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La distancia ya no existe mientras nuestros corazones latán mientras viendo las estrellas yo dibujé en ellas tu cara pues el viento llevará recados entre nuestras dos almas te amaré eternamente aunque reine entre nosotro la distancia ☘☘🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃 bridge puente poesia reedbridge inspiration inmymind threehouse casadelarbol hastalaproxima hanging distance inthejungle junglelife jungla distancesucks attheothersideoftheworld travelgram travelalone exploring exotic nicaragua🇳🇮 newplaces allmine green learning nevergiveup neverforget coincidence J

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“...With a candle in my hand I'd hide inside a hall of rock and sand, On the stone an ancient hand, In a faded yellow-green, Made alive a worldly wonder, Often told but never seen...” [The Caves of Altamira by Steely Dan] Should I go or should I stay? [The Clash]

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Would you look at that blue water! Scientists say the Rio Celeste is the way it is due to a physical phenomena known as Mie Scattering and it is triggered by the presence of certain minerals in the rivers water. This causes the sunlight to reflect in such a way that gives the water this incredible hue. ✘ I know that was a little scientific, so some others say it's where God dipped his paintbrushes when he was painting the sky. We think we like the legend better. What about you? •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• CostaRica costaricapuravida puravidalife theworldpursuit travelgirls latinamerica inthejungle waterfallsfordays waterfallchasin thisiscostarica travelbloggers seetheworld doyoutravel travelersnotebook

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e-session in the jungle 🌴💛🌵🎋

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(👇🏻 ENG) I to się nazywa zielone okno! 😍😍😍 // Now, that is what we call the green window! 📷 green_bells

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🇫🇷exploratrice n°2 J'essaie d'inclure plus de décors dans mes dessins pour leur donner plus de profondeur. Malheureusement, mes personnages sont toujours aussi figés. 🇬🇧 femaleexplorer n°2 I try to draw more scenery to give more depth to my drawings, but my characters still look frozen. traveldrawing badassgirl badasswoman badasswomen jungle inthejungle explorer exploretheworld féminisme feminist feministillustrator frenchillustrator madmoizellearmy bodypositive effyourbodystandards illustrationstyle gettingbetterwithpractice colourpencildrawing fabercastell polychromos handdrawing femaleillustrator illustratrice inmysketchbook crayonsdecouleur womenwhodraw wildcreature