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🇵🇹Всем привет!Я в центре 😍☀️Тут потрясающая энергетика. Кто-то есть из моих сейчас в центре?😁Хочу в спорт бар🍻🇵🇹⚽️ TanyaPorter . . . . . москвалетопогодакрасотадевушкамодельфотосессиясолнышкосолнценастроениепортугальскийпортугальскийязыкgirlmoodmyselfmylifesummerlifestylepicofthedayfifa18fifanicedayfunhappydayportuguês

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Condição inigualável que alcancei até hoje 24 horas antes do show. 26/05/2018 Copa Duque de Caxias ifbbrj. A galera que vem me perguntando sobre quando irei competir novamente. Não tenho previsão para subir novamente. Este ano não competirei mais pois, do que adianta chegar extremamente condicionado nos palcos se eles querem bodybuilders "montados" freaks? Devido a isso vou me enquadrar no perfil exigido da categoria e voltarei a competir. Quanto tempo? Não sei... Temos muito trabalho pela frente porém, demore o tempo que for, eu vou chegar lá! Coach maizenamzn esse aqui é o cara! powerupacademia colossusteam mznteam fitness gym academia dieta fikagrandeporra nopainnogain treino bodybuilding foco esmagaquecresce vemmonstro motivation workout muscle lifestyle 13memo fodaseopadrao musculacao esmagaqcresce 30tododia bodybuilder meuovo foconadieta vascularity musclemodel

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LIPOBLUE 💙🔥 Quemador con los estándares más altos de calidad, ideal para bajar de peso y controlar la ansiedad, promueve la definición y calidad muscular, rápido para bajar de peso, ideal para quemar grasa acumulada. BENEFICIOS: ⚡Quema grasa ⚡Define masa muscular ⚡Reafirma tus tejidos ⚡Energía extra ⚡Suprime el apetito Pierdes mínimo 4kg al mes 🔥🔥 Pidelas al Whatsapp 📲 3113599900. . . Love instagood ultraZx lipoblue ultrazxGold UltraDx fitnessmodel fitnessaddict workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training healthy  active strong motivation lifestyle getfit exercise follow girls likeforlike like4like manizales Bogota Medellin

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Take risks today and have a better future or take none and regret not taking any risk at all.. Start an investment in binary options today and secure the future for your perfect family .. With a capital of $1,000 you can kick start a proper investment which will get you $10,000 within 7days trade.. DM now to get started. Don't miss out on this opportunity success goal binaryoptiontrader lifestyle investor motivation laptoplifestyle denver honolulu dubai sweeden chicago canada forextrader laptoplifestyle phoenix currencytrade boss southafrica poland investment bitcointrader influencer australia laptoplifestyle profit capital build paris stockmarket"

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Suns out Buns out! Happy Humpday!!🍑☀️

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A Savassi esta para BH assim como o Soho está para NY: um bairro tradicional, com história, completo, charmoso, denso e palco da cultura, da arte, da gastronomia e da arquitetura mineira. Lançar a marca CASAMIRADOR na Savassi equivale a dizer que a nova incorporadora tem um “padrão Savassi”, como se fosse um “verniz” de qualidade e credibilidade. casamiradorsavassi casamirador finalmenteonovo savassi arquitetura design loft lofts studio loftliving lifestyle loftstyle architecture savassi

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Follow us and tag .. docsonvacation Hello future colleagues!! My name is Vivian aka BendyBetchXXS. I am a med student (MS2) and yoga teacher at the Washington University in St. Louis . I LOVE traveling and making friends all around the world. In the past 5 years, I have studied or volunteered in 10 different countries! Fun fact: I received my 200hr yoga teacher training in India 💓 . I am also passionate about fitness and academic research. Please follow my journey of becoming a yogi surgeon 👩🏻‍⚕️🧘🏻‍♀️ mexico travel traveling  vacation  plasticsurgeon instagood trip cokgezenlerkulübü  holiday photooftheday  wanderlust luxus docsofinsta doktor  objektifimden  futuredoctor  igtravel lifestyle vsco vscocam  instagood trip photooftheday aniyakala  premed beautiful fun instatraveling igtravel doctor dentist  docsclub

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Come visit our POP-UP to shop one of our favorite brands k.deer ❤️ it’s a local, women owned, small business. The clothes are made in the USA 🇺🇸 and if you buy a signature stripe leggings a percentage of proceeds goes directly to a special cause. 🙌 activewearthatgivesback kdeer • • Tomorrow 6PM-9PM dirtandnoise come by and find the perfect fit, receive discounts and a chance at a giveaway. It’s a night you won’t want to miss! 💥💕 • • • sweatandstrut athleisure style streetfashion studiotostreet activewear perfectfit femalefitness fitgirls fitfam fitlife WomenWithStyle fashion fitness fashioninsta leggings fitspo lifestyle strongnotskinny fitnessaddict shoplocal supportlocal shopsmall montclairnj thenutmontclair

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Be Black and White to yourself and to others and try to not hurt people emotions for your selfishness always remember,forgiving isn't something you do for someone else. It's something you do for yourself. It's saying, 'You're not important enough to have a stranglehold on me.' It's saying, 'You don't get to trap me in the past. I am worthy of a future. truestory lovinglife m8 lifestyle luxury property development realestate sunnybank madness futureisyours

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You can't just wait around and hope that good shit happens to you. - You have to get up off your ass and make shit happen for you! - Comment "YES" if you agree! 👇

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베트남 Phm 상품 설명회 열렸어요 동남아시장에서 이렇게 호평받을줄 몰랐네요. 너무나 큰 영광이에요 ~ 계속 많이 사랑해주세요 PhM 產品 越南說明會☺ ☺ 東南亞市場 也非常喜歡我們的產品 真的很榮幸 mask phmmask koreancosmetic fashiontrend lifestyle winter essence cellpower 에센스 세럼 마스크그램 인스타 인스타그램 마스크 마스크팩 피에치엠바이탈하이드라수더마스크 phm水光珍珠面膜 고운세상성형외과 물광주사 물광마스크 일상스타그램 화장품 스킨케어 水光肌 水光針面膜 韓國護膚品 韓國面膜 韓國化妝品 活世胞再生 鑽石精華

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Join us for a class and we can chill together!

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Екипът ни от готвачи състави прекрасно лятно меню и не само . Този път сме се насочили към разнообразните вкусове и подправки . За всеки има по нещо . Очакваме ви за страхотно вкусово изживяване -> ZahirKitchen ;) ! Салати , тостери , бургери , пици , готвено , мелби .... ЗАПОВЯДАЙТЕ ! 'Храната не е просто да ни ''захранва '' , за да живеем , ни дава живот като хора - събужда спомени и мечти .... доста често изразява същността ни . Всяко традиционно ястие е ниша м/у поколения - наследство в чинията :) ! Всяка нова опитана храна запечатва в себе си едно пътуване ! '' За Резервации : 0878 88 02 38 ZahirTEAM shisha bestplace hookah luxury place Zahir shisha place nargile hookah plovdiv ❤️пловдив party 🎯friends 🌟lifestyle nightlife fun beauty girl best frienship drinks Party house

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Missed these boss babes + so many other sweet friends at convention! SO excited about next year! Who’s coming with me?!

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And that day has arrived when I've decided to sit on my head instead of a seat. 🤪

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💰Life Is Like A Sandwich Either Way You Flip It Your Bread ALWAYS Comes First 💰