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When was the last time you really had FUN? When you looked around and thought to yourself "this is living!" If it has been a while, when maybe it's time to re-align, re-focus and spend some time working on what brings you joy. Mish xo

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On my trip to Savannah we decided to visit Bonaventure Cemetery & while walking down the gardens my older nieces were curious about death. . . So I started speaking to one of my older girls & mentioned that everything in life always changes, that nothing is constant or permanent .... that even though your physical body gets a little tired & stops working your spirit / energy ✨ is still around as well as all the happy memories .... . . She looked straight at me & simply said... oh, like love..... 💕 love lasts forever... I just nodded & hugged her. Proud auntie right here. 🙈🙊😭 (Insert sweaty eyes 😂) . . I know this might not be what you believe in, I don’t follow any particular religion. I am a spiritual person that believes in lots of things, honestly If you ask me what I believe in it all comes down to doing good & spreading love. If you want to share your thoughts on death I'm curious to know how you feel about it! (Everyone is different & Accept that!) No judgement or bullying here, just love. ✌🏼💚 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . life death karma lifeanddeath livingyourpurpose inspiration livingyourbestlife livingtothefullest memories cementaries energy livingyourlife vegana inspiration loveneverdies foreverlove summertrip historicalsites savannahga savannahmustsee dharma livingwithoutfear happiness lessonsinlife thingskidssay fromtyemouthofbabes spiritguides buddhism spirituality angels

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As fresh as I get :) Working on a few different projects as many people have been asking about my workouts and circuits! So I’m trying to take some of my favourite tips and suggestions from all the trainers I have interviewed over the years as well as my own training and package them together ... it’s a work in progress.... details to come :) In the meantime here are two of my favourite exercises to do with gliders/ sliders . . . health fitness workout gym fitmom strongmom workout exercise exercisemotivation goodlife playbook podcast podcaster livingyourlife sunshine smile fitnesslife ottawa fitover40 igfitmoms

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When someone or something is trying to bring you down, Just smile and say.. “Your are a test that Allah has sent to me.” livingyourlife

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Acceptance is all about knowing what happened happened - being still with it .. knowing it is done and cannot be undone ... Forgiveness is letting go of the resentment , the anger and possibly fear of the person or situation concerned. Both can help with the healing process .. but they are not one and the same . They are both about you - they are yours to choose or not choose - regardless of others wants and needs.. They are also applicable to self - and that’s a great place to start . Accepting yourself , your actions and forgiving yourself .... start there - heal first then look around you . 🙏🏻💖 Join me tonight 7.15 on my free Facebook Group Reconnections for my live - talking all things acceptance and forgiveness ... 🙏🏻💖 See comments for link .

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Qualità e sicurezza per la tua libertà di movimento⠀ Stannah produce e distribuisce montascale e servoscala in più di 60 paesi, garantendo qualità e assistenza senza paragoni. Dai montascale a poltroncina, per interni e per esterno, ai servoscala a piattaforma fino ai miniascensori. Con i sistemi e le soluzioni per anziani e disabili Stannah hai la certezza di fare la scelta giusta. Gli impianti Stannah sono semplici da usare, resistenti e la sicurezza è garantita! Inoltre, grazie alle agevolazioni fiscali, puoi avere un impianto Stannah ad un prezzo davvero eccezionale. Cosa aspetti? Scopri i modelli Stannah, scegli quello più adatto a te e contattaci per avere tutte le informazioni di cui hai bisogno.⠀ °⠀ °⠀ °⠀ stannah stannahmontascale nobarriere stopallebarriere homesweethome livingyourlife stairlift garanziaesicurezza liberidimuoversi

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Der gestrige Tag und die letzte Woche hat mit sich mit einem wunderschönen Sonnenuntergang verabschiedet. 😍 Es war die letzte Woche des Semesters und die letzte Woche mit Unterricht am Krankenbett und Seminaren. Es war die letzte Woche mit Klausuren. Trotz des Stresses in der Uni habe ich es auch in dieser Woche geschafft meinen Trainingsplan einzuhalten. Denn dieses wunderschöne Bild entstand nach meinem gestrigen „Langlauf“ am Cossi. Dieses Mal standen 22km an und ich habe sie durchgezogen. 💪🏼 Dazu aber bald mehr auf meinem Blog. ;) So schön und erfolgreich wie die letzte Woche geendet hat, hat die neue leider nicht begonnen. Heute war irgendwie nicht mein Tag und ich habe nicht annähernd das geschafft, was ich wollte. Kennt ihr das, wenn manchmal einfach der Wurm drin ist? Aber davon lass ich mich nicht unterkriegen. Habe mich vorhin zwar kurz unter die Bettdecke verkrochen, aber jetzt habe ich doch ein bisschen was geschafft. Um den Tag positiv stand eben noch Sport auf dem Plan beim Medi-Bootcamp vom medisportleipzig . 💪🏼 Denn dort kann ich mich auspowern und den ganzen Ärger rauslassen. ;) Seid ihr gut in die Woche gestartet? Was machst du, wenn mal der Wurm drin ist? [Anzeige, wegen Namensnennung] —————————————— sunset beautifulsunset semesterisover startofthesummer summertime summersunsez truelife itsnotalwaysperfect morereality reality donewithuniversity waytomarathon marathontraining semesterferien semesterferienstart running cospudenersee cosse beyourself youarebeautiful medizin medizinstudium medizinstudentin unileipzig universitätleipzig livingyourlife enjoy blogger student medstudent

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One of the biggest challenges of parenting is knowing when to choose your battles! As one of my closest friends said to me "I'm not willing to die on this mountain." In parenting I have had to learn how to go more gently. In the paid professional photos sessions -- to go gently. To just go with it. In life, in business, in my marriage -- go gently! I speak about going gently in my latest blog post --> link in profile! How could you go more gently in your life? How could you be more gently in your business? Mish xo Photos by amandajaephotography

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Confidence is the key. But how to gain it? Explore your interests, values, desires, inspirations... Acknowledgme yourself, your strength, your weaknesses. Don't worry about the past, nor the future. Discover things about yourself and your life and create a sence of peace and joy and LIVE ♡ . . BE CONFIDENT ! . . iam iamsilverjewelry exploretocreate confidenceisthekey values desires inspirepeople awareness thepowerofnow peaceandjoy loveyourlife selfconfidence blueskyblue rings silverjewelry affirmationjewelry positiveaffirmations jewelrydesign dutchdesign jewelryphotography believeandbeawesome dailyreminder createyourlife livingyourlife jewelrylover flow discoverlife handcrafted

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> Excuses and Limiting Beliefs < It is said that it's super important and beneficial for your health to step onto the earth, sand, grass etc and to ground ourselves in nature. But guess what I've had a pretty big excuse holding me back. An excuse not to do this. I wear leg braces in my shoes and thought it was just way too hard to step outside without my shoes on. But it was just that - an excuse. Because if I wanted to step out onto the grass or sand I would find a way and make it happen. Yes it's harder than if I could slip on and off a pair of thongs, but I can't let that stop me. I've decided to shed this old excuse, story, belief and I am making positive changes to my health and wellbeing. If we don't make that decision to overcome obstacles and challenges, we will only find ourselves in the same old place and probably feeling more frustrated and resentful. What steps can you take today to gently shed a limiting belief? positivity wellness happiness mindfulliving selfcompassion selfworth selfbelief selflove highvibes motherearth nature charcotmarietooth possibilities sunshine livingyourlife doterraessentialoils vibeattractayourtribe

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Living her best life 🐎

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There is something deeply magical, soul cleansing and unraveling about wide open spaces. So much clarity and perfection. I’ll download it all with you next week ❤️

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Zo blij vandaag! 🌿💕 Met de kleine dingen. De dingen die ik soms zo vanzelfsprekend vind. Vandaag is er zon, vandaag ontmoet ik lieve mensen, vandaag ben ik licht en fris, doe ik dansjes in huis, draai ik rondjes met mijn nieuwe rokje aan, vandaag zie ik kansen en geloof ik in de toekomst, vandaag klinken de vogeltjes in de tuin als het mooiste concert, vandaag luister ik Happy Tunes op Spotify, vandaag is geluk en liefde. . Maar weet je, eigenlijk is dat geluk er elke dag. Al merk ik dat niet steeds. Dan loop ik rond als een kip zonder kop, ben ik aan het denken, aan het plannen en zie ik enkel wat er niet is, wat ik niet heb of ben. Herkenbaar? . Volledig normaal! Als mens hebben we allemaal de neiging om te focussen op wat minder gaat. We worden geleefd, willen beter, willen sneller en groter. Niets om ons voor te schamen. Wel iets wat elk van ons zelf in de hand heeft. Zo leerde ik gaandeweg om me niet meer het slachtoffer te voelen van de mindere dingen die me overkomen. Nee, ik kan zelf richting geven aan dit leven! Hoofd omhoog, focus vooruit. Geloven dat het kan, dat er overvloed en liefde is! . Focussen op dankbaarheid was voor mij een echte eye-opener. Want als je elke dag naar die dingen kijkt die wel meevallen, die jou gelukkig maken, die je zo vanzelfsprekend vindt, maar eigenlijk niet zo zijn, wel...dan heb jij de kracht in handen om van elke dag de gelukkigste ooit te maken. Als dat geen prachtig nieuws is!! 🧚💕 . . happiness gratitude grateful life love thepower homemadehappiness happydays success inspiration inspirational lifestyle goodvibes motivation positive mindset positivemindset mind positivethinking energy flow livingyourlife

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Nunca imites a nadie, todos somos únicos y originales. Aún los hermanos gemelos son distintos, así que sé tú mismo siempre. beyourself❤️ original livingyourlife

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For today’s post I sat down and decided on 20 personal goals that I want to work towards this year 🌿 I focused from everything from exercising daily to eliminating all excuses to designing my life instead of living by default. For example, I spend too much mental energy debating whether I should have natural hair colour or bright pink hair. I know I want bright pink hair but I also know most employers won’t like it. Do I really want to spend the rest of my life living it according to others? 🤔 I’d love it if you checked out the post on thisisornella.com and share with me a personal goal you’re working towards 👇🏾👇🏾 . . [Photo credit: Liana Mikah unsplash] . . . . . . . personalgoals personaldevelopment livingyourlife dailywriting lifestyleblogger thisisornella