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Phase two of a current project we are on. Objective to simplify and thin out the gardens in the backyard. Finish with a fresh application of mulch. Added some before pics what a difference so far! Tomorrow we do river stone for another section of this property by the raised vegetable gardens stay tuned! . . . .. . popkielawncare garden mulch landscape lawncare brockville gardenproject

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Are you feelin Jelly

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When I was a kid growing up in Virginia I had a spinning raised relief globe. I'd run my fingers over the 3 major mountain ranges in America hoping to visit them all one day. The Appalachians were close by, the Rockies were halfway across the land, and the Sierra Nevada just seemed so far out of reach - especially for a 6 year old studying a map. Four years ago I got the opportunity to summit Mt. Whitney, the tallest in the Sierras and the lower 48 states. Now every time I pass by that jagged peak on highway 395, I can't help but stare... and smile. . Taken 6/10/18 with the help of roxboba and mbauer27. . . . ------------------------------------------------------ mtwhitney themountainsarecalling choosemountains alabamahills getoutstayout fatalframes heatercentral welivetoexplore getoutside neverstopexploring exploremore exploretocreate createcommune thecreatorclass milliondollarvisuals visualsoflife jaw_dropping_shots illgrammers gramslayers artofvisuals rawcalifornia westcoast_exposures wildcalifornia californialove conquer_ca hikemoreworryless everytrailconnects hikelife wildernessculture thegreatoutdoors

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Summer Days

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매미 합창단 소리에 아이들이 귀를 귀울입니다. 👂🏼 . . . leica records

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Moment in the sun

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late night lost in Glasgow ✨

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Passo di Fraele 1941m - Valdidentro

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• fire&ice •

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赤岳天望荘で一息をつき赤岳山頂に向けて登る登山者たち。 . 八ヶ岳縦走SeptemberSummer 美濃戸口 -> 赤岳鉱泉 -> 硫黄岳 -> 硫黄岳山荘泊 -> 横岳 -> 赤岳 (2,899.2m) -> 行者小屋 -> 美濃戸口 Camera : Canon PowerShot S120 . 登山道 絶景 登山 山登り トレッキング trail sun sky bluesky forest rock stream outdoors wilderness nature naturesbeauty naturelovers love happy beautiful view scenery landscape mountains mountaineering hiking trecking

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Hah here's a funny 8 shot action burst (album) outtake. "No, that wave won't hit me.. oh shit, wait.. will it?..?!?!!!!"

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Alfath & Deandra Wedding 💑 .

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Hah I forgot about this picture.. just hanging out with Krist Novoselic from Nirvana up in Seattle a few years back hah.. it was a cool night

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There's something interesting about the juxtaposition of oblivious little kids playing on the beach with warships on the horizon behind them..

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Tropical Storm. I like how literally everything in the shot is either orange, blue, or green

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Nel silenzio di mille parole, c'è chi sogna senza fare rumore

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____________________________________________________ A volte una cornice rende l’opera ancora più bella