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11 hours ago

My mighty magic Portuguese soccer ball says that Portugal is going to win! Força Portugal! 🇵🇹⚽️

13 hours ago

🎉 Yay~ Japan have become the first ever Asian side to defeat South American Opposition at World Cup! Who love to kick balls like I do? ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️ 🙋🏻‍♂️ . . 👕 Customised Outfit from furkidspetradise 😉 . . . . . japanvscolombia proudasian worldcup2018 wc2018 サッカー shihtzustyles shihtzugram shihtzulove sgdogs shihtzu shihtzunation shihtzulovers shihtzupuppy cuteshihtzu shihtzuofinstagram shihtzusg ourpawssocietysg maltzu malshi dogsofsingapore dogsofinstagram petstagram bestwoof igsg woofpackhotties かわいい 愛犬 pupflix shihtzuoftheday シーズー マルチズ

15 hours ago

Her simple cute actions like this, pag dungaw sa bintana etc. can bring so much joy to me. So I’m extending the good vibes to your feed 🤗🐶 myprincesschuchai

18 hours ago

🐾💗🐶: We is naked little puppies coz we is offs to Adorable Dogs for a wash an' hair cuts. Mama says I won'ts looks so scruffy afters, buts I will fix thats with some helps from the stash of koala poopies I founds the other day. 🐨💩🐨💩👍🏻😂🤣 . . . Millie maltese shihtzu malshi maltizu maltzu terrier dog rescuedog family furkid furbaby rescuedogsofinstagram dogsofinstagram instadogs dogsofinsta dogstagram dogsofinstaworld instapuppy instadog woof dogcorner

21 hours ago

The girls are ready to finally meet 💖❤️🐼🍯

22 hours ago

Another haircut i did let me know if ur dog needs a haircut maltzu

23 hours ago

When you’re not sorry about ripping the vines off Moms plants because you know she will just propagate them

1 day ago

Running into the new week like... 🎾🐾

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1 day ago

🎶 Just keep swimming, just keep swimming 🎶

2 days ago

🐶 🐕

2 days ago

Happy Father’s day to this amazing furr daddy arian_gerami777 🐼

3 days ago

Happy Father’s Day to my favorite dog dad!

3 days ago

Mom got me a stroller because sometimes the ground is too hot to walk on and because I’m a malshi, my shitzu legs get tired after long walks. Also, I can go to Costco now 🤗☺️💚🐼