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Really wanna get my nose pierced like this.

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Duality of emotions. 🎭

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Waves of Orange

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No importa qué tan cansado estés, es mejor hacer las cosas, un gran ejemplo es el gimnasio,una vez que terminaste lo que tenías qué hacer ahí, estás un paso más cerca de tus sueños, de los cuales estamos hechos,jamás se debe rendir ni bajar el ritmo, tal vez vayas más lento que otras veces, pero el punto es siempre seguir adelante, el tiempo pasa cada segundo,jamás quitar la mira de nuestro blanco. uk motivation nevergiveup💪 mexico tothetop fitness male shoulder takeaction Losangeles

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My 6th month old polar bear

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idk what to feel rn as I’m watching The Green Mile all I know is Percy is a BITCH.

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Love Maldives 7

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This is a new oc named Bingo! He’s a smol cat that walks on 2 feet, and wears a robe that’s been patched plenty of times. He is brave and adventurous. he’s kind and warmed hearted but doesn’t show it a lot. I hope you like him! TAGS~ originalcharacter oc art coloredin cute smolbean smol male furry lovable

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can’t wait to join the fire service and spend my free time travelling and enjoying books. bookstagram

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don’t forget to snap me 👻 benlukefakenews so I can show off my two tone hair to y’all ;)

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Just walking

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Poolme. . holidays at last ! 😎