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Monday coming too fast?? Mama, let me tell you all I ever wanted to be was a stay at home mom. I never wanted to work away from home but when my second was born, we were living paycheck to paycheck and I was struggling with nothing contributing financially. So when Case turned 3 months old and I went back to work. Sister, it was awful. I HATED leaving my kids and the money I was making barely covered daycare. I quit and came back home after four months and then felt like a complete failure. I was in a pretty bad way and I was letting my health get out of control. I was blessed enough to have someone reach out and offer me an answer. Not only did I find a health and fitness option that I could do from home that would work BUT I also found a PURPOSE for my pain! I discovered that I could be a stay at home mom and I could also help a whole lot of people get healthy... even more so, I could help other moms stay home and earn an income... That my friends, is what I’m offering you.. a chance for REAL change, REAL support, REAL community and a REAL career! One that REALLY matters, TO ME! momlife momof3 jesuslover jesusgirl blessed momstrong likeagirl nosleeptiltheygraduate bedthieves fitmom fitfam coffeefirst 7monthspostpardum breastfeeding blw faithittofreedom nursingmama momofboth

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Black Hair 🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t Care💜 Sometimes your hats just don’t fit and your sunglasses are too big! And you have makeup stains on everything. Life goes on💕

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Nos hicieron creer que solo hay una fórmula para ser feliz, la misma para todos, y los que escapan de ella están condenados a la marginalidad. . Tampoco nos dijeron que nadie nos iba a decir todo esto… cada uno lo va a tener que descubrir solo. Y entonces, cuando estés muy enamorado de ti mismo, podrás ser muy feliz y amar de verdad a alguien. Vivimos en un mundo donde nos escondemos para hacer el amor... aunque la violencia se practica a plena luz del día.” . . .バックパッカー写真好きな人と繋がりたい 韓国人みたい 韓国行きたい 韓国化粧品路上美術館 韓国人になりたい 韓国お菓子 韓国料理屋 韓国お土産韓国スタイル 世界一周 남동구부평 相互希望相互いいねくださいいいねした人全員フォローいいねした人全員フォローする海好きフォロー いいね返しfjk얼짱オルチャンオルチャンメディアセルカ今日のメイク今日のコーデコーディネート部

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“courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” brenebrown

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Nos hicieron creer que cada uno de nosotros es la mitad de una naranja, y que la vida solo tiene sentido cuando encontramos la otra mitad.  No nos contaron que ya nacemos enteros, que nadie en la vida merece cargar en las espaldas la responsabilidad de completar lo que nos falta. Nos hicieron creer en una fórmula llamada “dos en uno”: dos personas pensando igual, actuando igual, y que era eso lo que funcionaba. No nos contaron que eso tiene nombre: anulación. Y que solo siendo individuos con personalidad propia podremos tener una relación saludable. Nos hicieron creer que solo hay una fórmula para ser feliz, la misma para todos, y los que escapan de ella están condenados a la marginalidad. . . . . polishgirlsocialmediamarketingbeawesomelikersforlikerslikeforfollowliklikerslikeforlikebacklikeforlikebacklike4likesl4lopenrplike4likeslikemotherlikedaughterlikeforlikealwaylikeforfollowsiguemeytesigolikerlikeforlikelike4followlikeagirllikesforfollowpolishgirlsocialmediamarketingbeawesomelikersforlikerslikeforfollowliklikerslikeforlikebacklikeforlikebacklike4likesl4lopenrplike4likeslikemotherlikedaughterlikeforlikealwaylikeforfollowsiguemeytesigolikerpolishgirlsocialmediamarketingbeawesomelikersforlikerslikeforfollowliklikerslikeforlikebacklikeforlikebacklike4likesl4lopenrplike4likeslikemotherlikedaughter

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After feeling sick all week, it was great to get out with my favorite pupper (and favorite guy) for some pizza and beer tonight. Getting back into the swing of things next week! runnernotrunning restdaybrags pnwbeer

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Have seen too many cities and buildings during this my euro trip. I need some nature love on my IG... So let me take you to a journey to the Middle earth, Mordor. I felt like a like a kid reliving the LOTR books/movies while trekking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This is a MUST MUST MUST do in New Zealand! . . . throwback tb tongariro TongariroAlpineCrossing Mordor LOTR LordOfTheRings Hiking Trekking Hike Nature WorldHeritage UNESCO Newzealand Nz roadtrip campervan summerInNz camperlife SabbyAndHerBackPack SabbyAndHerBackPack SabbyAndAlvinTravels TeamAlvin kiwi adventure wanderlust instatravel travelgram HikeLikeAGirl LikeAGirl travelstoke

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A great way to get boys to understand why this book has only women. Here is monikamanchanda’s son reading a copy of likeagirl. When he asked her why only women, Monica found the perfect opportunity to talk to him about inequality in society. Female infanticide and foeticide. How girls are treated differently. How the opportunities differ. And then he got it and started to read. I hope he likes it Mon. - - - likeagirlthebook childrensbooks reading youngadult youngadultbooks reader books bookstagram bookworm book bookstagramindia words biography stories instagood instalike instagram aparnajain instabook instaread

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Oh yes - two days til our birthday AND until we share a special something with you all. In the meantime, did you know our Forward Foundation ambassadors come from far and wide? They're hustling their wee hearts out to make a difference in their sports 💛 Help us help our volunteers on our birthday 👉 link in bio

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The GreenHeron is a short, stocky bird compared to other herons. They live solo most of the year and somewhat elusive around small bodies of water and densely vegetated areas. * * Green herons hunt for food by standing still or walking very slowly in shallow water. They're known to use "bait" such as a feather or a small fish to lure its prey. * * Unlike many birds, they nest in isolated pairs or small groups, hardly ever in large colonies. I had the pleasure of watching this Green Heron fish today!

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triathlon_in_the_world Triathlete lanna_magalhaes ———————————————————————- “Se você quer fazer coisas extraordinárias, terá que fazer sacrifícios extraordinários.”💭 . 🏊🏼‍♀️Meus primeiros 3000m 🕑57’ Team maximaassessoriaesportiva . 3 x 600m intervalo 20seg 1 x 1200m ———————————————————————- triathlon_in_the_worldtriathlonbrasiltriathlontrainingswimswimmingswimbikerunmondaynevergiveupjustkeepswimmingstrongerthaneverathletelifeyintomyyangpoweruplikeagirlswimmerslifeempoweryourselfinspirationtrainingdaytrainworkoutfitnessbeautiful

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今日から夏期講習だぁ~~😭✍🏻💭 ☺︎ ☺︎ 土曜日祭りだから頑張ろう!!♡ 久々に普通じゃないメンツとか最高すぎて生えるわ~👧🏻⭐ ☺︎ ☺︎ そしてえええ!!ディズニーが待ってる!!🔥🙄❤️ ☺︎ ☺︎ 夏休み頑張ろうlikeagirl like4follow likeforlikealways likeforlikealways

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OBRAL ASALNYA 350.000 MENJADI 255.000 UKURAN 39-44 BONUS BESAR. 1. BONUS KAOS KAKI 2. DUSBOX 3. PACKING RAPIH. KALAU MAU DI RESPON OLEH ADMIN TOLONG KIRIMKAN PESAN SESUAI FORMAT ORDER DI BAWAH INI FORMAT ORDER : . . 1. kirimkan gambar orderan dan size dengan cara capture dari instagram dan kirim ke kontak kami . . 2. Kirimkan alamat lengkap meliputi nama jalan, rt, rw, komplek, kelurahan, kecamatan (di mohon untuk selengkap-lengkapnya)sertakan patokan apabila diperlukan . . 3. Admin akan mentotalkan biaya yg harus di transfer . . 4. Pengiriman setiap hari :) Contact : . . BBM ADMIN 1 : 5E16CDA8 BBM ADMIN 2 : 5AF1055B WA : 081214909322 likeforfollow likeforlikes like4likesback likexlike likeaboss like4likealways likeforfun likeforlikeback like4likeback instagood likeforlife likeagirl like4likers love likeforlive seguidoresvip likeforlove likefortags gainfollowers mgxmg follow4followdc oladeseguidores chuvadeseguidores seguidoresactivos 10x10 5x5

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This is a bathroom selfie I apparently like to take approximately once a year 😂 Measure your progress and be proud of all the work your putting in, every effort, every single rep, every early morning, late night, list of things to do... YOU deserve to be taken care of and no one will do that better than YOU. You’ll have supporters. Absolutely, appreciate them, but recognize that they cannot do the work for you. You’ll have doubters, wish them well and do the work anyway.

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🌵🍍 Really don’t care!

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Just go... the hardest part is making it out the door 🏃🏼‍♀️triharder2018

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The outer appearances may not have changed much, but this past week has been INCREDIBLE!! . 💥I'm lifting heavier weights than I thought I could and am truly fatiguing my muscles 💥My stomach is FINALLY happy with me (funny what happens when you stick to DF/GF) 💥My group of ladies rocking this program have been KICKING BUTT and keeping me accountable! . Whenever those peanut butter m&ms tempt me at work, I remind myself of the 100+ other ladies who have already crushed their workout for the day & are keeping to their meal plans! . My next LIIFT4 bootcamp is NOW OPEN❣️we start August 13th! . ❌ :30-:40 min workouts ❌ 4x/week ❌ Flexible meal plan which means you enjoy all of life's tastier things🍷🍹🍰🍕🌮 ❌ My community full of personal cheerleaders & supporters 🔥 A babe of a trainer . Don't delay though, I only have 9️⃣ spots available now!! Come claim yours today AND get $10 off (through July 31st)! . •Link and email in bio• . Xoxo BalancedandHealthE . beforeandafterphotos realbeauty fitnesstransformation fitnesschallenge fitnessresults

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This is it, TAG A FRIEND! — ONLY A FEW HOURS LEFT TO SAVE 20% OFF THE WHOLE STORE! Use code MIDSUMMER20 at checkout. Ends at midnight. “Lovers, to bed; 'tis almost fairy time...” -A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare ❤😘🤗 🦕👩🏽‍🔬🦖😘✈️🚧👷‍♀️🚀👩🏽‍🏭🦈👩🏿‍🚀🚂👩🏻‍🚒😍🦕🤗❤️👩🏼‍🔧😊❤️ princessawesome awesomedress awesome clotheswithoutlimits nostereotypes madeintheusa empowergirls empower stronggirl smartgirl likeagirl instakids instagood dinos sale dinosaurs rockets girlsinstem airplanes aviation robots trucks girlslovetrucks girlsdeservepockets

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✨The magic of cleaning up!✨ . And yes, as I mentioned before I had an epic mess 🤭.... . Maybe it’s a creative’s issue to be disorganized shameofme 🙈 . Anyway, I’m ready to start a new week in my (recently) cleaned space 😅. . —————————————————- . ✨La magia de hacer la limpieza✨ . Y sí 🤭, ¡tenía un relajo épico! . Pero ya estoy lista para comenzar la semana en mi espacio limpio 😝z

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Cuidado🙃 que nosotras somos peligrosas😂😂 likeagirl

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A year ago I was in Belize. Soaking up the sun. ☀️ Just beginning my coach journey. I had started doing yoga because walking all throughout Belize was enough strain on my body. But I had NO clue what was doing when it came to nutrition. Despite the fact that nutrition was where I needed the most help, I hadn't even considered that I needed to start working on it. 🍎 I was actually pretty sure that I was never going to really try the nutrition thing, because I believed I was doing "good enough." 🙃 NUTRITION IS IMPORTANT. If you aren't eating veggies, you aren't doing it right. But nutrition is more than salads for every meal. That gets boring as crap. Nutrition is a messy, crazy, maze and I am so grateful I just have to check my online tracker and take notes of what I have eaten and what I still need to eat. You want nutrition to be this simple? Let's chat friend! 💗

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👉નવી પોસ્ટ મૂકી છે લાઇક ને કોમેંટ કરતા જજો ગમે તો ફોલ્લો પણ કરજો આભાર👈gujjushayris gujjuavailable gujju.girll gujju_ne_dhamal gujju_mojilo_111 gujju_heart_love tu_ne_tari_yad tu_mari_life hu_taro_ane_tu_mari_ hu_taro_pagal tumarijindgidil._.ni_vato pakko.amdavadi ame_pakka_amdavadi ame.gujju_ ame_gujju battle_of_gujarat_ kana_gheli_mira prem_che_to_che hu_taro_ane_tu_mari_ q __cutie__girl__143 gujju_6el6bili rangili_chori rangila_gujarati rangili_radha_2525 snehasorathiya gujju_ni_yado dil_thi_kahu_chu huchune_ hu_chu_ne_ varotariyarekha __.tari_vato_maro_prem.__ likeforfollower likeforlikes likeagirl like4likesfollogirl follows_7990 follogirls follow4like followus gujjujal ________________________________mojilo_shayar_ dil._.ni_vato tu_mari_gaandi hu_to_gujju hu_taro_bheru_chu_ dill_dosti_etc mari_lagni desi_lover_143__ gamadigame_tem_gujju broken_heart__shayar gamdano_lalu quotes__for_heart_ tu.aashiquiii gujju_dillvalo vato_tari_mari anokhi_vato_ gujju_vato lite_feelings heart__feelings_143 laal_ishq_ gujju__shayar__ gujju_ashiqi ha._hu_vaydo tofani_rajkot mara_dil_ni_vaat vipul.chichne madman_of_bhavnagar the_d3vil_king_azzuha_hu_vaydi_____ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ bus_tu_j_che hunter_kalol_kadi sayarelover happy_pocket_ _shanj_che_tu_mari_ _sweet__pagal dikri_mari_ladakvay tu_mari_jaan_che143 gujju_ni_vat_143 rocking_gujrati gujju___sayar gujju__shayar__ gujju_ni_bolbala kadiyanradhika gujjurangilo gujarati_don gujju_online gujju_crazy_things_88 gujju_ni_yado kana_gheli_mira prem_taro_swaas_maro_ prem_love_mohbbat prem_no_virus

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Sábados 👌🏻 👩🏻👦🏼🍷

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Me veo de 1.80 y estoy de 1.66 😂