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2 weeks ago

this is for the crazy (hype) beasts of 2020♥️ thank u to the three of u pineappleboogie xtremelychrispy marranjtrav for everything, from allowing me to try things way out of my comfort zone to all the fun and retarded moments that can only happen in this item! and to everyone else i’ve been so blessed to dance with, y’all are crazy amazing and just crazy in general HAHA. thank u for making my first rrecital such a blast!😽✨ kanyeforpresident2020 ultrabeamlight pussycatdolls ufb

1 month ago

Kanye x Trump type 2018

1 month ago

Those shades tho kanye2020 Check out link in bio

1 month ago

Make America cray again kanye2020

1 month ago

yo Kanye is ET kanye2020 Also: check out link in bio