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Nah, hasil edit makeup video live semalam. Natural pinky look. (hentam saja) Inner tudung tu nmpk kotor sikit sbb terkena makeup hehehe makeupvideos makeuptutorial makeup

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Regrann from hanyulofficial - [ 한율이벤트 ] Q. 입술만큼 건조하기 쉬운 볼을 촉촉하고 자연스러운 색감으로 물들이는 한율의 새로운 제품 이름을 맞춰주세요. □□□ 안에 들어갈 단어를 맞춰주시는 5분께 이 제품을 드립니다. - "피부에 자연스러운 생기를 더해주는 자연을닮은ㅁㅁㅁ 🌿” _ 이벤트 참여 방법 ✔ 한율 공식 인스타그램 팔로우 ✔ 댓글에 퀴즈 정답과 친구 태그 ✔ 이벤트 게시물 리그램 _ 참여 기간 : 8월 15일(수)~8월 19일(일) 당첨자 발표 : 8월 20일(월) / 당첨자 분께는 개별 DM 발송 이미 팔로우하신 분들도 참여 가능합니다. _ 한율치크밤 한율자연템 한율 자연을닮은치크밤 HANYUL 아리따움 뷰스타그램 치크밤추천 자연주의 이벤트 팔로우이벤트 CheekBalm makeup kbeauty event - regrann

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✨AT Studio 全新布拉格Deluxe系列✨ 人氣no.1 歐洲浪漫婚紗攝影! 2018-2019年5月及10月布拉格 🏰 秋色紅葉🍁召集中!! 💐AT Studio 獨家景點🌱神秘花園! 💝 有沒有想過跟周杰倫及昆凌一樣到布拉格拍攝一輯歐洲風格的婚紗照? 🏰皇室古典建築、查理斯橋、天文鐘、城堡、神聖教堂、華麗雕刻、神秘花園💐及彩繪玻璃都是充滿布拉格東歐式的唯美主義元素! 🎉 布拉格 歐洲 婚紗拍攝 海外婚攝 Prague preweddingphotography PragueAstronomicalClock weddingphotography pargueprewedding outdoorphotography oveaseasprewedding captureyourmoment beautifulgirl beautydress weddingdress gown bride mua makeupartist makeup atstudiohk Tel: 21164977 / 21164978 whatsapp: 97184620 weChatID: at3216888 Email: salesatstudio.com.hk Website: http://www.atstudio.com.hk Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/atstudio

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Baikkk kali ini buat tutorial makeup look Demam tinggi tapi ttp cantik.. yg di video suaranya udah di rekam pake MIC baru loh! Biar kagak mendem ye kan? Haahhahaha sombong kali noniealexandra ini.. pdhl cuma beli d shopee aje 150rebu udeh sama ongkos! Yaudah cuss coba d tengok tutorial kali ini, kali2 bisa jadi inspirasi kalian supaya bisa pura pura sakit depan pacar terus d sayang2deh.. ye ah! Ngareeppp.. makeup tutorialmakeup

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Buon ferragosto ☀️

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Good luck to all everyone collecting there results today (especially my clients) 💫 I remember getting mine like it was yesterday (9 years ago! 👵🏼😅) goodluck exams clients makeup makeupinspo

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A big thanks to Ekka for the mid week break! I think we all deserve it every single week 💁🏽‍♀️👑 Don’t forget you have one day left to enter into my comp that’s being held on my previous post to win yourself three pairs of sunnies just like this from my favs at skyeandlach_eyewear ✨ . Lots of love for goddesskleopatraclothing for my brand new statement tee, never taking it off 💕

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Sophia Lauren started it and the queen of brushed up brows

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더워 너무더워..

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As important as your mawrninn cawfee ✨ Begin your morning with a good skin care routine to WAKE UP your skin & keep the GLOW all day. I start mine with lushsweden ‘9 to 5’ to cleanse the skin with some cotton pads & 2/3 days a week their light exfoliating kaolin clay ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ mixed with a splash of uisce 💦 followed by a light day moisturizer. Creating a fresh canvas to paint your face or for one of those ‘au natural’ dayzzz this is a where to begin 🌸

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Piccola Me🙋‍♀️

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This was Nov 2017 ! I'm sure I've made more progress this year on shoulders 👊🏻

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How gorgeous does Merle (right) look wearing our Rose corsage in ‘Creamy White’! 🤩✨This is hands down one of our most popular picks from our rose collection, this set is perfect for matching any and every dress! 🙌🏼✨bundleoffloral

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But heaven ain't close in a place like this Anything goes, but don't blink, you might miss

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Oh London 🇬🇧 Unfortunately I was unable to see the Big Ben on this trip due to all the construction happening, but nevertheless, it’s still pretty grand don’t you think?

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lol hi

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feeling shady