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i dont consider myself an xxtentacion fan but i give him all respect i love his music he made people happy and was the reason they had smiles on their faces rip💔 we love you . . . . . . . . . . . . justinbieber justin justinandselena justinb justindrew justinfans bieber bieberair bieberlove bieberteam bieberfever bizzle bizzlestan bizzlebieber bizzleourlifesaver mcm mce mcw purposetour purposemerch purposedrivenlife purpose purposefulplanner purpose2016 neversaynever kidrauhl journals myworld jelena videos

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I have an exams tomorrow and I need pass so pray for me pls 🙃

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Yesterday I came to school with ma friends (For a graduation party) and then ny ex passed by with his friends and he said "my lifeeeee u r the most beautiful there is" I smiled and then after 5 mins he again told me "you're the most beautiful girl in the world, I vow" then after the stupid performance the children did I went outside and my rx sat with his friends and he called me and I was like "I can't go that far , my heels hurt" n he was like "wait I'll come to help you" he came and we talk and he was like "Are you mad at me?" and I was like "no..." And like he started repeating it until he said "what about us?" and I said "what about us???" n he said "I want you back Sandra" so I said "It's because you saw me now and you remember how beautiful I am hahaha" and he was like "hahahahha I've been thinking about it all this week" and I said "bahahha don't play yourself" and like our mouths were close and I smelled alcohol so I told him "oshri shut up u r drunk as shit" and he was like "no no no I'm not, I drank one beer" and then I told him "ok so come on oshri let's get to the point, u love me , I love u so come on I don't like these stupid games" and he just started to kiss my shoulder and ma cheek then my friends came and told me "Sandra change clothes, we need to go to the club" and my ex said " go change your clothes it's ok , you will miss the bus" and I was like ok and then at the club he always shouted to me things like "Sandra u r beautifulllll" and all that shit... Ok so then we went home and I went to sleep happy as shit. you probably asking yourself what's wrong, so I'll tell y'all what the hell is wrong in the next post. Have a good night or whatever

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giving me kidrauhl vibes with that hair

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Saw this and thought it would help some of you. creds to owner

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happy *late* birthday, scooter! thank you for every single thing you’ve done for not only justin, but for us! justin wouldn’t be where he is without you💕

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this shoot will go down in history

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