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33 minutes ago

I'm so close 30k yaaay leaelui

38 minutes ago

dm me if u wanna be friends :) leaelui

1 hour ago

this edit is to show my love, support and happiness towards lea. She has made me who I am who I want to be, I’m now up lifted every time I see here beautiful smile. She’s so precious I can’t. The best thing is that she is here for us and we respect that very much. I hope everyone who sees this goes away with a smile because you should be proud of who you are. Never be sad or down as that makes others feel the same. J’adore lea elui ginet pour toujours 😭💋 dt; everyone who inspires me leaelui powerfulea roseliearritola_ leailyyy lea.aep ily all so much♥︎ ac; some yt vid oc; another yt vid lol ~~~~ teamlea confidentforlea leaelui loveyou lea leaeluiedits myangel baby edit edits leafandom like follow pleasenoticeme leaeluimusically instabest happierwithlea happylea leators queen bellydance idol monkeyface legends🌸 triller smile teamroselie roseliearritola roselie roses

1 hour ago

Omg I am shocked how beautiful she is 😳💕