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Exploring Laguna Grande by boat. 🛶 🌱 ... The Cuyabeno reserve is a seasonally inundated Amazon forest. During wet season the Cuyabeno River overflows and creates a 14 lagoon complex, resulting in the most extensive wetlands of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The flooded forests are the territory of pink river dolphins, manatees, alligators, anacondas, otters and of Macrolobium trees. These trees survive in dry and wet season and are covered with countless epiphytes. ... ecuadortravel travelecuador ecuador amazon cuyabeno amazonrainforest rainforest putumayo lagunagrande wildlifereserve naturephotography macrolobiumtree treelover sony sonyphotogallery travelgram travelphotography travelblogger traveltheworld swissblogger swissblog instaamazon inthejungle landscapephotography landscapelovers igbest_shotz natgeoyourshot natgeotravelpic epic_captures awesomeglobe splendid_earth

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My definition of roughing it out 😅 I’ve never gone legit camping in my life but Gabe grew up camping. One day I’ll be brave enough to sleep without a bed, toilet, and shower. But for now - first time glamping in our hunnymoon yurt 🏕✨🌈🌺 GlampingHawaii YurtLife LoveLifeMiniMoon BigIsland

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One does not simply go to the jungle and not cover a jungle song! *insert Boromir meme* 😂🌳🌲🌱🌴. . . Considering it was Mudumalai and Bandipur, it wasn’t the lion sleeping but the tigers sleeping that night, haha hope I didn't disturb them 🐯👑⏯️. . . Also, if anyone can identify the call of the animal/bird in the background, I'll cover any song of your choice 💚🐯. . . This song-'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' was originally sung in the Zulu language by Solomon Linda in 1939 and covered a gazillion times since then! 💚🦁. Cheers to sleepy lions everywhere, I can relate! 😁😴. . . Like/Subscribe/Follow/Share/Feedback/Send memes and philosophical questions on: 🤓🎼. . . FB:https://m.facebook.com/shalinimariaselvarajanmusic/ 😊. . YOUTUBE: https://m.youtube.com/user/ShaliKnee 😀. . INSTAGRAM: shalinimariaselvarajan😺. . . Thanks and have a great day! 🎤🎸🎹😀. . . musicgram mudumalaiforest bandipurforest chennaitravelblogger chennaitravel igdaily ig_tamilnadu ig_karnataka therealindia tripotocommunity trippyowl bbcearth ngtindia coversong indiatravelgram indiatravel musicdiaries indiemusic forestmusic girlswhowander inthejungle lionsleepstonight indiatravelgram indiatravel buzzfeedtravel travelgram travelingram chennaiigers deepjunglehome coverversion musicandtravel gramming_india

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In the jungle, the mighty jungle The lion sleeps tonight In the jungle the quiet jungle The lion sleeps tonight. inthejungle wildroom availablenow

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Con oggi inizia l’ultima settimana di prove alla Urban Jungle, ultimi posti disponibili prima dell’inizio dei corsi 💪🏻 Vieni a provare i nostri orari mattutini ☀️ pomeridiani e serali 🌙; scoprirai un nuovo amore per una nuova disciplina e magari troverai anche tu, nelle nostre sale, la tua polesisters flavialanna01 👭 red_poler urbanjunglepolestudio poledance inthejungle

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Explore the stunning Lololima Cascades. A beautiful waterfall with levels of cascading pools to cool down in, take a picnic and stay the day. For the adventurous try sliding down the waterfall - especially fun after rain! Or try the rope swing, jumping from trees or jumping from rocks. . . Travel Tip: Don’t miss the cave hidden behind the right hand side of the waterfall. It’s well worth exploring... . . . lololima vanuatu chasingwaterfalls cascades waterfalls rainforest islandvibes tropicalparadise lifeinthetropics roamearth wandermore portvila adventureseekers getoutandexplore naturalpool islandliving travelinspiration pacificislands allaboutadventures exploremore forgeyourownpath tropicalparadise inthejungle wildernessnation islandparadise discovervanuatu pacific freshwater cooldown secluded

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In the jungle the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!!!!!! Aauuuyyyyyyyyyy-y, e-ma-ma-maueeee..........🎶🎶 Tell me that didn't made you go to check that full song? 😉, it's a great song, should be heard at least once a month, nothing to be ashamed of 👌 happy tuesday everyone! inthejungle thelionsleepstonight oldbutgoldthemightyjungle thetokens

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