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Yeezys on deck dm me!

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New summer collection.

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Flyknit racers 🤮 any size dm me!!

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ออกกล้อง. 5 วินาที

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Beach days 🏖 My favourite kind of days 💦 . . ✨Beach Club Goals! ✨Why aren’t pastel, multicoloured umbrellas a thing in Malta yet?! 😍

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Yo, sin ser gato ni nada que se le acerque, moriría siete veces por una sola vida contigo ⚡️💙

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Space is endless same like human imagination This is an unconventional idea that is as interesting as it is odd. This hypothesis was originally put forward by Mazur and Mottola in 2004. Gravastar literally means “Gravitational Vacuum Condensate Star,” which  is (in theory) an extension of the Bose-Einstein Condensate and put forward as a part of gravitational systems. Ultimately, it is meant to stand as an alternative to black holes. One of the benefits of the Gravastar over that if an ordinary black hole is that of entropy, the current accepted models of black holes have them having a very large entropy value. Gravastars, on the other hand, have quite a low entropy. The theory goes that, as a star collapses further [past the point of neutron degeneracy] the particles fall into a Bose-Einstein state where the entire star [all of the collapsing material] nears absolute zero and is able to get very compact. As a result, it acts as a giant atom composed of bosons. arte iphonesia picoftheday artworkgraphicdesign cute me illustration loveartistic myart instagood instamoodphotooftheday dibujo tagblender tweegramtbt artist art artists scifi space astronomy physics milkyway alien life blackhole nasa

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Grab it in only 799/-

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"When I walk down the road and I'm listening to music, I pretend that I'm in a music video."