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Feelin on top of the world today HAHA like we literally went to two of the scenes of my all time FAVORITE movie series today! (Pirates of the Caribbean) Dominica is FOREAL gorgeous! It’s crazy to think the hurricanes damaged the beaches a lot cus they are absolutely gorgeous still! Stay tuned for a re-enactment of a scene from pirates at the exact place it was originally recorded haha! God is SO cool! He calls us places to serve Him and glorify Him while also letting us experience things like this where He calls us! I’m telling ya ain’t no life like a life living for God - the life we all were created for. I would never choose any other way! God is SO cool man! Wherever He calls us, he ALWAYS provides...even fun adventures like this one! God is a God that loves to have fun and see His children have fun while enjoying His glorious creation! He is SUCH a good Father🤗❤️☺️ worshipdrummer ywam music worship ywamorlando drums drummer percussion drummergirl Jesus HolySpirit Christian florida dominica carribean crohns surfer ocean islands missionary missions ministry ship pirate skater

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Beach please

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No filter, only nature. The amazing sunset that Maldivians experienced all over the country yesterday, caught in Dharavandhoo island, Baa Atoll. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . photography Maldives ilovemaldives maldivesislands maldivesmania maldivesresorts TravelAwesome Travelslifee islands travel travelphotography traveler travelbug traveller travelblogger travelpics travelling travellinggram travelgram travelblog sunset_pics sunset sunset_hub wonderful_places wonderful_earthpix islandlife photography beach vsco womenwhotravel

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V Y T A S -•- 🔥 the tribe has Spoken 🔥 *snuffs torch* time for you to go -•- nooo Robbed everyone kept thinking you flipped but u didn’t! You were blamed for a lot of the eliminations here you were great at challenges and got into alliances but ppl say you as a threat and a flipper which is why ur gone thx for playing! -•- Also new edit if u care lol -•- 🍵 Mega Tea 🍵 Stephenie maxvivor Mari survivor_mari Kelley coolwhite46 Alecia warload11111 Erik whitesbrodywilliams - 🍒 Jury 🍒 Brenda bbfans_big_brother Tyler tylerxvivor Varner angie_spooks Woo jasonhangz4121 Vytas pat_scan_q -•- survivor awkward realitytv reality tv tvshow island islands 11 season game games 16 2018 like love challenge vote votes fire play edit edits hi hello bye idk

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Driftwood beach, Jekyll Island.

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Don't get burned twice by the same flame.

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Hello Sulawesi!😍

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Der erste Tag in Bangkok war mal wieder etwas regnerisch. Ich bin ziemlich kaputt und könnte auch mal wieder eine gute Mütze Schlaf vertragen. 😴 Ich habe die Tage eine Mega Neuigkeit, da ich etwas für euch organisieren konnte. Seid also gespannt ! ♥️💋 ——————————————————————————— Anzeige| Werbung triptouristtravelingramvisitingislandlifeinstamomentsexploreeverythingletsgosomewheretraveldiarydreamcatchertravelgirlbeautifulplacesdiarylovetraveldarlingescapeswearetravelgirlssheisnotlostislandsgirlswhotravelladiesgoneglobalgirlsborntotravelthetravelwomanwheretofindmecocoabeachgreatesttravelsctperuprettylittleiiinspo travelingcouplemeetthemoments

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Whose got the best photography skills See rules. Rules: 1. Take a great picture of your favorite town 2. Upload to IG 3. Use hashtags plusmeco and [your state]plusme (Ex: virginiaplusme) Prize is a PMC T-shirt with seal of the place of your choice Contest ends Nov. 1st Best picture wins. Good Luck! - - - - - travel caribbean carnival cruise exotic island islands destinations travelling blog placestovisit bestdestinations city coolplaces collegesports collegefootball college photography photo contest giveaway

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‘She’s a lioness. A strong and brave woman with a big heart.’🦁

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Open-Air Museum in Town ✨✨ プーケットのオールドタウンには、その趣ある古い壁いっぱいに広がるペイントがあちこちに見られます 💖💖 どれも個性的な画で屋外ギャラリーさながら 🎨🎨 天を仰ぐ強さを感じるペイントの前で!📸📸 miumiu.95様ありがとうございます🌼🌼 フォトジェニックツアーではオールドタウンをじっくり巡れるプランもあり👍👍 ウォールアートや雑貨屋さんなどゆっくりと街散策が楽しめまーす😾😾😾 ____________________________________ 人気のフォトジェニックツアーはプランが3つ。お好みのプランを選べます🍰🍰 シュノーケリングに夢中になるポテト島とボン島 🏖 南国がキュッとつまったお得感いっぱいの離島ツアーもおすすめ🎶🎶 お問い合わせ、ご予約は rourathailand までお気軽にDM💌くださいませ~ 😺 ____________________________________ rourathailand Phuket phukettrip islands thailand gallery artistic oldtown historical snorkeling diving boattrip tropical プーケット 離島 リゾート タイ旅行 街散策 アート ギャラリー ビーチリゾート 南国

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Please tag who your friends and check it out national.earth for more fantastic posts •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Who's ready for snow? There’s something magical about the moment when it’s just started to fall. Time seems to slow, and the world gets a little quieter for a moment, all you have to do is sit, and watch snow 🌨 Here’s your daily reminder to pause and enjoy the little things for capturing this beautiful moment in New York City, One that all we likens to being inside of a snow globe. Tudor City, New York 🇺🇸 🎥 Video By samhorine Video Via wow_planet Video Via wow_planet •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• nationalearth vacationvisualoflifeLiebegermanylikeмоскваbbcearthроссиякраснаяплощадьhappyamazinglife0islandstravelloveisLiebesunriselondonbombaynowмоскваlроссиякраснаяплощадьmylifeloveisbrasilbomdia

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