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Just playing around with some stretching! 💕 Benefits of stretching include : 1️⃣ Increase flexibility 2️⃣ Increase range of motion 3️⃣ Improve performance in physical activity 4️⃣ Increases blood flow to your muscles 5️⃣ Improves posture 6️⃣ Great for stress relief 7️⃣ Can calm your mind 8️⃣ Helps decrease tension headaches

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motivationmonday is here guys! The left is me now and the right is from 2011. I was a super self conscious girl who hid behind layers of clothes. I was only in the dress pictured because my long time best friend had to be a little extra for her birthday 💝 (love you girl!) I remember nights where I would cry myself to sleep because I hated my body so much. But then I took it into my own hands and here I sit 47 pounds down and 💯% confident that I can lose the rest 🖤 Keep moving, keep dreaming, you’ll get there 😘 weightloss fitness weightlossjourney motivation health healthylifestyle diet fit fitnessmotivation gym workout nutrition healthy fitfam exercise healthyfood transformation eatclean gymlife healthyeating weight loss transformation fitlife cardio fatloss instafit getfit strong

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Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean you can’t work out 💪🏼 Anyone know how the best way to bulk up? I swear I can eat 10,000 calories a day and I’ll only gain 2 pounds. Tell me how secrets for bigger arms and chest 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 • • • • • muscle abs shredded fitnessmodel gayman gayboy gayguy gymlife instafit instagay gaymen gaylife aesthetics cardio gayfit physique fitnessaddict gayhot gaylove strong gayhunk exercise gains gayfollow gaystagram gayjock ripped gaysexy gaymuscle malaysia

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Ugh. What perfect timing. Herb Strong extra strong recovery cream coming in clutch right after meet day. Low back is still pumped and sore as a bitch so work was not so fun today. Got this bad boy in the mail and wanted to slather it on my back with a paint roller. BUT only a dime sized amount did the trick. Ten minutes later I felt like a new man. If you’re interested in using CBD products I HIGHLY recommend you use the link in my bio to check out Herb Strongs line of creams, oils and cartridges to kick your recovery up a notch. Use my code MFW10 at checkout to save a lil extra too 😘 No you won’t get high. No you won’t fail a drug test. There is no THC in these products so you’re safe as can be. And trust me, if my grandma likes it then I’m sure you will too! nfpgear herbstrong hviiibrandgoods barbend sbdapparel sbd.usa texaspowerbars powerliftingmotivation powerliftingnorthamerica unitedelitemma Herbstrong NFPgear MFW10 SBD HVIII TPB unitedelitemma swolefatandskinnyripped skinnyripped 148strengthprogram

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Maior e mais completa rede de lojas de suplementos nutricionais na Baixada Santista. Em breve em todo o 🇧🇷. 💪——————————————————————- BUUMMM💥👊🏻💪🏻!!! corpoblindadosantos corpoblindadonatural COBRIMOS QUALQUER OFERTA! ——————————————————————— 📍N-1: R. Goitacazes, 32. Gonzaga, Santos. 📞(13) 3327-9422 / Whatsapp 📱(13) 99724-7709. --------------------------------------------------- 📍N-2: R. Jorge Tibiriçá, 09. Academia Agonn. Gonzaga, Santos. 📞(13) 3394-7091. --------------------------------------------------- 📍N-3: R. Fernão Dias, 14. Gonzaga, Santos. 📞(13) 3327-9426. --------------------------------------------------- 📍N-4: Av. Alm. Cochrane, 219. Embaré, Santos. 📞 (13) 3323-2204. ——————————————————————- foco nutricao personaltrainer lifestyle fit saude workout maromba saúde hipertrofia fitnessmotivation vidasaudavel emagrecimento crossfit crossfitbrasil bluefitsantos smartfitsantos esmagaquecresce fikagrandeporra força funcional motivation instafit motivação nopainnogain gym corpoblindadosantos corpoblindadonatural

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she’s in love with who I am back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance

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✔️Consultoria Fitness mariliasapersonal resultados que falam por si! ___________________________ ⠀ ⚠️Cansada de realizar treinos e dieta e não obter resultados? ⠀ ⚠️Passa horas na academia e não vê diferença nas medidas? ⠀ ⚠️Está com o mesmo treino já faz um bom tempo? ⠀ ✔️Se sua resposta foi afirmativa para duas destas perguntas... ⠀ ⏰Você precisa otimizar seu tempo e potencializar seus resultados com profissionalismo e estratégias personalizadas. ⠀ 💡Um bom treino deve ser prescrito considerando a individualidade e tempo disponível.⏰ ⠀ ✅Realizo uma anamnese e munida destas informações, a prescrição é feita de forma individualizada e mais assertiva. ⠀ 💡Como é o acesso aos treinos? A consultoria garantirá acesso dos mesmos através de uma planilha suporte via Whatsapp para tirar dúvidas, dar feedbacks, além da possibilidade de enviar fotos e/ou vídeos. ⠀ __________________________ ⠀ ☑️📲QUER SABER MAIS SOBRE CONSULTORIA? Dúvidas me chame no direct! 👊🏼 😀 mariliasapersonal personal personaltrainer goiania mundobt consultoria consultoriafitness ______________________________________

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wrightdanaj was feelin’ springy today 🌀

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Being a full time mom to 5 including a newborn is stressful. I literally don’t have time to get sick or deal with bloating or indigestion. I have this handy product to thank for sparing me from any unnecessary indigestion along the way! If your like me and try to stay as healthy as possible you really should try them out. I’m going to share with you some info on the second mygutgarden product so you have a more in-depth idea of how it works! This pill is called prepare or digestive enzymes whichever you’d like to call it! It replaces digestive functions that may have been depleted over time. Also this pill relieves occasional gas, bloating, and optimizes indigestion. It also restores stomach acid and soothes stomach discomfort! Basically it’s designed to break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins to support proper digestion and improve nutrient absorption! This second gutgarden product is currently available on amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D7JWXFM 🌿 🌱 🍃 🌿 🍃 🌱 instagood instahealth instafit instahappy instamom momlife ad promotion sponsored followforfollowback followtrain follow4followback follow4like followers comment4comment commentforcomment likeforlikes likeforlike likeforcomment likeforfollow

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This week has definitely started as one of ‘those’ weeks. I am feeling a bit off my focus, uninspired and blah. . . I am on a study intensive and preparing for the submission of my final assessments for my post grad quals and as it often happens, feeling a tad overwhelmed. Instead of being go go I have realised this week is one to slow down and go back to basics. . . I’ve taken my Apple Watch off - I find I get a bit focused on the outcomes instead of enjoying myself or being fully engaged. My steps are my steps, my activity is what it is. . . Definitely wishing I was on holidays again sipping cocktails 🍹🍹🍹🍹 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness healthylife healthylifestyle selflove bekind fitmum fitness instafit fitspo transformationtuesday mummyblog mummyblogger motherhood motherhoodunplugged livelaughlove active study studygram keepitreal strongwomen mumoftwo mummy momblogger mumlife

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Most people out here walking their dogs, I walk my weights. LOL. sudio hit me up and asked if I wanted to try out their new true wireless earbuds, I was like hell yea! First thing I did: take them through my most grueling workout day: leg day. After a bunch of blood, sweat, and tears; but mostly sweat, I can definitely confirm these got me through the toughest day of the week! Excited for round 2! For anyone interested, yes we did get a code for you fam, “JEREMY” saves you 15%!

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There’s nothing quite like being in a room full of women who get it. . I never thought I would feel that way until I found coaching. There’s something so special about being surrounded by women who just want to uplift & inspire while advocating for a healthy lifestyle & self love. Seriously, for every journey I witness and every transformation that I’m shown, I just become more and more in love with this opportunity. . Are you looking for your tribe, too? My team is running a sneak peak into coaching this week and I’d love to show you the ropes, no strings attached 😜 DM me and in hindsight, it will be the best decision you ever made ❤️❤️

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Eres luz, nadie puede hacerte sombra.💗

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Everyday is booty day! Did you know you can use our Booty Strap for a kickass glute workout? After doing compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, leg presses and lunges, you can do variations of glute kickbacks fo really isolate that booty. . . Price: P495 . .

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Yup, I post my failures too! I post them so you can get a better feeling of what I mean when I say success feels damn good! I know where I went wrong and it wasn’t in the gym. Although my form and technique was a bit off, I’m usually strong enough to push through. However, I had a terrible week nutritionally and I paid for it under the bar today. Everything else went up smooth, until I grabbed that 455 again. As you can see, my strength will always allow me to get in off my chest and 3 quarters the way up, but that last sticking point is where EVERYTHING you’ve done throughout the week will show up. You’ve had a good week, your body will reward you at THAT point. You’ve treated your body like crap during the week, at THAT point is when your body will say “NO NO NO! You know what you’ve been doing to me, I can’t help you today”. So now it’s back to the drawing board. I will be better, no doubt. Stay Tuned. DownButNEVEROut Hungry Focused NutritionIsKEY iam1stphorm 📹 nene_cramutola

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First day of Ruckus training! Going into this training season with a lot of confidence and motivation!! Started off with some bench 5x3 at 235lbs and then overhead press 3x8 at 135lbs and then I improvise on the lat pull downs. I don’t have a pulley system yet but hopefully I will get it soon😁 . My beautiful spotter munozmirandaelizabeth . grind fitness gym maxingout PR powerlifting stronger strongman training gainz rogueone roguefitness rogue bodybuilding bodygoals superman hardwork motivation dedication fitfam lift fitnessmotivation USPA weight strength beastmode gains garagegym instafit

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OMG!!! My 730pm Booty Jam Fitness was full of so much energy tonight. We wanted to keep dancing all night!!! 💃 I'm so sorry to the ones that left before the picture 📸 was taken. 😁 Thank You all for the love and support. ❤ See you all next weekend!!! 🤗 ' - Monday at 730pm Saturday & Sunday at 10am *Booty Boot Camp Sat at 11am-1130am* FlavaFitness Studio 3744 W Lambright St Tampa, Fl 33614 www.flavafitnessstudio.com IG: bootyjamfitnesswithramona - - tampafitness tampagym fitness exercise workout cardio strong instahealth active determination fitnessaddict healthychoices getstrong train cleaneating fitspiration weightloss fitnessmotivation gymtime justdoit fitlife gymlife fitnessjourney gainz lift shredded instafit abs beachbody muscle

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Hyperactive King Julien

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Sip sip 🥤

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When defeat overtakes a man,the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit

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When you train to lose weight, run a marathon, perform WOD's, or do YOGA you're putting into effect the SAID Principle (Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands). Watch today's Episode of the Daily Dose of Finish Fit® to learn how you can use this principle to your advantage. finishfit finishitwithfinishfit finishfitbootcamp delicious yum yummy breakfast lunch dinner snack health healthy awesome instafit instasport conditioning food foodporn picoftheday instafitness workout fun eatclean cleaneating training salad win winner eat said

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Overload and Progression are two basic training principles. In today's Episode of the Daily Dose Of Finish Fit®, we're going to talk about how Finish Fit® Coaches use the FITT ((Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type (specificity)) principle to program for overload and progression. Will you Finish It With Finish Fit®? ‭ finishfit finishitwithfinishfit finishfitbootcamp delicious yum yummy breakfast lunch dinner snack health healthy awesome instafit instasport conditioning food foodporn picoftheday instafitness workout fun eatclean cleaneating training salad summer win winner overlord