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Thanks for the great add froste_jdm . . . To be featured on the biggest South African Muscle page please south_african_muscle_page follow/like and tag us in your training and physique pictures. Athletes sponsored by all brands are welcome. We want to unlock and promote the potential of South African athletes across the board . . . picoftheday photooftheday loveit me instagram instapic fitness gym gymrat gymlife gymmotivation workout bodyfitness muscle gymlife bodypositivity model fitness shoulders fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation muscle fitfam instafitnessmotivation mystory popular tntmercury cicconepharma themovementisreal

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What are y’all reading? This is my current read! I love my morning routine wake up let my rescuedogs out make me a yummy ketocoffee to get me going head back to bed and settle back in writing in my journal and I always pull one of my affirmators🦄 I love my new ones loveandrelationships todays is integrity then I enjoy my coffee and read a chapter or two before I continue on with my chores or workout or yoga whatever it is but I do love books I don’t download em I hold em feel em see em ! This book is outstanding !! loveit lovelife lovemylife lovelove makingadifference in the end Love is all you have to offer !! happysundayfunday gonna get some yogaon with my yogatribe

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. . Hi FoodLover ... . Ini ada tawaran variasi nasi goreng 'modern' ala kekinian. . NASI Goreng MELEDAK namanya. . Sesuai dengan temanya, rasa dan kepuasan pedasnya bisa dipesan tingkat pedasnya. . Pedas segar ... Dengan salut telur gulung.... Persis kaya model dinamit yang akan mengocang selera makan mu. . Hayoo... siapa berani? Lezaat dan Maknyuusss untuk sepaket makan siang atau malam. . Kalau mau pesan untuk acara, kami juga siap di contact setiap saat. . Salam . . Silahkan di WA atau merapat ke gerai kami. Lokasi TerasJajan BAE di jl kesatriaan dan Pasirkaliki. Bandung . ( Kami buka tiap harinya dari pagi 7.00-10.00, dan kembali 17.00 hingga 23.00 PM kecuali setiap KAMIS malam sementara ini LIBUR) . . NasiBakar BandungFoodish MasakanSunda Yummy PaketNasi LoveIt Maknyus New FoodPhotography InstaFood BandungFoodish Now Like4Likes SoYummy TraditionalCake JajananMurah MustTry StreetFood Lunch Dinner IndonesiaFood LocalFood AllFresh

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Mein Frühstück heute früh... Einfach der Hammer 😍 Laugenbrötchen mit Lachs und Radieschen-Frischkäse 😏❤️

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A touch of glowing shades to makeup your look…

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A villain is just a victim whose story hasn't been told.🖤

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