skin, good sleep, consistent energy, athletic performance - Food combinations = do what to your body (cells, hormones) I will never tell kids to count calories, macros, or even sugar. I give the least amount of guidelines as possible and explain why diets and calorie restriction do not work, and actually have the opposite effect in clinical studies. I want them to be educated that if you eat a fruit, it does ___ to your blood sugar, meat will do ___, and a granola bar does ___ (they can all answer this now!). NONE OF THOSE ARE BAD. You can alwaysssss choose to eat any of those! But it should be an educated choice and you won’t be confused why you feel a certain way later. I’d honestly love to work with this age more, so if you ever need a similar talk given, I am your girl!🙆🏼‍♀️

2020-02-03 20:36:59

M E A L • P L A N N I N G⁠ ⁠ If you are new to meal prepping, i suggest to start off small. Stick to one meal only, which meals do you struggle with the most? If its dinners then prep all your dinners for the week only, this will eliminate overwhelm and the need to give up. ⁠🔪🥝 ⁠ Dont forget to download your FREE FAMILY MEAL PREP PACK. LINK IN BIO⁠ 🔗👆 .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #makelifeeasyplanner #makelifeeasy #mle #makinglifeeasier #mealprepplanner #fittnessplanner #familymealprep #familymealideas #prepmyweek #sundaymealprep #mealplanning #familydinnerideas #schoollunchboxideas #planneraddict #2020cleaneating #healthy2020 #2020planners #digitalprintables #digitalplanners #makinglifesimple #simplifying #happyplanning #stickerplanneraddict #cookingwithfamily #cookingideas #familyfavourite #motherswhocook #plannerformums #planningmyweek #mealsforwholefamily

2020-01-28 19:47:06

SHOP • WASH • CHOP ⁠ ⁠ I find this super useful after doing the big shop. I wash all the fruit and veg paper towel dry certain vegetables like lettuce etc. and store in appropriate containers. ⁠ ⁠ First thing my son asks when I pick him up from school is ‘what snack do you have for me in the car’, there are times ive got in my car and forgotten. Having his fruit washed and packed for the week makes the run a bit easier.⁠ 🍓🥑🌽 ⁠ In the winter we tend to have a lot of hearty soups, having all the vegetables chopped and prepped saves me so much time in the kitchen, throwing it all together and turning on my instant pot giving me more time to play with my son.⁠ 🥣 ⁠ How do you prep your meals? ⁠🍝 ⁠ Dont forget to download your FREE Family Meal Prep printables ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ ⁠ #makelifeeasyplanner #makelifeeasy #mle #makinglifeeasier #mealprepplanner #fittnessplanner #familymealprep #familymealideas #prepmyweek #sundaymealprep #mealplanning #familydinnerideas #schoollunchboxideas #planneraddict #2020cleaneating #healthy2020 #2020planners #digitalprintables #digitalplanners #makinglifesimple #simplifying #happyplanning #stickerplanneraddict #cookingwithfamily #cookingideas #familyfavourite #motherswhocook #plannerformums #planningmyweek #mealsforwholefamily

2020-01-27 01:12:15

I am just loving the #skinnyclassichappyplanner and #happyplannerpurse for grocery shopping, meal planning and going on errands! I love using the half sheets from the happy hostess happy notes to make grocery lists. I'm trying to use my stash by using my stickers to make my list, so I have not bought the grocery list half sheets, even though I know I will crack and get them soon because they're just too cute!!! #skinnyhappyplanner #mealprepplanning #mealprepplanner #happyplannergirl #useallthestickers #useyourhpstash #useyourstash #plannerbabe #planneraddict #plannergirl #plannercommunity

2020-01-26 21:33:39

Another week, another weekly meal plan! This is the one worksheet that I tryyyy to fill out every week because 1. IT SAVES ME MONEY 2. I don’t go to the grocery store 3+ times… because I really usually do that 🤦🏻‍♀️ . By planning ahead, I don’t get extra food, I can fit in luxury things if it’s in my budget, and I’m not always forgetting just one thing! Khoa and I just got back from the @boisecoop and we spent even less than expected! That’s the best feeling ever and with high quality stuff too! 💪🏼 . Start with brainstorming recipes on the left hand side - even if it’s just the smoothie you always make or eggs & mushrooms for back up. Then you write what you need for those recipes, estimate the cost, TAKE A PICTURE of your shopping list and you’re on your way!! . Would anyone else be interested in this worksheet?? . After looking through all the printable meal-prep sheets on google and etsy, I had to make my own. It doesn’t work for my brain to see the week in a vertical way… I need it horizontal. And this is more comprehensive and tried and true - my clients and I have been using this since 2018! Comment or message me if you’re interested! Stay tuned for an update on the full planner soon as well. Happy Sunday! . . . . . . . . #liverdetox #livercleanse #liverhealth #mindsetshift #gutmicrobiome#socialmediabreak #prebiotic #guthealing #antiinflammatorydiet #liverandgallbladderflush #boisehealth #functionalmedicine #boisehealthandwellness #boiseidaho #kitchari #boisehealthcoach #carnivorediet #meatheals #heartdisease #type2diabetes #nose2tail #insulinresistance #autophagy #lectins #firecupping #dampness #lifeplanner #mealprep #mealprepplanner

2020-01-23 10:11:00

I was delighted to catch up with Aoife Lee, Parenting Expert from @parentsupport to talk about getting back into a routine after the Christmas break 🙌 This Monday gone was 'Blue Monday', the day many people regard as the toughest day of the year 💙 I know in my house the kids are wanting to stay up later but then struggling to get up in the morning so it can be a bit of a battle! It was great to chat with Aoife about routines around food and bedtime 💤 I hope this helps you as well as our weekly meal plans to get back on track 💪 #mummycooks #babyandfamily #lunchboxmadeeasy #familymealprep #batchcooking #healthyrecipes #mealprep #batchcookingset #slowcooker #mealpreprecipes #mealprepplanner #mealideas #bedtimeroutine #parenting #parentingexpert

2020-01-21 07:00:56

G R O C E R Y • L I S T⁠ ⁠ I find this printable so handy, remember to save all the planner printables to your computer to re use as and when needed. DOWNLOAD FREE the Family Meal Prep Pack and add it to your current planner, stick it to your fridge, whatever suits you and your family. LINK IN BIO*⁠ ⁠ Here are a few tips on meal planning that have worked for me⁠ ⁠ - Cut the right corners- take advantage of staple foods such as frozen veg isle, canned food, rice packets etc.⁠ ⁠ - Cut out time by buying frozen garlic, ginger cubes etc⁠ ⁠ - Buy meal prep boxes, silly I know, but ive forgotten this one before⁠ ⁠ - Cut out time by buying frozen garlic, ginger cubes etc. ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #makelifeeasyplanner #makelifeeasy #mle #makinglifeeasier #mealprepplanner #fittnessplanner #familymealprep #familymealideas #prepmyweek #sundaymealprep #mealplanning #familydinnerideas #schoollunchboxideas #planneraddict #2020cleaneating #healthy2020 #2020planners #digitalprintables #digitalplanners #makinglifesimple #simplifying #happyplanning #stickerplanneraddict #cookingwithfamily #cookingideas #familyfavourite #motherswhocook #plannerformums #planningmyweek #mealsforwholefamily⁠ ⁠

2020-01-20 10:01:20

F A M I L Y • M E A L • P R E P⁠ ⁠ I love cooking for my family, both my husband and son are big foodies, so I try and get creative and experiment with different dishes when I have the time. Other times its quick go to recipes, something that doesn’t take long but everyone enjoys!⁠ ⁠ I started to dread asking the same question ‘what do you want for dinner tonight’. I would get either ‘i dont mind’ or, them both wanting different things. So this is why I created these family meal pack templates, to help make your week easier by a clear plan of what the family are having, stick them on your fridge so everyone knows what’s for dinner that week!⁠ ⁠ Ive also added a lunch box template and family favourites for the weeks that you just can’t think of what to cook! And of course a detailed shopping list to get you started.⁠ ⁠ LINK IN BIO*⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #makelifeeasyplanner #makelifeeasy #mle #makinglifeeasier #mealprepplanner #fittnessplanner #familymealprep #familymealideas #prepmyweek #sundaymealprep #mealplanning #familydinnerideas #schoollunchboxideas #planneraddict #2020cleaneating #healthy2020 #2020planners #digitalprintables #digitalplanners #makinglifesimple #simplifying #happyplanning #stickerplanneraddict #cookingwithfamily #cookingideas #familyfavourite #motherswhocook #plannerformums #planningmyweek #mealsforwholefamily

2020-01-20 07:01:08

D O W N L O A D N O W⁠ ⁠ New Family Meal Prep Pack Printable ready for downloading⁠ ⁠ Im excited for you all to see this pack! We are close to the end of January where many of us have tried to eat more healthy, and starting 2020 with a fresh start. ⁠ ⁠ To help you keep on track or maybe get started, ive designed the family meal prep pack. to help make your week easier by a clear plan of what the family are having, stick them on your fridge so everyone knows what’s for dinner that week!⁠ ⁠ Included:⁠ - Weekly meal planner⁠ - Family favourites⁠ - school lunch box planner⁠ - Detailed grocery list ⁠ ⁠ LINK IN BIO ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #makelifeeasyplanner #makelifeeasy #mle #makinglifeeasier #mealprepplanner #fittnessplanner #familymealprep #familymealideas #prepmyweek #sundaymealprep #mealplanning #familydinnerideas #schoollunchboxideas #planneraddict #2020cleaneating #healthy2020 #2020planners #digitalprintables #digitalplanners #makinglifesimple #simplifying #happyplanning #stickerplanneraddict #cookingwithfamily #cookingideas #familyfavourite #motherswhocook #plannerformums #planningmyweek #mealsforwholefamily

2020-01-19 20:18:11

@traderjoes lunch on the fly: . 1. Vegan kale, cashew & basil pesto WHY - made of mostly olive oil rather than inflammatory oils (canola and sunflower) that were in all other hummus/dips. Then just cashews and real ingredients! 2. Traditional carnitas WHY - again no weird ingredients or inflammatory oils. Fully cooked chicken or beef would be great too but most had canola oil or costed more. 3. Avocado WHY - adds more substance to the meal, full of potassium, fiber, healthy fats, all the good things! It’s also one of the top lowest in pesticide residue so not getting organic is okay! The hardest part in picking something ready-to-eat is finding things that aren’t covered in dressings of inflammatory oils or like BBQ that wasn’t full of sugar! This is #keto 💁🏻‍♀️, anti-inflammatory, and won’t put you on a craving blood sugar or emotional rollercoaster for the rest of the day ☺️

2020-01-15 07:00:59

G R A T E F U L⁠ ⁠ Thank you so much.... im loving sharing content and getting to know amazing mammas!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #makelifeeasyplanner #mle #makelifeeasy #makinglifeeasier #gratefulforyou #happiness #thankyou #feelinggrateful #planneraddict #plannermum #plannermoms #mumswhoplan #planwithme #digitalplanners #planneraddict #plannerstickeraddict #happyplanner #happyplanning #selfcare #motherssupportingmothers #newfriends #plannerprintables #mealprepplanner #cleaningprintables #holidayprintables #loveplanning #plannerjunkie #familyplan #familymealprep #2020planners

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Food safety and how you prepare, store, freeze and defrost food is SO important for all the family but especially for babies! 👶 When you’re batch cooking it’s important to do this correctly to make sure that your hard work doesn’t go to waste! By following our advice you can take the guess work out of what you’re doing. 💕 Get even more advice on preparing food safely with our Mummy Cooks Batch Cooking Guide E-Book that you get FREE when you purchase our Ultimate Batch Cooking Set! 📖 I also encourage you to share your own progress by posting your batch cooking and meal prep on your story by taging us and using the #mummycooks hashtag. Let's do this! 💪 💕 #mummycooks #babyandfamily #lunchboxmadeeasy #familymealprep #batchcooking #healthyrecipes #mealprep #batchcookingset #slowcooker #mealpreprecipes #mealprepplanner

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• R E C H A R G E •⁠ ⁠ Oh I know, its a tough one. But as you may have realised im a huge advocate of self care. Because to be able to love number two you have to love number one. ⁠💕👨‍👩‍👦 ⁠ This is so important, even if its a short time for a coffee or having the time to read your favourite book. Us mammas need 'me time' so we can then give our time, without feeling burnt out. ☕ . . . . . . . . #makelifeeasy #makelifeeasyplanner #mle #mlechallenge #mumof2 #selfcare #selfhelp #recharge #reset #metime #motherswhoplan #mumsinmind #mindfulness #mindfulmum #mumsneedabreak #planneraddict #plannermum #stickeraddict #pamperday #coffeemum #mumofpugs #plannermom #digitalplanner #plannerprintables #planwithme #plannerjunkie #plannerinserts #mealprepplanner #selfhelpplanner #mumsneedabreak

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Do you want to get 2020 off to the right start - getting healthy and nutritious, homemade meals on the table every night? Well, so do I! 🙌 Batch cooking and meal prep will make your life so much easier - saving time and stress! 🍽️ To help you get started, when you sign up to our Mummy Cooks Club we will send you your FREE downloadable 4-week Mummy Cooks Weekly Meal Plan packed full with all the recipes and batch cooking tips you need to help you in the kitchen. Can't wait to get started! SIGN UP with the link in bio! ✨ #mummycooks #babyandfamily #lunchboxmadeeasy #familymealprep #batchcooking #healthyrecipes #mealprep #batchcookingset #slowcooker #mealpreprecipes #mealprepplanner #mealideas

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Trying to meal prep and get on a schedule so I am taking it way back to basics. #mealprep is done for Monday-Wednesday! #coachingwithelaina #happyplanner #fitnessplanner #mealprepplanner

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It's officially the New Year, let's make 2020 your healthiest year yet ✨🎉 To help you kickstart your 2020 right, download our Mummy Cooks Weekly Meal Planner to help you tackle the task of healthy family meal prep! You can download the FREE planner when you sign up to the Mummy Cooks Club. And what's more, I am going to be doing it with you every step of the way!💖 Everyday I will be posting new recipes and advice about meal prep and batch cooking, and keeping you updated on my progress via our Instagram story. I also encourage you to share your own progress by posting your batch cooking and meal prep on your story using the #mummycooks hashtag. Let's do this! 💪 SIGN UP using the link in bio: ☝️ http://ow.ly/BL3850xJ6LI #mummycooks #babyandfamily #lunchboxmadeeasy #familymealprep #batchcooking #healthyrecipes #mealprep #batchcookingset #slowcooker #mealpreprecipes #mealprepplanner

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I call this PUT ANYTHING YOU GOT IN A POT + nourishes kidneys: the organ system of winter in traditional Chinese medicine. Kidneys are a reserve for times of stress, illness and aging gracefully. In winter, kidneys can most easily become depleted. Think holiday stress, traveling, parties, drinking, cold season + sex, drugs and rock & roll generally taxes kidneys. Staying up late, getting up early, and working out too hard are also depleting. If you’re doing all of these… you’re probably feeling exhausted and maybe even guilty that you’re not working out as often as you did in summer when you felt best. Winter is for rest and restoration. Building up stores so that when all the energy of spring comes, you can detox, bloom and push yourself in new directions. This soup will nourish your kidneys and you can whip it up anytime with almost any ingredients! STAPLES Miso paste Seaweed Broth (I try to have one going once per week but water works too) Ginger Garlic Salt Lime/lemon WHAT YOU GOT Veggies Potatoes Mushrooms Meat Eggs Onions Fresh herbs Chop all ingredients. Boil all (but miso) in water or broth or a mixture of both. Stir in miso at the very end, making sure the soup isn’t too hot to kill it on contact. I added shredded ribeye in at the end too so that it wasn’t overcooked. PRO TIP (thanks youtube) For super thinly sliced meat, place in the freezer until it’s slightly frozen and will cut much easier with a sharp knife! IN GENERAL Keep your back and feet warm: cold enters from the feet and wind enters from the neck, so protect these areas carefully. Prioritize resting in any free time you have and focus on sleep like it’s your new hobby. Go to bed early and sleep in late whenever you can. Stay warm by the fire and enjoy doing less!! I promise you can get back to your marathon-running self when spring comes back around 😽 this is the ONE season to not do that, where it will actually hurt you more than help... . How have you been feeling energy wise? Resting enough? I know I was EXHAUSTED last week (too many 6ams) so this week is for sleep and rest and sleep 🙌🏼 . . . #liverdetox #livercleanse #liverhealth #mindsetshift #gutmicrobiome#

2019-12-18 09:25:39

Good morning! Today I’m finishing up orders and hoping to clear a chunk off my to-do list, ready to start winding down for the holidays. I also plan on editing my final studio vlog of 2019 tomorrow 🙌🏻 thank you so much for all of your orders this year. It’s been a craaazy year and so much has happened and I have so many plans for 2020! 🥂

2019-12-16 23:01:09

STUDENTS: your immune system is actually weaker during finals week! Blood samples taken during finals showed less t-cells (pathogen killers) and less lymphocytes released than students had before finals week. The counts were especially low in those feeling most lonely, depressed and anxious. A different study shows that after experiencing anger, your immune system’s response (salivary IgA - first line of defense against pathogens) is suppressed for up to 5 HOURS. Yet when caring for yourself, salivary IgA levels are elevated! Your psychology directly affects your physiology: My psychologist friend has seen that a long history of trauma = fibromyalgia My Chinese Medicine friend sees that a history of not feeling safe = autoimmunity My family medicine doctor friend sees a huge experience of stress = start of major disease Slide 4 shows that stress may contribute to the development and progression of cancer The research has supported this for a while. Slides 5-6 is the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale of how likely a stressful experience is to affect health. Over 300 points in a year is high risk for illness. This has proven to be sufficiently correlative. However, stress doesn't mean you will get sick - 51% of high risk subjects in one study didn’t get sick - it’s how you PERCEIVE AND RESPOND to stress. And if you have unprocessed trauma it’s easy to get triggered and react much worse to stress. I don’t think anyone is debating that stress affects the whole body. We just suck at determining what is legitimately life-threatening—which is where your THOUGHTS come into play. A stressful crisis could be dodging out of a car accident, anticipating a phone call from your boss, or simply not believing that you’re doing anything right. THE FORMULA Negative thoughts, fear-based emotions -> stress -> immune system compromised + time = disease You’re in control of the way you think. The way you see yourself. Perception & response. Do you tear yourself down with your thoughts or love yourself all day (takes work for most of us!) . Therefore, you’re in control of your immune system to a large extent! Positive emotions UPTICK your immune system!!

2019-11-18 22:08:28

Anti-aging is and will forever be a hot topic. I can point you to the research of how inflammation ages your brain and body, how sugar creates wrinkles, how insulin resistance can lead to metabolic disorder, affecting every function in the body, how processed food can lead to chronic inflammation and autoimmunity that travels anywhere including your brain and joints (arthritis), or how teens are getting fatty liver disease now from the processed (non)foods and drinks before ever even touching alcohol. It’s a lot. It’s overwhelming and easy to push aside for another day while you’re still feeling okay. Yet symptoms usually build up unseen, years before you can finally be diagnosed with a disease. Why wait that long? You only need to remember one thing to avoid this: don’t let things build up. I love the concept that the only “disease” is one of accumulation, where you’ve blocked the normal detox passages over time. Eating processed food all day every day (plus stress and negativity) WILL DO THAT. It is actually too much for your body. Maybe you can handle it when you’re young since you regenerate so quickly, but that will absolutely slow over time and the inflammation will only hinder healing more. So if you love processed food, that’s honestly fine! Completely enjoy it one day for one meal, then don’t eat it again for a few days so the body can heal. Have wine one day, love it, don’t have it every night for the next 5 nights also. Took a hit off a cigarette? You’ll be fine! If you let your lungs and liver regenerate. The body is ALWAYS TRYING TO HEAL. Just remove what’s stopping it, and let it do its job! Thus why every culture and religion would have some sort of annual fast or cleanse built in because they knew that toxic blockages accumulate if not. You can do this whatever way you like: intermittent fast daily, 24hr fast monthly, 3 day fast annually, eating vegan in summer, doing a bone broth fast in winter, sober October, liver flush, colonics (highly recommend!), giving up sugar for lent. Again, doesn’t matter WHAT you do, just THAT you are doing it and letting each organ regenerate, clear and function without blockage! How are your organs?

2019-11-15 21:28:36

To put this into perspective, probiotics became mainstream only years ago, companies pushed product out ASAP into the booming industry, yet today - WE’RE STILL NAMING BACTERIA. This is the answer I got when I asked an expert, “Aren’t you afraid of eating ___ since it will change your gut bacteria?” And it’s so true - nobody actually knows what the “best” bacteria are and which ratio, although we’re getting closer. That was a year ago and even in that time, companies like @myviome have discovered so much. Finally unveiling the mechanics of the gut microbiome for the first time — the FIRST TIME. We still barely know anything! So bacteria are important. Healthy gut bacteria are vital to overall health. Probiotics must be important and essential to health right? Yes. If they can make it to your large intestine. Remember that this is a huge industry and probiotics aren’t cheap either. Even if the strain is high quality and alive, it’s been proven that almost every single kind doesn’t make it past your stomach acid. FERMENTED VEG There is still a great benefit from fermented vegetables since they’re more easily digested, highly enzymatic, and the lactic acid has benefits - probably one of the reasons the Japanese live long with great health, so much of their food is fermented! The fiber passes along with less trouble, bacteria eat it and create anti-inflammatory molecules. KOMBUCHA Kombucha though, I have yet to hear or see any benefits from except that it’s a nonalcoholic alternative, and much less sugar than soda or juice. However, I’ve seen data from people who wear continuous blood glucose monitors that show a large sugar spike after drinking kombucha which stays elevated for quite some time. If you are concerned about insulin resistance, diabetes or weight loss at all, I would avoid it!! . BOTTLES OF PROBIOTICS The only probiotic I would recommend as of right now are those from @justthrivehealth or @seed. They are encapsulated in a calcium shell (as found in nature) which only activates and releases when it hits your intestines, even being proven in studies to heal leaky gut in 30 days without changing diet. Any questions? 😸

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Templates available in our Etsy Store. Link in the bio. . . . . . #mealplanner #sahmomlife #groceryshopping #plannerstickertemplates #lunchboxideasforkids #kidslunchbox #mealprepplanner

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Here we go. I am finally ready to make this announcement since things are starting to feel aligned again in a deep way rather than forcing content out just because. First, I’m going to be dropping a new series over the next couple months on How To Actually Be Healthy… But it’ll be different from my past series. In lieu of heading into the depths and darkness of winter, I’m really not inspired to push a ton of scientific jargon on you about the intricacies of nutrition. Instead, you’ll be getting essential concepts for ALL areas in life - for mental, social, physical, spiritual and emotional health. This is what I continue to learn through every client in my health coaching practice - how truly holistic health is, and food is such a tiny portion! Yes, you can use food as a tool to heal or change your body composition, but 90% of my coaching time is spent listening to people’s LIFE-problems and asking good questions. Don’t get me wrong, I still love nutrition! Please ask me all the food questions! But honestly it doesn’t come up nearly as much as I thought it would when gaining health, it’s usually so much more thought and habit based. Secondly, I’m currently putting my heart, soul, and every lesson I’ve learned so far in coaching others and working on myself this year into ONE planner/workbook/soul searching/meal prep/journal. It coincides perfectly with this series. And also everything I am about to my core. This project was very closely scrapped from fear of failure… and overwhelm haha. But I am so proud of myself for taking time off, finding rest & self-care, forgiving myself and realigning & revamping the whole thing so that it’s QUALITY (something I’m now so excited about!!) and not just to get something out before 2020. So thank you for being here. Thank you for listening. Be on the look out for posts and a planner🤞🏼😅😬🥶🥵🥴🙃😎 And thanks for keeping me accountable!💕 . . . . . #liverdetox #livercleanse #liverhealth #mindsetshift #socialmediabreak #prebiotic #guthealing #antiinflammatorydiet #liverandgallbladderflush #boisehealth #functionalmedicine #boisehealthandwellness #boiseidaho #kitchari #boisehealthcoach #carnivorediet #meatheals

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Weekly meal prep planner. . . . . . #beehivecollection #weeklyplanner #mealprepplanning #mealprepplanner #grocerylist #groceryhaul #groceryshopping #grocerybudget #planningmeal #mealplanning #planningmom #healthymealprep #healthylifestyle #healthymealplans #healthymealpreps #kitchendesign #kitchen #kitchendecor #kitchenware #stovetop #stoves #countertops

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What are you guys eating this week? Give me some easy ideas! 🥙🍎📝⬇️ #teamdontliketocook #healthy #realfood #yum #mealprepplanner #mealprep

2019-09-01 14:58:17

What are you guys eating this week? Give me some easy ideas! 🥙🍎📝⬇️ #teamdontliketocook #healthy #realfood #yum #mealprepplanner #mealprep

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What are you guys eating this week? Give me some easy ideas! 🥙🍎📝⬇️ #teamdontliketocook #healthy #realfood #yum #mealprepplanner #mealprep

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Fitness planner, Faith planner, Mom planner... done done aaaaaaaand done! Work planner is also done... as well as Journaling planner and my Meal Prep planner. I guess you can say I got plans eh? . . . . #FaithPlanner #MomPlanner #FitnessPlanner #MealPrepPlanner #JorurnalingPlanner #PlannerSupplies #TheHappyPlanner #MeAndMyBigIdeas #ErinCondrin #AllThePlans

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It's Planner Saturday!!!!! . . . #FaithPlanner #MomPlanner #FitnessPlanner #MealPrepPlanner #JorurnalingPlanner #PlannerSupplies #TheHappyPlanner #MeAndMyBigIdeas #ErinCondrin #AllThePlans

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Just restocked on last year’s Best Seller! Get this today ... just in time for Back to School! With all of the upcoming extracurricular activities, you’ll need this to keep everything straight! Weekly notepad comes with 50 pages and the option to add a magnet for easy hanging & access! *Monthly planner notepad also available! #showmeyourhunny #hunnybeepaperie • • • #backtoschool #backtoschoolshopping #backtoschool2019 #notepadplanner #weeklyplanner #weeklyplanners #weeklynote #weeklynotes #weeklynotepad #schoolplanner #mealprepplanning #mealprepplanner

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Got my menu together for this week in my dollar tree pocket planner! I wound up REALLY decorating😁 #pocketplannerlove #pocketplannerlife #pocketplanner #dollartreepocketplanner #dollartreeplanner #plannercommunity #menuplanner #mealprepplanner #plannergirl #plannerbabe #weplantoo #tbunicornsquad

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This week in my meal prep dollar tree pocket planner! ....And the washi is dollar tree too! So Happy Washi Wednesday! Kill 2 birds with one stone my momma always said😁 #planneraccessories #plannerpagemarker #pocketplannerlove #pocketplannerlife #pocketplanner #dollartreepocketplanner #dollartreeplanner #plannercommunity #menuplanner #mealprepplanner #plannergirl #plannerbabe #weplantoo #tbunicornsquad

2019-06-19 14:23:22

Made some page markers for my dollar tree pocket planner. Thanks for the idea @tarchelleb #planneraccessories #plannerpagemarker #pocketplannerlove #pocketplannerlife #pocketplanner #dollartreepocketplanner #dollartreeplanner #plannercommunity #menuplanner #mealprepplanner #plannergirl #plannerbabe #weplantoo #tbunicornsquad #tarchellebinspiredme

2019-06-18 01:06:45

I have a pocket size planner from Dollar Tree. I'm using her for menus and shopping. The florals made me happy so I made a swag closure for her. Just because she's little and budget friendly doesn't mean she can't be cute like the other's 😜. Anybody else have a pocket size or dollar tree planner you love? #pocketplannerlove #pocketplannerlife #pocketplanner #dollartreepocketplanner #dollartreeplanner #plannercommunity #menuplanner #mealprepplanner #plannergirl #plannerbabe #weplantoo #tbunicornsquad

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Getting my @princess.planning on...💕💜💕💜💕💜💕💜💕💜💕💜💕💜💕💜💕💜💕💜 . . . . Can’t wait to use my weekly meal planner 🤗 & finally somewhere to jot down all these gorgeous recipes 📝📒📝📒📝📒📝📒📝📒📝 . . . P.s How cute is the pen btw...💎😍 . . . . . . . . #slimmingworld #foodoptimising #Slimmingworldplan #slimmingworldmealplanning #slimmingworldgoals #slimmingworldsuccess #slimmingworldplanner #dietplan #Mealplan #recipes #recipebook #Slimmingworldrecipes #Slimmingworldrecipeideas #Weightloss #Weightlosstracker #Mealprep #Mealprepplanner #fooddiary #swfooddiary #planner #princessplanning #princessplanner #weeklymealplan #synfreefood #synfree #hexa #Foodie #healthlyeating #targets

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Do you meal prep? . What about meal plan? . Meal planning and prepping has been integral to me eating a nutrient dense diet that focuses on mostly plants. . Without it, I would not have lost the weight. Or kept it off. . Get your Meal Prep Planner at the link in my bio and stop making excuses for why you are not planning ahead. With a list of kitchen tasks you can do in 20 minutes or less, you will be meal prepping like a champ in no time. #wreckingroutine #sustainablehealth #realistichealth #weightloss #weightlosstips #mealprep #mealplan #mealprepplanner #freebie #healthyeatinghabits #eatwell #eatplants #plantbaseddiet #planahead #holistichealth #holistihealthcoach #wellnesscoach #healthcoach #cooking #cookinghacks #fitblog #fitnessblogger #healthblogger #momblogger #momblog

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Saturday is meal prep day at home. I use my healthy traveler's notebook to plan What I will cook during my meal prep. I love using @toffeebananas stickers to decorate these pages, so cute and perfect for cooking time! 🥘 Le samedi c'est le jour du meal prep à la maison. J'utilise mon healthy traveler's notebook pour planifier ce que je vais cuisiner dans mes meal prep. J'adore utiliser les stickers de Toffee Bananas pour décorer ces pages, ils sont trop mignons et parfaits pour la cuisine. 🥘 #mealprep #mealprepday #saturdaymealprep #mealpreping #mealplan #mealplans #mealprepplan #mealprepplanning #mealprepplanner #healthyplanning #healthyplanner #healthyplan #healthymealplans #healthyplans #selfcareplanner ##plannergirl #planneraddict #travelersnotebook #tn #journaling

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I always struggle with menu planning. This is how I stick with my healthy eating everyday. I have a mad skill for this. Reasons why it helps you: 1. It takes the thinking away from the busy work week. 2. It keeps your focus on the main goal of eating better. 3. It saves you money. Like hard core! For serious. 4. It gives you 5-6 things to make for dinner ahead of the week. So if you are not feeling it switch it with another day. 5. It gives you a great grocery list to keep you from straying in the grocery store. (I get ppl anxiety and cannot think when I am in there.) 6. The best part of it all wrapped up in a package is that it prepares you for a better week overall. You know I am just trying to help by spreading my knowledge. And this right here is my little secret that keeps me successful during the week when I am extra stressed, extra tired, and being lazy. I swear by this practice because it not only keeps your choices healthier, but also keeps the cravings down. For example, if I put pizza on here then I will forego that pizza temptation when the day I forget my lunch ( this is life and this happens to a lot of ppl. Even me 🤦‍♀️). I will say to myself, no, I can have pizza at home tonight. #menuplanning #menuprep #meals #dinner #dinnermenu #mealprepplanner #saturday #focusonyourself #ohio #columbusohio #whimsicalharmony #planforsuccess #healthychore

2019-02-20 22:18:18

I ate so much #FriedFood on my trip My body said... #NotToday 🤐 #Cookingkutie #MealPrep #ShrimpSalad 😋 #LetMeDoItForYou #FoodThatTasteGood #PersonalChef #MealPrepPlanner #losangeles #Marinadelrey #Tarzana #RedondoBeach #CulverCity #Inglewood #OrangeCounty #Carson 🥒🥬🥕🌽🍤

2019-02-13 21:39:07

Je vous parle depuis quelque temps de mon planner healthy, santé, sport, bien être et je prends enfin le temps de le partager avec vous avec cette double page consacrée à mes meal prep que je fais tous les samedis depuis début janvier. Cette organisation est top pour manger équilibré sans avoir à passer des heures au fourneaux le soir après le boulot. J'apprécie vraiment beaucoup de n'avoir qu'à réchauffer mes plats les soirs de semaine. C'est tellement mieux et plus sain que les plats tout prêts industriels. Et vous quelle est votre organisation pour les repas? 🍜 #mealprep #mealprepplanner #mealplan #mealplans #mealplanning #organization #organisation #foodplanner #homeplanner #lifeplanner #plannerlife #houseplanning #plannergirl #plannerwoman #planneraddict #plannergeek #healthyplanner #healthylife #planahealthylife #planahappylife

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Anyone up for some Taco Tuesday? 🌮🌮 I recently dug up a recipe that called for fajita seasoning and I didn’t have any so I made one up! It’s super simple, here’s the details ... . INGREDIENTS 🥣 1 tablespoon chili powder 1 1/2 teaspoons cumin 1 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon onion powder 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper 🤤 Double this and you’ll get enough seasoning for 2 meals (ex: taco meal or soup). Enjoy and Happy Taco Tuesday!! • • #wmmeats #wwfoodie #tacotuesday #igeats #makeityourselfandsave #mealprepplanner #momlife #myeverydaymagic #thegramgang #wwlifetimer #newyearnewgoals #inspiremyinstagram #feelfreefeed #theartofslowliving #verilymoment #lifeintexas #littlestoriesofmylife #momentsofmine #theeverygirl #photosinbetween #lifestylepost #simplepurposefulliving #theinstagramlab #lovelysquares #makeyousmilestyle #myunicornlife

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Turn your New Year’s #HappyWeight resolution into positive lifestyle changes. #mealprep is easier than ever to stick to your resolutions. To help reach your personal health goals, a #mealprepplanner can help you stay on track and live a #lowcarb lifestyle all year . . #healthytablebymichele #easymealprep #mealprepplanning #healthcoach #personalchef #wellbalanceddiet #healthyfood #mealprepchef #simpleflavors

2019-01-06 20:34:38

Getting. My. Life. Together 🤦🏼‍♀️ . I fully admit that without notes, lists, planners and shared iPhone calendars, I would forget something at least once a week 🤔 Between work, school, 3 extracurricular activities, we are kicking the year off busier than ever 🙃 But I am prepared 🎉 . I’m using the @emilyley Simplified Planner for the first time and think it will be perfect for both personal and work responsibilities (I need lots of space) 👌 . I am back to focusing on my weight loss with the help of @ww because you guys, it works!! To keep meal planning simple and manageable, I’m using a meal planner designed by @simplepurposefulliving ♥️ Erin, this planner is EVERYTHING! 🙌🏼 . Half the time, I feel out of sorts but this year, I am focusing on simplicity, which looks a lot like staying organized. Here’s to a fresh year, with loads of possibilities and plenty of planner space to write in 😂• • #currenthomeview #simplifiedplanner #mealprepplanner #paperplanner #momlife #myeverydaymagic #thegramgang #wwlifetimer #newyearnewgoals #inspiremyinstagram #feelfreefeed #theartofslowliving #verilymoment #lifeintexas #littlestoriesofmylife #momentsofmine #theeverygirl #photosinbetween #simplepurposefulliving #theinstagramlab #lovelysquares #makeyousmilestyle #myunicornlife #lifestylepost #lifestyleblogger #boyMomma

2018-12-28 01:51:11

First shop without a meal plan to follow. I have so many sauces to use up and plenty of meat in my freezer it made shopping a little easier. I'm also going to make Amazeball and Banana Bread from @thebod_ and fit into my macros. See how we go 😄 #mealprepplanner #thebod #equalutionplans #macros #bananabread #blissballs

2018-11-13 00:08:37

Posted @withrepost • @fitfab50s_1111healthandfitness No Guilt Keto Pancake. If you eat Keto that is. #tease #almondflower #butter #coconutgreekyogurt #iminlove #mealprepplanner #mealplancoach #trainer #coach

2018-11-12 19:52:13

No Guilt Keto Pancake. If you eat Keto that is. #tease #almondflower #butter #coconutgreekyogurt #iminlove #mealprepplanner #mealplancoach #trainer #coach

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Interested in pricing on meal prep plans? Dm your email to me today, and let’s get started! *convenience you will love, food you will crave, menus you help create* #detroitfood #yummyfood #fireupwithjade #personalchef #mealprep #mealprepplanner #mealprepideas #healthyeating #healthylifestyle

2018-09-18 06:06:52

Mise en place #mealprepplanner #gtamealservice #gtaprivatechef #mississaugacatering

2018-09-14 19:34:20

My #laptop is never too far away, but when I finally have a moment to breathe I’m either sipping on #blackcoffee or journaling my goals, PRs, and getting organized! 💪🏽☕️👩🏻‍💻#bestrong #commit30 #committofit #mealprep #mealprepplanner #macrocounting #workoutplanner #accountability

2018-08-14 18:26:26

It is time for our monthly fridge spread. You see the empty one here. But right now it is hanging on our fridge and is telling us what to eat on which day and which important dates are coming this month. Do you have a common calendar? • • • • #ohneweiteres #monthlyfridgespread #fridgespread #mealprepplanner #monthlyspread #watercolorlove #watercolour #august2018 #kleckse #createeveryday

2018-07-17 22:13:48

Sun-dried tomatoes and spinach Alfredo pasta.. the making of my salmon Alfredo #fireupwithjade #alfredopasta #foodie #yummyfood #personalchef #mealprepplanner #goodeats