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susquehannaservicedogs has a new litter! For service dogs, the training begins early. Please give them a follow and see how you can support them. pupspassion

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It took me all morning to get our bedroom changed to downstairs.(I'm proud. I got a king size bed down a flight of steps) This is how much I love my dogs. My boy chase is having issues with walking and steps. We would carry him up and down the steps everyday, a few times a day. He must of gained weight because we've been having a harder time carrying him. So to make it easy on all of us, we decided to put our bedroom in the den. Now we dont have to carry a 75lb dog up and down the steps. Lol. I want him to live his last yrs stress free. And less stress for us. Lol. Here's to the first night in the new bedroom. 😁 newbedroom forthedogs ilovemydogs pitsofinstagram pitbull lab labsofinstagram

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🎃👻 Have you seen all the new Halloween and fall stuff?! Halloween is going fast!!! Take a peek via the link in my bio! 🦇☠️ I wanna know which one you like best! 🖤

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My dogs are super important to me (can’t you tell? Lol. If you’ve been on here awhile you may have seen more than one pic!) . They are the ones who love me when I come home and I would do anything for them . But when I was wrapped up in my diet I would work out for literally hours at the gym. I would come home and not want to do a thing. I would want to nap if I am honest about it . Nowadays I don’t workout. I have a body movement practice that is loving and nourishing. I come home filled with energy and I want to walk my little munchkins . Dogs are not people but giving up the diet has ensured I’m there for them almost as much as they are there for me . ilovemydogs chihuahuasofinstagram dietculturedropout bodypositive fuckthediet ilovebeingme

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. . 🐕🐶 Zen Master of Play 🐶🐕 . Calypso is my Zen Master. She is my teacher of all that is Play. We have so much fun together 🐕❤️🐶 . Our video presentation on the “Science of Dog Training” is now available on YouTube. We have a link on our website. If you love dogs and want to learn more about them, please check it out. . 🐕❤️🐕 ___________ If you would like to know more about dogs and our training programs, please contact us. See link in our BIO. . 828-423-9635 TrainingLuckyDogsgmail.com . For the ❤️ of 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕 Dr. K dogsperspective thedogsperspective trainingluckydogs _____________ Click the link in our BIO to learn more. _____________ For the ❤ of Dogs

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Welcome Spring 💐 🌹 ❤️

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Who else couldn’t help but dive into the packet and grab another? 😂🙌 ➖GUILTY😏😋➖

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Indo pra casa nova

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Family 🐾

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Gorgeous Twilight playing with our little galgo x Podenco puppy Denver. It’s moments like this that make everything worthwhile.. Twilight is unrecognisable from the scared and shut down dog that arrived at the centre 🙏♥️ loveisallyouneed * Twilight will be available for adoption soon when her Filaria treatment is complete - we would like a very special home for this very special girl ♥️ do let us know if it could be you 🙏 * (Denver is adopted) * * * twilight love cutepuppy happydogs doglover podencolove galgo podencorescue dogrescue shelter ilovemydogs adoptdontshop podenco hopeforpodencos ♥️

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I told Berkeley that today's the first day of fall. 🍁🍂 Turns out she doesn't care if it's sweater weather or not. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Pai 🐾

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My human shared veggies with me brocolli

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Get the most safe and visible collar for your dog FREE! Just pay shipping. (This Week). LINK IN OUR BIO 👉 dog.lovers.hut

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Primeiro encontro com meus pais!!!😍😍🐾🐾

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Mommy had the dog trainer visit our house today so we can stop barking at all of mommy's guests and every single person that walks past the house. Mom says we've been very stubborn since we moved. She doesn't want us to stop barking, but just stop when she says. We guess we did a good job learning today cuz she kept petting us and told us we were good boys! backtotraining trainingiscaring

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It’s been awhile since my momma posted, just wanted to tell you all I’m still cool as shit😎

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This my cat, I mean dog, Loki, who likes to sit on the windowsill and watch what's happening out on the road! What a nut! loki littleblackdog ilovemydogs