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Describe este video con 3 emojis '😍🤧😜' Sigueme para mas/ dominican.ly

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Idk. I feel so sad today sorry if I bored u 😔 _________________________ Follow _izaxellex_ for more 😍 _________________________ New day new post love eliz! _________________________ Dont forget to follow me and like 🔮 _________________________ Tags: twins friday like4like musically muser tuesday love friends jb rihanna summer waiting for avcii leli lisaandlena tagging lisa lena dance fans follow like share lorengray lea belly dance leafans leaelui _izaandelle_ & izacryssanthander elle_cryssanthander 😻 izaxellexfam

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I used to be love drunk But now I’m hungover I’ll love you forever Forever is over 💛👼🌼 - QOTD~ What is your favourite film ? ♥️🌹 - Comment “☀️” or “EMOJI” to be tagged in next post xx - spreadsomethingniceaboutloren weloveloren angeledits loveya thanksfor2.1kloveloren angelsquadangelsquad👼 angelsquad lorengrayedits lorenedits lorenzo lorenmusically lorengraymusically lorenhit11million lorengray lorengrayedits lorenedits lorengrayedits angels loveloren lorenisdabest loren lorenxgray

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STAY ACTIVE= YOULL GAIN LOADS 😇😱😍 Comment “ tbl “ letter by letter if ready!!!

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my drawing for Loren,lmao i know you'll laugh when you'll see this, I'm sorry but i hate arts and I'm very bad on it lol,so please make me a favor and tag Lor a lot to see this,and yes dear Loren if you see this post and read the caption can you please tell me if you love me its important for me to know this actually i know you love all angels in the same way but I'd like to have a fact(proof)for that,i want u to know that i love you more than anything else in this world and that you're my whole world,ily :)👼 - loren lorenxgray lorengray angelsedits angelsquad 💓

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i tried to loop this annndddd it failed therealcalebmclaughlin - 🌾 * is anyone live for the panels? - I wish I could meet them ugh they are live 10 minuets away, I wanna sneak in lmaoo tags: like4like likeforfollow likeforlike likes likeforlikes strangerthings calebmclaughlin calebmclaughlinedit milliebobbybrown finnwolfhard l4likeforlikesback l4likeforlikesback✌🏽️ ohmygoditsmycutelittlebaby lol nature glowup vine liker liketrain liketrick tanacon2018 babyariel fortnite lorengray acefamilyedits acefamily austinmcbroom

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++ — [🌿]im actually really proud of this lol [🍃]watching my queen’s instastory today made my heart💓💕💝💘💗💖💞 cuz her smile is so cute [🌵]comment ‘🐣’ to be tagged on my next edit —— tag loren please?💗 —— [ignore] lorengray loren edit photoedit lorengrayedit lorenedit angels lorensangel angelsquad👼 angelsquad lorengrayedits lorengraybeech lorenbeech lorenxgray lorenz f4f fff ifb l4l s4s sfs loren loren loren lorenxgray lorenxgray

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HOW CUTE OMG EHDUQ ------------------------------------------------- Follow me { finnwolfardofficial } for more!

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Have a great time at nascar babe❤️ ______________________________________________ loren lorenxgray angelsquad

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I DRAW LOR 💗 this is so HARD 💗 (LOREN GRAY BEECH I LOVE U SO MUCH You're my inspiration, your smile makes me smile, you make me be better TE AMO) 💗 loren lorenxgray