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i want a johnny

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come closer 😉💗 — made this edit bc i watched the dolantwins video today with jamescharles & _emmachamberlain and it was so iconic i couldn’t not edit it🤷🏻‍♀️I love them to death!! if you swipe you will see a scrap edit bc we loveeee a scrappy sister😍🤤🤪 i made it yesterday with x’s song bc it was a bop and it was to honor him. i didn’t have any sort of attachment or interest in his music but i saw his influence on people and it hurt my heart bc no one deserves what happened to him. 🙁💓 — dt: x & the isquab ac: kuteaudios tp: 11:01pm fc: 59 dp: 6/19/18 — love edits cutecute annieleblanc hannie wowpage omg page omg kayden haydensummerall kenzieziegler bratayley hayleyleblanc explorepage followforfollow follow4follow gainpost gainparty followme arianagrande dancemoms

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2 MINS OMFG!!!!!!

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guys stop saying johnny broke kenzies heart or ruined everything. even if kenzie was hurt she obviously understood & forgave him otherwise they wouldn’t be friends currently. and they purposely didnt bring it to social media bc they knew drama/blaming would happen ex: “johnny ruined everything” “johnny broke kenzies heart” “kenzie probably did something to make him feel insecure in the relationship” like chill they’re fine rn !! and if anything we should be happy af bc our beans once had feelings for each other and probs still do ykkk 🤪 and if they date fr now and break up this just proves they’ll stay friends and be good after !!! love their friendship & how strong it is :’) johnnyorlando kenzieziegler jenzie

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Hi✌🏻 I love Kenzie SOO much♥️ kenzieziegler

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Hey y’all! So this post is a teeny bit different than what we would normally post... So recently Annie and Kenzie Stans have been fighting (one might say we had a freaking war) A LOT. But I would like to apologize to any Kenzie Stans we have hurt, messed with, teased, bullied etc, anyhow how we treated Kenzie was unbelievably rude Brooklyn and I personally aren’t the biggest fans of kenzie we definitely DONT hate her we just dislike her you see everyone makes mistakes and I have a quote that’s kinda cheesy that my grade five art teacher said “It’s ok *insert name* Everyone makes mistakes, mistakes are proof you’re trying!” Especially at the age 14 I’m not saying Annie hasn’t made mistakes because she probably has! It’s human! Anyway back in topic, it wasn’t Kenzie’s fault for Hannie breaking up and we also have to understand if you date at 12/13 how likely is it that they’re going to stay together for a long time?🤷🏼‍♀️ not very likely! But Hayden made a mistake and he knows he did! He is sorry for it and he genuinely feels bad about it! Back about Kenzie, she is a role model to sooooooo many little girls! And tbh the reason I think Annie and Kenzie Stans don’t get along the best is because we are so much alike that we fight, like think about it! We both love kind, caring, gorgeous, talented, and sweet girls who deserve no hate whatsoever we both try to protect our stan at all costs and we will stand up if needed! We just need to get over the fact that we legit ruined a friendship between Kenzie and Annie (I’m not saying we did 100% but that’s what I think) All ya Annie Stans need to apologize to Kenzie and her Stans for what we did to them and I think that the Kenzie Stans need to apologize to Annie and us for what they did and we can come together and be friends and have an unproblematic fandom and have peace! Ok so go and come t something nice in someone’s post to make their day (it can be anyone!) so I’m dearly sorry for any issues we have caused💓💘❤️♥️ -Alysha • • • kenzieziegler mackenzieziegler annieleblanc annieleblanc kenzie annieleblancxtra

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i want to say something..we all know kenzie has made many mistakes and i realize that everybody makes mistakes. i don’t hate kenzie but i’m still neutral about her and it will probably stay that way for a long time. but i want to apologize for making someone mad or upset with me for hating on kenzie. i apologize. i would love for the kenzie and annie fandom to join together so we can be the biggest fandom by far. like i said i don’t love kenz but i don’t hate her. but ik we all make mistakes and no one deserves to wake up everyday to hate.💜 kenzieziegler annieleblanc

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dear kenzie , i love you so much. it sounds crazy because i have never met you, but it’s true. You have been such an inspiration to all of us whether it’s something as little as fashion, hair, or makeup.. or inspiring someone to start singing or inspiring someone not to end their life, you inspire so many people. i can’t wait to see how far you come, as you get older you will mature so much and i can’t wait to see your music in a few years because it’s already amazing at such a young age of 14. youre truly amazing. you are so so loved, NEVER let the slightest bit of hate get to you because we know you are so strong. i love you 💙

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Wow... I’m currently really sad 😭😭 Ik this is probably a while ago but this whole time we thought it was Kenzie who didn’t want jenzie to happen but I guess we were wrong! I have a feeling that this Is why Kenzie straight up says there just friends now and Johnny may regret it that’s why he makes those faces ig! But we never know he did say FOR NOW 🤷🏻‍♀️ its just sad ig 😭I know I’m know one to say this but ... I feel betrayed 😢 • This seems like it was a while ago so a lot of things could have happened 🌹⚡️ • 📸 :musershaderoomonig kenzieziegler mackenzieziegler jenzie johnnyorlando jenzieisreal whatif whatifmay18 dayandnight musicvideo morethanfriends totaleclipse dancemoms lenzie maddieziegler laurenorlando brynnrumfallo niasioux kalanihilliker kenziesrulesforlife chloelukasiak nadiaturner devenityperkins emilyskinner rubyroseturner brycexavier haydensummerall annieleblanc milliebobbybrown arianagrande colesprouse

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Looks like Jenzie was actually a thing at one point😌👀,thoughts? - - -

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It’s kinda sad that they are doing this a a joke because this is literally how I roll into school every day lmao😂😂😂

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i want to hang out w my friends and do some fun stuff like what kenz does but im too lazy to do anything siGh kenzieziegler

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My cutie Kenzie💗🙈 Opinions💗💫? Can you Tag her💗🍃? kenzieziegler

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10 MINS !!! DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING ?? who’s counting down with me 🙋‍♀️👀🌩

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Do you think this is real ? I'm gonna freak out if is real

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Still cant believe your gone💔 xxxtentacion

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my friends and everyone else, they’re ignoring me rn and don’t care if I’m sad but when something good happens to me don’t even bother dming me or hitting me up. lmao fuck that.

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