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💜 NO 💜 What are you saying NO to today? One of the most powerful of all words is the word NO Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, was once asked his secret of success. He replied, “Simple. I just say NO to everything that is not absolutely vital to me at the moment.” 💡Say NO to anything that is not a high-value use of your time and your life. 💡Say NO graciously but firmly to avoid agreeing to something against your will. 💡Remember you have no spare time, so say NO early and say it often. For you to do something new, you must complete or stop doing something old. Getting in requires getting out. Picking up means putting down. What are you saying NO to today? . If you struggle to say NO and would like to receive my tips on ‘how to say NO in an easy way’ just send me a pm and I’lol send them to you. . . . . freedom embracelife amazeyourself chooseyou happy onlinecoach lifecoach careercoach 50xigsucces justyou justbe dreamlife followyourdreams enjoy metime action wanderlust happyhour chill relax celebrate party joy livelife champagne busywomen livetocelebrate Iamhappyatwork chooseyou liveyourideallife

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Biasnya siapa nih? Kerjain aqu dong teh, nanti aku akan terkejoed biar teteh seneng 😂 . . . . Kang | akangnam . . ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー 🔍 Find and Share more fact at kpopfanboy_id ? Search with hastag ⇨ KFI_Fact ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ❗ DONT FORGET TO : ❤ Like postingan sebelum nya 📝 komentar 👫 Tag teman kamu ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー . . ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー kpopfanboy_id redvelvet redvelvetfact faktaredvelvet Kpopfact Faktakpop yeri yeriredvelvet joy joyredvelvet irene ireneredvelvet seulgi seulgiredvelvet wendy wendyredvelvet revluv sment koreanfact Koreanartist KoreaSelatan Levelupproject ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー ーー

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Live a joyful life... age will creep up on us all.. lets make sure we have lines in all the right places :-)

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❤••~••~ - H🌙 -------------------------☆------------------------ - Daha fazlası için➡️ ~lredvel~🌹 •Keşfetden geldiyseniz sayfama göz atmayı unutmayın . •İzinsiz almayın  lütfen.🍉 •Yorum yapmayi  ve beğenmeyi unutmayın . -------------------------☆------------------------- ~ ~  hanchaeyoung redvelvet 레드벨벳 irene seulgi wendy joy yeri 배주현 아이린 슬기 손승완 웬디 박수영 조이 예리 baejoohyun kangseulgi sonseungwan parksooyoung kimyerim reveluv 레베럽 smentertainment smtownRedvelvet

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Gratitude 🙏 helps one to appreciate the amazing gifts abundant in life rather than desiring for more or better. Be grateful😊 gratitude meditation

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Tazara Train 🚈 Traversée de la Tanzanie en train à destination de Mbeya jusqu'au moment où tu croises la route d'un homme qui , comme moi voyageait seul, se rendait en Zambie. . . Tu me connais : " Life is a fuckin tasty joke " j'ai fait changer mon billet à bord du train , payer mon visa et boom direction Zambie aussi !!! 🤘🏾❤ traveling tazaratrain tchoutchou meandmamaJoy train joy theworldisyours

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I love the feeling I get after I train. No matter how long the day has been, no matter how hard it was to get myself into the gym, the fulfillment at the end is worth it. . I must admit I used to never understand when people said "love your body the way it is". Only a few months back I finally saw this in a different light (god it took me long 😅). At the end of an intense workout I sat down and stretched my sore muscles and I felt my blood flowing differently through my veins, i felt the air going deeper into my lungs, I felt closer to myself. . I train, not because I hate my body, but because I love it. I train because this is the best and most important gift that I can give to my body. . It's all love ladies and gentlemen! It's all love. ❤️💕💖 . . . . . . me love joy happiness breakthrough mindset mindfulness meditation wellbeing progress results pshycology life world words people humanity training fitness fit gym gymlove sports fitgirls