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Repost best_italiansites (get_repost) ・・・ Present THE PHOTO OF THE DAY 🌟june🌟19🌟 2018 📷artist 👉elizabete.pinheiro 📍we recomended to visit sicily 📷Visitate la sua bellissima Galleria 📷 Visit his/her amazing gallery ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⓒ ⓞ ⓝ ⓖ ⓡ ⓐ ⓣ ⓤ ⓛ ⓐ ⓩ ⓘ ⓞ ⓝ ⓘ Segui/follow BEST_ITALIANSITES Tag BEST_ITALIANSITES Admin Profile gennaro_rispoli Moderator profile Dario_di_giorgio 🚫STOLEN  PHOTO 🚫WEB PHOTO best_italiansites_elisabete.pinheiro Check by www.tineye.com Follow our family pages : BEST_AMALFICOAST BEST_HOTELSANDRESORTS BEST_EARTHSCAPES BEST_WORLDPLACES BEST_INTERNATIONALFOOD Follow our partner hubs: loves_United_Italy natgeotravel citybestpics worldplaces best_worldplaces instaitalia wondeful_places whatitalyis beautifuldestinations bestvacations italy italia igersitalia visiteurope wheninitaly italytour italian_places europetrip italianarchitecture communityfirst visititaly italy2018 italytrip exploreitaly travelerinitaly italianfood italytravel 👉REPOST GRADITO O STORIA/PLEASING REPOST OR STORIES👈

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Enjoying delicious ice cream🍦 in Venice 😍⠀ .⠀ Image by anastasia.hm

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🇧🇷Esta é uma foto bem geométrica, tem uma perspectiva com um ponto de fuga, qualquer um pode traçar a linhas retas que vão se unir no mesmo ponto. Achei que era uma boa composição, as cores são meio neutras o que confere uma certa leveza ao conjunto. Que tal, quem já foi a Veneza e caminhou por lugares menos movimentados? Mês de outubro é muito agradável, faz um calorzinho no sol, mas a temperatura cai a noite, uma beleza para tomar aquele vinho italiano. 🇬🇧This is a very geometric photo, has a perspective with a vanishing point, anyone can trace the straight lines that will come together at the same point. I thought it was a good composition, the colors are a bit neutral which gives a certain lightness to the whole. How about, who ever went to Venice and walked through less crowded places? Month of October is very pleasant, it is a little warm in the sun, but the temperature falls at night, a good reason to drink one Italian wine. veneziacityitaly veneza venezia venice italia italy ig_venezia veneto ig_italia beautifuldestinations bestdestinations cityscape igshotz igworldclub MISSÃOVT travellingthroughtheworld traveljvt unlimitedvenice ig_venezia italyphotolovers ig_venice veneziacityoficial venicecanals veneziacityofficial italytrip volgoveneto loves_venezia venicecityworld TopVenicePhoto shotz_of_italia unlimiteditaly

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~ MUMS WHO WINE - ITALY ~ . Flashback to our honeymoon 7 years ago in Italy. From the very moment we arrived, Italy completely stole our hearts and I have been absolutely desperate to get back . For that reason I am beyond excited to announce, that with the support of proseccoqueenau we will be hosting our first ever Mums Who Wine “Ultimate Wine Experience” in May 2019 in ITALY!!!!!! 🇮🇹 A week of wine tasting, touring and filling our cups (literally and emotionally) to overflow . More details to come...watch this space 🙌

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Remincing on a great trip to Italy.

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Falling asleep yesterday and waking up today with those words in my mind helping me nurturing my soul, warming my heart and freeing my spirit. . “Friends, relatives, neighbours, people who abide In your village, city, country – Be not concern with their attitudes Towards these teachings. Everyone is discovering the intimate universe In their own way. . This nectar is here Within every breath, every desire, every transition From waking to sleeping and sleeping to waking. . Once you have set out on the path of intimacy With the immortal essence of life, Never turn your back on it, my Shining One. . Never turn away. Though every moment be surprising, Revelatory, unrecognizable, and full of wonder, Continue to cherish each breath. Live in gratitude for the ambrosia we imbibe In each turning, outbreath to in-breath into outbreath.” . VijnanaBhairavaTantra Translation: lorinroche . sacredsexuality tantra tantricmeditation sacred poem wisdom betterlife change outofline integratedwoman urbangoddess italy italytrip holiday tuscany green grateful gratefulforlife elisacaro peaceofmind nourishingsoul

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The new Piazza del Carmine in Florence in SummerMode....simply Divine !

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“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” - henrydavidthoreau inspired by iamjimfortin ✨ I’m reminded today that my dreams aren’t built from my blood, sweat and tears. My dreams are built upon the ashes of my past debilitating beliefs, and formed by the breath of my new empowered stories. ✨ thoughtsbecomethings mindsetshift followyourbliss lakecomo . . . . . . . . . . bloggervibes travelinbetween proptoit visualcrush peoplescreative theeverygirl handsinframe candyminimal myunicornlife abmlifeiscolorful bandofun lakecomoitaly thehappynow nothingisordinary choosejoy bedeeplyrooted lifelivedintentionally finditliveit livethelittlethings nothingisordinary dreamchaser yourinfluence iamenough italytravel italytrip italy🇮🇹

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Lost your tour group because you stopped to take a picture? Just column up! 📞🏛 Pompeii templeofjupiter

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il porto di Viareggio in notturna è un sogno ✨ con la ruota panoramica in estate ancor di più 🎡 e non servono certo i filtri di Instagram per lo splendido scatto di robertowaltercolombini | buonanotte a tutti noi, a chi si diverte e a chi si riposa ----- versilia viareggio estate2018 estateitaliana итальянскиеканикулы стильжизни versiliastyle italytrip italytravel тоскана italien italie イタリア 이탈리아 이탈리아여행 igersitalia summernights

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Respira.. para hacer una pausa, para hacer espacio, para aclarar tus pensamientos, para recordar, para enfrentar el momento, para decidir ✨ ———————————————————————————— Breath.. to pause, to make space, to collect your thoughts, to remember, to face the next moment, to choose ✨

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Do something that makes you proud every single day. Something that scares you. Excites you. Leaves an energy that inspires those around you. Live a life so loud that your children - no, your children's children - can hear it and draw courage from it to follow their own cosmic destinies. Buy the ticket. Kiss the girl. Write the book. Do something that's worth remembering. Every. Damn. Day.

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아말피코스트 가 보이는 레스토랑에 이탈리아 전통 파스타 냠냠! 😋😋😋 - - 이탈리아남부투어 는 진짜 무조건 반일이 아닌 일박 이상이어야 한다! 숨이 먹힐 것 같은 이 풍경을 두고 그냥 갈 수는 없어😍 무조건 천천히 실컷 감상하고 떠나길~ - - 같은 호텔에 묵고 있는 캐나다인노부부에게 근처 레스토랑 춫천을 받음. 해산물 가득 파스타가 맛있다는. 맛도 맛이지만 뷰가 예술. 물론, 호텔이 더 예술 ㅎㅎㅎ 아말피에서는 이 정도 뷴 기본 장착. bacco 깔끔한 화이트와인과 함께하는 전통파스타 요리 개인적으로 앤쵸비 파스타가 짱! - - 이번 맛집 기준은, 투숙객 추천 + 트립어드바이저맛집 기준! 믿고먹고트립어드바이저 재희맛집 재희는_여행중 이탈리아 이탈리아여행🇮🇹 남부여행 이탈리아남부여행 이탈리아렌트여행 렌트카 amalfi italytrip trip amalficoast

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This view reminds me of the ending of the film ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ when the other schools are leaving Hogwarts. What do you think? Does that make sense? Or am I just crazy? Probably the latter. • • • • • Sirmione ig_italy ig_italia worldplaces sirmionedelgarda italy🇮🇹 italytrip italy_stop italy_photolovers italian_trips italian_places italia🇮🇹 italia_landscape italy_photolovers landscapephotography landscape_captures landscape_lover landscape_collection landscapecaptures italyiloveyou igersitaly lakegarda RoccaScaligera LagoDiGarda doyoutravel discoverearth roamtheplanet traveldeeper travelawesomeearthfocusbestdestinations

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