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Get your localsupport game up ... this person buys gas , pays bills , eats , off what You invest ... Even beyond money . Jst your love & genuine support even via socialmedia or in person , lifts their spirit to continue even while being backed against the cliff of retreat back to corporateamerica rather than trying to make it the real americanway .. not saying ditch your malls & onlinestores , jst build that which is in the community attempting to be the next Supreme Gucci Prada JayZ Oprah TomJoyner or whatever , as much as You building empires that no longer need funding to sustain ...

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GO Peep 👀 🔥🔥 Link in my bio

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You know those people, those incredibly beautiful and absurdly talented people The ones who do what they do so fucking perfectly The ones who make it look easy because they work their asses off to make it perfect? Yeah, those people, you know em right? I'm lucky enough to know em too. And they're even better than that, as performers, as people, as friends. Yeah, I know em too. TheGorrilaz TheCranberries JayZ Incubus FriendsLikeFamily Oddity

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Suicide boys Tot

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What's your favorite outfit from zendaya ?

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I diedddddddddd when I first saw this performance 😩😩🗣🗣🌹🌹🐝🐝 beyonce

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I- 🤣

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*umbrella by rihanna starts playing* me:

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What will this year be ?

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You better ask yo Uncle Jay, I will f×ck you up in this elevator. solange JayZ

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skin, not ready...