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Posted withrepostkatiescottpt marie_lao you look amazing 😍🙌🏽 You’ve worked so hard, been so committed and consistent over the last 4️⃣ weeks‼️ 👏🏽 no wonder you’ve lost 1️⃣0️⃣% body fat 😏 not to mention the 10cms from your waist... looks like that’s your lucky number 🤭🤯🙌🏽 weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney weightloss thenandnow beforeandafter fitness fit fitspo fitnessgirl motivation inspiration gymmotivation gym gymlife lifestyle eatclean happy client picofday nutrition fitnessgoals clientspotlight hardwork fitfam instafit instagood instadaily goals

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dietade21diassiteoficial 🔥 😍 ENTRE PARA! O grupo de mulheres, que estão eliminando até 10 kg em 21 dias, pois sem passar fome sem dietas malucas e sem pílulas mágicas ⤵ 💟 💟 💟 clique aqui ➡ dietade21diassiteoficia health fitness fit envywear fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitspo workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training health healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation instagood determination lifestyle diet getfit cleaneating eatclean exercisescience

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Aku jual gelang tiens second harga barunya 2,3jta aku jual cuma 900rb original wak,ada kotaknya,klo kelen mau bayarin aja ada kartu garansi Deskripsi Gelang Energi Titanium TIENS adalah kombinasi sempurna Logam Pro-Kehidupan Titanium murni dengan keramik kualitas tinggi serta magnet yang dirancang dengan model fashionable. 4 tipe design yang unik & beraneka ragam dapat digunakan dalam berbagai suasana. Proses produksi yang berkualitas tinggi dan print laser logo TIENS pada permukaan pengait. Kemasan yang elegan sehingga dapat diberikan sebagai hadiah atau digunakan sendiri. Manfaat : Meringankan sakit di bagian tubuh. Mengurangi kekentalan darah & tingkat keasaman. Meningkatkan sirkulasi darah. Efektif melawan radiasi lingkungan. Perhatian Jangan memakai gelang saat mandi atau meletakkan tangan ke dalam cairan untuk kondisi tertentu. Hindari goresan atau tabrakan dengan bahan keras lainnya yang dapat menyebabkan kerusakan pada gelang. Dalam kondisi normal, gelang tidak dapat digunakan bersama-sama dengan jam tangan, handphone atau magnet. gelang Tiensindonesiahealthfitness artist fitnessmodel fitnessaddictfitspo workout bodybuilding cardiogym train training photoofthedayhealth healthy healthychoices active strong motivationinstagood determination lifestyle dietgetfit cleaneating eatclean exercise Internasional

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Leg day favorites that will help boost those deadlift and squat numbers! _ RDL’s, Banded Kettle Bell Swings, & Sled Drags. _ •RDL’s - are great for developing hamstring, glutes, and lower back strength. Make sure these are always in your regimen. •Kettle Bell Swings - are another exercise that should be done often. Great for developing power through the quads, hips, glutes, and lower back as well. Feel free to add some resistance with a band, just be careful. •Sled Drags - I love using the sled because it’s fun and different from all the other workouts, and can be done in multiple ways. Sled drags have no mercy on the quads or the glutes. Just make sure you use well supported shoes and try not to focus on pulling the weight with your arms. _ Oh yeah! All of these are also great for developing core muscles as well. _ If you haven’t put these in your workout regimen, throw them in there and let me know what you think. _ 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 _ 1stphormathletesearch lifestyle iam1stphorm fitness workout legday flexfriday duespaid gym

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Pick me, love me, choose me 💕

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Il vente légèrement au 8e pi c’est le plein soleil c’est pourquoi on voit pas mes yeux ☀️

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¡Feliz Viernes!👊💥

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Check out and follow the gorgeous janeborissovafit now 💖😍 • DM for a shoutout!

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Missing you here at PowerPlus Gowtham, can't wait until you're back and showing humbleiron how it's done 😂 Repost humbleiron ・・・ Wow!! 35 pounds down and counting! So proud of this dude gowtham_rajh 👊 The most dedicated and hardworking individuals I know. This is all you!

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Everything is possible!

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Guys!!!! I bought a new pair of jeans! 👖👖 In my latest post (linked above) I’m sharing my experience finding good jeans that actually fit. Have you guys had bad experiences finding jeans?

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Escape with me...

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oh baaaabbyyyy! haha so fucking good. happy month anniversary ^_^

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Style in white and black vibes

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t o k y o m o o d 🗼🧡 🇯🇵 takemeback

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90's made🎀

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