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❓Как привлечь внимание ездовой собаки? 😎 ❗️Не делайте так со своими собаками, чтобы не сбить наработанный рефлекс. Такие команды должны даваться только перед стартом 🧐 Мой хозяин тоже больше так не будет 🤨

1 day ago

lazy shmuppers 😍

2 days ago

Отличная вечерняя прогулка по новым достопримечательностям Питера 😋

2 days ago

Одолжил у хозяина его Suunto 😎suuntoru

2 days ago

[Anzeige] Wir wünschen euch einen guten Start ins Wochenende ☺️ Für uns heißt es heute: packen, packen, packen 😬 heute Nacht gegen 3 Uhr geht's nämlich los in den Urlaub ❤️ wir werden (je nach Verkehrslage) ungefähr 7 Stunden unterwegs sein, kleine Pausen natürlich eingerechnet, aber ich freue mich total auf die Fahrt 😅 Gestern waren wir in unserer alte Heimat Koblenz und es war einfach wieder super schön, vor allem weil Emma und Elli sich so gefreut haben und viel mit ihrem alten hundefreund Timon spielen konnten 🐶 . . [Advertisement, self bought harnesses] We have to pack our bags today 😬 because tonight at 3 o'clock we go on vacation ❤️ It will take (depending on traffic) about 7 hours until we are there (of course, including small breaks) but I'm really looking forward to the trip 😊 Yesterday we were in our previous home Koblenz and it was just great again, especially because Emma and Elli were so happy and could play a lot with their old dogfriend Timon 🐶 dogfriends instahunde instadogs luckydogs friyay dogs doglove geschwisterliebe beaglesofinstagram beaglestagram beagles mischlingshund doglovers dogmania hundewelt spielendehunde vacation urlaubmithund vacationwithdogs dogshavingfun dogwalks dogsareawesome beagledaily petsofinsta

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Look at these silly butts.😆 Keep me very amused. It's so hot & muggy outside, even early in the morning... the air just eats your face off.... I am missing cool Colorado!!🏞️🏞️🏞️ spoileddoggies luckydogs texassummer 🐕www.tararawvegangoddess.com🐕They want to stay indoors all day.

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Mari kita ambil pernyataan dari video dan gambar di atas bahwa anjing lebih beruntung dari kita😭 Sekali lagi, ANJING lebih beruntung dari kita (bacanya gak usah ngegas yak) Ambil sisi positifnya aja guys yaitu 'Anjing aja disayang sampe dicium kayak gitu apa lagi kita nanti kalo jadi pacar/istri mereka' Keenakan itu anjingnya terutama Vivi, Aji sama Yeontan. Tau gak sih anjingnya itu lucu tapi lucuan yang punya😁 Tag : oohsehun min9yu_k bts.bighitofficial kriswu 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃 Follow, like & comment kpopz.id kpopz.id kpopz.id dogs sehun mingyu taehyung jimin kris exo bts seventeen vivi aji yeontan luckydogs like cute dog lucky omo 😱 meme sehunvivi💕 bestcouple kpoparea kpop random boysgrup 🐕 doglebihberuntng kiss likeeeee

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🔍 👞 shoes and 👒 hat sorted...let's go Detective Columbo! .. 🔪🔍 . Last 📷 evidence of missing subject: mert_tansu knives Damascus Nakiri, AKA "50 Shades of Grey" , Here, ☝ seen sporting a new patina each day, indicating heavy use. (Perhaps abuse?) Of special interest is the suspiciously shady chefs' dog "Lady" a foxy/dachshund cross 🐕... perhaps a key witness in the events?..... . . . . . .😎 some patina pRon between the cuts! What to slash next? Comment below!!👇, otherwise I toss a coin on yuzu or onion destruction! And thank you in advance for the LIKES and any hearts in the past that you've given up 🙏❤😍😢 . . .haveknifewillcook customchefknife sharpknives damascusknives patina knifeatwork cheftools knifeskills chefsknife chefs247 rollwithus kitchenknife nakiri willcook chefsdog kitchendog dogslifestagram luckydogs 🔪 🐶x🐶 brisbanedogs tansuknives

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The last month much has been accomplished! Thanks so much Katharina from the SDC advisory group and her husband Frank for working so hard and coordinating the drainage at the new dog center. Now we are ready for the big rain and monsoon time in the Kathmandu valley. We also planted new trees to help stabilisation. The two avocados have been named after you and will hopefully make big roots. We also planted one mango and guava tree and many smaller plants. Safe travels home! Tara says bye bye and please come back soon! 🙏🏼🌈☀️ streetdogcare kathmandu nepal luckydogs streetdogs healthcarefordogs happydogs dogsparadise dogsofinstagram doglovers dogspa dogs🐶

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LaunchPad members celebrating National Hot Dog Day. luckydogs

4 days ago

Celebrate National Hot Dog Day at Lucky Dogs! • Hot dog eating contest at 3pm • Door prizes all day • Driving solos for only $3 • Coloring contest for kids! nationalhotdogday bemidjirestaurants luckydogs

1 week ago

Even Ralphie was feeling sad last night.

1 month ago

Beautiful evening walk with Ralphie

8 months ago

Seriously! Look at that face, and those ears! Ralphie

8 months ago

I'd like to introduce “Ralphie” The new addition to our family. Adopted yesterday and already settling in nicely. Ralphie