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La gloria es ser feliz. La gloria no es ganar aquí o ganar allá. Es disfrutar cuando estás practicando tus fortalezas, tu devilidades cada día, disfruta cuando trabajas duro, disfruta cuando estás con las personas que amas intenta superarte cada día más!!! 💪😀🌿 Titanes Uda NadaNosDeTiene RompiendoLasReglas NoGymNoPorblem Funtcional Crossfit Trx BestNutrition FitCamp Fitness healthy Acapulco Mexico SpartanRace Fit24 Fitcommunity Kettlebells CrossTraining Workout WorkOutOfDay NoDaysOff NegocioDesdeCasa Herbalife workFromHome EstiloDeVida WorkHard PreguntameComo LifeStyle EntrenaSinFronteras

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Скоро будут съёмки покатушек )) думал сегодня скину коротенькую тропинку но я болван не зарядил камеру 😂😂😂 Скоро исправлюсь )) bike sport race motivation lifestyle

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Brunch with my girls 😍

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A toxic relationship can kick the sh*t out of you. . It can leave you broken. . I want to challenge you to let yourself break open. . Because there is a radiant light inside of you, and your experiences are meant to crack you open… to reveal your true value, worth, and purpose. . So let yourself BREAK. . Allow yourself to completely fall apart… . Because everyone is waiting for your light to shine through the darkness… especially you. . I can show you how to break open... and I know how to support you while you do. . It only takes ONE hour for me to inspire change in you. . Visit my website luvtobeyou.com (link in my bio) to schedule a Life Coaching session TODAY! . Life Coaching sessions start at $75/hour . Luv, Janisha . luvtobeyou lifecoach lifecoaching coach momcoach mom momlife moms  health healthy healhtylife lifestyle break trauma truth mood lifeisbeautiful beauty light lightworker healer spaceholder awakening consciousness higherconsciousness

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Style is primarily a matter of instinct!

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Strength/Pro12 we love you!

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I’m hollering🎤🎤😂😂😂🤣🤣😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️Regrann from angelarye - I got 5 on it. Not the weed. I got 5 on the fact that there is not a SINGLE BLACK senior level staffer sitting in the West Wing. Right now, they are debating if he ever used the n word. Sarah got up at the podium today saying she can’t confirm OR deny. Well, let me be the first to tell you he says NIGGER with his hiring practices and regularly with his blatantly racist tweets. yourpresidentISabigot igot5onthattoo ——————————————————————— A groovygene production thegroovymix . dankmemes fights fun funnymemes funnyvideos trinidad woke memes football guitar sanfrancisco nyc atlanta atl dj actress actor vegas naija lifestyle

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Ocean 🦀

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今天收到相識了佷久的朋友的自家製產品😍😍😍 同事都說好靚呀係邊度買㗎? 我話係一個靚太太整㗎😉 同事話係呀我都有好多朋友整 不過冇你朋友整得咁靚囉😘 以上對白全屬真實個案 多謝靜媽媽☺️ 祝你繼續永遠幸福快樂❣️ I'm super happy to received my friend handmade lip balm and soap in this Morning!!! Smelling so good and fresh😁 It's made from hearts and souls THX ar ChingMaMa😘

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Good morning 😎 Going to work By the vintage tram 🚋 Nice

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Missing this☀️

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Don’t judge me by my successes judge me by the amount of times I fell and got back up💎🚁

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Stop Taking Advice From People Who Aren’t In Life Where You Want To Be.. Get Around Some Successful People & GROW. Dream Big & Take Action