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Once in a while, you should escape from your daily turbulence to the tranquility of nature. Just let the breathtaking vistas boosting up your energy and healing your spirit. It doesn't matter what activity you will choose to do, but if you don't have any idea, I mostly recommend you to kayak around islands since it is one of the most popular water activities and the best way to explore the exotic islands. Not to mention the chill you will get while you are kayaking through sea caves or mangrove forests ,and the excitement when you bump into amazing wildlife up-close. 🚩: Don't forget to join our contest by sharing your ideas of 👉" WHAT PLACES AND ACTIVITIES YOU WANT TO GO AND DO WHEN YOU VISIT THAILAND" 👈 💥Don't let this great opportunity slides off of your hands! Grab it tightly! 💥We are waiting to welcome you here in Thailand!! Experiences the exclusive local lifestyle with us! E-mail: enquiryluxuryleisurethailand.com www.luxuryleisurethailand.com Thailand exploreThailand Luxuryleisurethailand contest giveaway freeprize fishing kayak kayaking paradise islands kohhong krabi wildlife mangrove forest beach beachlife tourism tourists watersports beautiful places Ilovethailand

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sounds a bit crazy but this my favorite tree that I run by on the boardwalk every year while in duck/obx 🌲♥️

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• magic cup • Even though the heat was uncomfortable today , I am glad I came out to the Magic Cup! Special thanks to Leslie for putting me on games, doing a great job keeping the tournament organized , & feeding all of the referees 😋🌭🍔 Until next time ⚽️🏁

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It was a perfect day at hanlans. Thanks _kathyng for gettin the perfect shot 🐬

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Beautiful photos of our hike to Yabuchi Island. Took the dogs since it was an easy, short hike. The cave was beat but we didn't go too far in it since I didn't have a headlamp and didn't want to drag the puppers in. But, the super cute hidden beach behind the cave was Keela's favorite thing. She took off for the water and swam until she was exhausted. Thor on the other hand has made it clear that he is happy to find shade under a tree and just sit in the sand... As far away from the water as possible. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . islandlife explorer liveauthentic fitness journey fitnessmotivation lifewelltraveled peoplewhoadventure exploreeverything exploretocreate in2nature naturelovers EarthFocus okinawa okiadventures dogsofig dogs bestfriends happy dogoftheday dogsmakemehappy dogsmakelifebetter dogphotography beach beachday

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Adventures from earlier this weekend, before going on-call at the clinic: Floreana. Getting to the island was a two-hour boat ride from Santa Cruz. Misty skies and choppy seas got us there, but our return trip had clear skies and an amazing view of an island so clearly volcanic in origin it reminded me that while I usually see a landscape of rolling hills and jagged peaks long since formed and dormant, the earth is still so much an alive and moveable thing, roiling with its own force beneath us as we change it from above. . During our few hours on Floreana, we snorkelled (and yes there were sea turtles!), learned about the island's crazy settlement history (from pirates in rain-formed labyrinths to a mysteriously vanished baroness), saw Cerro Pajas (the highest point in the island), and visited Floreana' giant tortoise rearing center. More information on that to come! . . . floreana galapagos islands cerropajas vetstudentlife thenomadvet abroad

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Look at this stunning beach view ☀️ Have you entered our competition yet to win a trip to crusoes_retreat? Check out our Instagram page and scroll down to ‘Win a Free Fijian Escape’ for details fiji fijiholidays winfiji

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「礼文島 北のカナリアパーク」 北のカナリアパークは礼文島の南側にある、映画「北のカナリアたち」のロケ地です。感動のロケ地にぜひお越しください!海の向こうに見える利尻富士もとてもきれいで、主に9月頃にはっきり見渡すことができます。 礼文島へのアクセスはこちら→http://www.town.rebun.hokkaido.jp/hotnews/detail/00000193.html 日刊しまだより 絶景 きれいな景色 島の絶景 北海道 礼文町 礼文島 rebunisland rebun hokkaido 北のカナリアパーク 北のカナリアたち ロケ地 映画ロケ地 利尻富士 北の大地 山のある風景 大草原  離島  島旅 島巡り 旅行 旅したくなるフォト 島時間 islands islandtrip japantrip remote_islands_dd1

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indonesia is the host country of the 18th Asian Games 2018, participated by 45 asian countries and 11 thousand athletes. This event is the biggest sport event after olympic This is an epic ratoehjaroe dance, a traditional dance from aceh Indonesia at the openingceremonyasiangames2018 and performed by 1500 Indonesian youth Indonesia is an archipelago country with more than 17 thousand islands, 742 languages, more than 300 ethnic groups, and 1340 tribes. We are unityindiversity and it makes me proud as indonesian Dulu tarian ini diajarin sama couple sseayp ku inong opiezahri 😍