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These Pixar posters are probably my favorite posters ever!!! I seriously cannot wait for Pixar Pier! 🙌🏼

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昨日の続き・・🐈🐈 ・ ・ もつ鍋、たいらげました😳😳 シメにチャンポン🍲 ・ 明太子もきて、白ごはん追加(๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧ ・ 美味しかった〜💕💕💕 ・ instagraminstapics instalike instagood instafood instalife instafollow likesforlikes like4follow likeforlikelike4like lunchlunchtime🍴 lunchbreak 博多グルメ福岡グルメグルメ もつ鍋 fukuokafood fukuokafood いいね いいね返します いいね返し Happy明太子

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😱mcm Henry Cavill henrycavill is the main reason that I’m so stoked to see Mission: Impossible - Fallout missionimpossible ! Looks like he knows I’m a fan because Superman himself LIKED one of my comments on his social media! I guess things are getting serious between us (Maybe 3rd times the charm)🤗 J/K I love him so much as an Actor & I cannot wait to watch all these movies! This mustache certainly has become a character all it’s own but it helps that it’s attached to Man of Steel🤤 Thank you Henry for once again making my day ❤️❤️❤️ henrycavill missionimpossible mancrushmonday monday mondaymotivation superman manofsteel instalike instagay hotaf mancrush manofsteel2 missionimpossible6 missionimpossiblefallout instapic instafollow instadaily teamfit mancrusheveryday workout muscle gains mustache fitfam mustachegate justiceleague gymtime gymmotivation thehammer

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Apaixonada por cada detalhe! 🔸Informações de compra através do WhatsApp (62)99258-2709

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A day in the life of Hunter Blaine Bone Jones: we started with morning cuddles on the couch, went for a trip to his favorite place {Rural King}, went for a long car ride that resulted in a good nap, and ended with an ice cream cone. {{that may or may not have given him a brain-freeze.}} It has been an eventful day. 😂🍦🐶

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all of my work is selling, Thank you and please come again 🔥👑 nickiminaj nickiminaj

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Give me time

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Crescendo... Quello che vedi diventa tutto quello che conosci, non importa se sia bello o brutto. Si chiama semplicemente realtà, normalità. Uscire dalla normalità sembra impossibile, per alcuni è un tradimento, per altri un’utopia, per altri ancora è un sogno. Ma c’è qualcosa che abbiamo tutti in comune, la paura... Paura di dimenticare le carte portate via dal vento, la saggezza di un uomo senza denti, lo sguardo di chi ti ama più di se stesso ma non sa dirtelo, gli odori, le sue labbra il terreno sulle scarpe. Che per essere ricchi bastava un asso di denari... La paura di trovare un mondo che non ci vuole, un mondo che parli una lingua diversa più pulita. Io avevo un sogno, ma avevo paura di perdere l’ispirazione e per trovarla spesso torno indietro negli stessi posti che mi hanno spinto ad andare oltre... Ecco io non avevo scelta, Io dovevo andare oltre. luche_official

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The Bloody Dracula teater. 🎭🎬

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Me thinking about how I’m gonna pass my exams:

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There’s nothing new to post. So lemme just get into a throwback picture for the moment.

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So, some things about ORDIY. With ORDIY: • You can access the menu via your phone. • You can order by yourself, whenever you’re ready. • As you are trying to decide ORDIY recommends you the best dishes or beverages. • You can press a button on your screen to ask for extra service. (water, paper towels etc.) • You can review the products you bought and access others’ reviews. • You can ask the bill or pay directly from your phone.

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Mirror mirror on the wall... am i ? 👽

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Fierce 🐺