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Algumas montagens (parte 2) ❤️❤️

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Mais algumas montagens pra vcs (parte 1) ❤️❤️

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Aulas de dança com jb 😂❤️

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Cadê o feat? 😂😂❤️

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My love❤️

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Cantam demais😱❤️

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I’m completely transforming my body. Im not ashamed of my body or my size but I have gotten so insecure about things that I suck in day and night and constantly hate what I see in the mirror. And I don’t want to live in-confidently and I want to be proud of my body. So I’m sorry if I’m not as active, I just really want to focus on myself and find a point where I’m comfortable in my own skin:) { justin bieber justinbieber Justinbieberrare justinbieberrares justinbieberforever justinbieberfan justinbieberfanpage justinbiebersmile justinbieberhot justinbieberinagine justinbieberimagines justinbiebervideo justinbiebervideos belieber belieberforever rickthesizzler jailey weneverleft belieberforlife forever }

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Aquele casal mega fofo! 😍🙈❤ BrasilFama

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J A S O N. ————— Chapter 1 —— Jason’s POV ——————— I stared at her, for what seemed like hours. I begged to touch her, just once, just her frizzed brown hair. But I couldn’t. I would be detected. I just want her to know me. ———————————————————————— “Notice me”. ———————————————————————— I whispered, as I knelt from her carpeted floor, to her beautiful sleeping daze. Feeling her soothing breaths smooth over my cheek we’re driving me over the edge, I couldn’t bare the fact that I was non existent to her. It made me fucking mad. But it’s okay. Because she will know me...She will. ———————————————————————— “You will.” ———————————————————————— I whispered ever so slightly into her ear, before I made my way towards her window. Before throwing my leg out, I looked at her slumped figure once more before escaping through the night. ——————— First chapter is always exciting for me!❤️ what did you guys think? Should I keep this story going?? Leave a comment down below, and please like for more stories and updates xx ——— jassonmccan bieberfiction followforfollowback justinfiction lovestory likeforfollow justindrewbieber justinbieber justinbieberimagines jailey bieber love bieberfiction bieberfever ideas fanfiction fanfic fanfictionstories justinbieberedit justinbiebervideo justinbieberfacts justinbieberfanpage

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I actually like this one -comment ⬇⬇

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