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Dagli il colore. 😛

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Lost power for about 7 hours yesterday. It was too hot for candles. Thank goodness we had a battery-powered raccoon light from ikeausa. Dinner was so romantic... I think we'll have to pick up their hedgehog light next time we go to the new oakcreek ikea store.

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Vamos de receitinha 😋 Receita Ingredientes: 100g de batata doce cozida 70g de frango desfiado farinha de linhaça dourada. Temperos a gosto Modo de fazer: Amasse a batata doce com o garfo e depois misture com o frango. Pra massa ficar ainda mais incorporada use um processador ou liquidificador. Faça as bolinhas (ou em formato de coxinha), empane na farinha de linhaça dourada e deixe no forno pré aquecido por aproximadamente 25minutos. . . . . Repost vivabemecomsaude equilibrio paleo nutricao geracaosaude receitasfit dieta saudavel foco receitafacil receitapratica emagrecer musculação followfit comidadeverdade foconameta dietasemsofrer saude amazing foconadieta fitfood fitlife fitness healthy natural foconofoco 30tododia light

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Cozinha funcional e contemporânea, integrada com a área social. De linhas retas e em tons neutros, tampos em quartzo marrom e móveis em tom nude. Cadeiras em couro e painel geométrico, ambos brancos, imprimem leveza ao espaço!👌👌👌 maurafritzendesignerdeinteriores designdeinteriores interiordesign design decor lovedecor light lightingdesign designlovers lovedesign homedesign instahome instadecor homedetails luminarias instainterior interiorlovers homestyling homeinterior decoracao instadesign style kitchen cozinha doseujeito projetobymaurafritzen💕

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藍天白雲~好舒服的天氣~~~^^ 無論是住在美麗的高山,或是躺臥在陰暗的幽谷; 當你抬起頭,你將會發現,主已為你我而預備。 雲上太陽,它總不改變,雖然小雨灑在臉上☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️🌤wonderfulnight lovelife happy joyful thankful beautiful lovely night purple light sweetdream enjoy wonderful romantic missingyou amazing show funny photoshoot nice moment flower hkgirl pink fantasy White wedding thankful rose romantic 森林 森林漫步

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My quest started 1 year ago today and it's been an amazing whirlwind of self exploration and revelation. There's been so much change that has occurred but it's been easy this time around. This time I was ready and willing to do the hard work. I can't believe I'm where I'm at today. It's fucking remarkable actually. Darkness is revealed by light and the brighter I shine the easier it is for the demons to retreat. The journey never ends it just morphs into the next phase. Hopefully someday soon I'll let you all in as I begin to write this story down. lookingformytribe searchingfortruth searching growing growth empathetic dreamers idealist power powerful joyful love light leadwithlove peace peaceful colorwarrior

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Kenaz, the torch or fire, represents enlightenment and awakening, as well as good health. I began a three day fast today, aiming to wrap up the third day on the summer solstice. Since I began my series of three day fasts last July, I haven't been sick once. No colds or flus, no stomach bugs, anything. While the process of fasting can feel like it's "burning," I understand why the process is so important... ...for both the body and soul. --------- I pull a rune every morning as part of my daily devotionals. I ask the runes to provide a lesson for my day and to show me how it will unfold. This process helps to deepen my relationship with the runes and provides an opportunity to better pay attention to the rhythm and intricacies of my day. Thank you for joining me on this journey. runegoon rune runes runology magic magick love spirituality ritual ceremony asatru norse norsepagan norsemythology galdr seidr gods pagan paganism pagansofinstagram heathen heathenism heathensofinstagram inspiration healing light dark spiritual spirituality kenaz

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There is only love ❤️🔥 - - Stand firm and face the self. All else is distraction. - - Let's all face, feel, and remember the true inner self and return ❤️🔥

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“I want God today, not tomorrow.” • Do you ever find yourself lying on your bed at 11pm staring at your ceiling and wondering why you aren’t spending time with God instead? Wondering why you squandered the last 2 hours on social media and you listened to your conscience (AKA, the Holy Spirt) whisper in your ear 534 times how you should study the Word instead? Or maybe waking up and choosing to squeeze in a 30 minute workout first instead of hitting your knees? • I know I am guilty, and I found myself uttering that quote today while I was praying. “I want God today, not tomorrow.” Not that I don’t want him tomorrow or that I don’t need him tomorrow, because trust me, I MORE than need him. But when I say that I mean that I do not want to stall or put off my “God date” until a later time. I want him today. Now. Forever. Shouldn’t that be our cry? . . . . inspiration inspire instagood thoughts blogger write Christian God Jesus love want now today instapicture lightroompresets canon light capture whatmatters mood pray read bible TheCrackedPlate

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Era el día perfecto para unas tomas con el dron pero de un segundo a otro las nubes aparecieron y la visibilidad disminuyó a 5 metros. CerroDragon Dunas minimal Chile

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My favourite view.

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Negativity gets attracted easily and talking negative or thinking negative is easy. Try thinking positively for a day and see how u feel. Try to love yourself. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Philocaly (n.) - the love of beauty.

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Life will put difficult situations in our way for us to grow. How can we learn and mature if there are no challenges?! Although suffering usually comes with difficulties, it is the only way we truly seek the light. When we seek the light, we seek the source, we seek balance, we seek grounding, followed by peace. We would not grow and evolve with the same ways of being and thinking. These moments of hardship, are usually the moments that we won't remember in the long run, because we will be so thankful that it made us who weve become. Although we dont usually see this in the beginning of hard times in life. With some grounding, some meditation, exercise and yoga we should be able to align ourselves, and see clearly. Setting our worth and valuing our self worth is the best gift we can give ourselves. Life has many paths we could take. Always choose the path that makes you the happiest even if it faces some challenges. Happiness and love is all that matters. . . . . blogger path love road life blogger blog writer positive change evolve thrive spiritual newage knowledge l4l f4f followforfollow likeforlike future present worth value selflove acceptance yogatruth light balance healthy awareness 💙

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Stop scrolling and smile. No one ever gets harm from smiling.

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Think it deeply and you can discover something new perspective.

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The mantra to self happiness.

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Mine too. Tag and say Good day to someone you admire.

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Those who really care are those who make your living worth a while.

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Life and love is about taking risks and making wonders come true. Just think of it. We are tiny being in a tiny blue dot in the vaguely vast universe. And we only get only one chance to live this life. If we spend it worthlessly what is value in that. So each and every moment try to live your best. Do some wonders. Let world see your wonders. Don't be afraid of mistakes and risk they are part of our growth.

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