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cara_de_bicho 2425-5368 e 99121-2459 à disposição para atender seu grande amigo 🐶😻. . Curiosidade: Dar chocolates aos cães pode ser fatal para eles. Um ingrediente do chocolate, a teobromina, estimula o sistema nervoso central e o músculo cardíaco. Cerca de 1 kg de chocolate ao leite, ou 146 gramas de chocolate puro podem matar um cão de 22 kg. iloveanimals cachorro cachorros vejario pechincha jpa anil cachorroetudodebom ilovemydogs doglover pet dog gateiro dogueiro instadog instagramdogs

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I guess I have Agility dogs🤨 Pip came out with us today on our vet’s excellent advice. It’s best to keep him mentally and physically active because after next week, he will be limited until he heals. BTW, Po would NOT get off the tree! I had to bribe her with treats. Santi has never been on the tree 😱 and Pip, well Pip was ready to scale the next tree!🤦🏻‍♀️🐶🐶🐶😍😂 treedogs naturesagilitycourse citydogs rescuedog ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ilovemydogs

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. Morrendo de amores por esse modelito novo de vaquinha! .💕🐄💕🐄💕🐄💕🐄💕🐄💕🐄💕🐄💕🐄. . . . Esse e diversos outros modelos de fantasias elegantes só tem na lacosdefilopet 🎀! . 📲(31)99679-1192 (Cidinha). - WhatsApp - . petchique pet petlove petlover petstore petchique ilovemypet ilovemydogs shihtzugram_feature shihtzubrasil shihtzugram shihtzu maltes maltesers luludapomerania spitzalemao pequines lhasaapso bulldogfrances bulldogingles roupinhaspet petfashionista modapet cow cowgirl cowgirls cowgirlstyle vaquinha vaca farm fazendinha

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I’m sooo tired all day every day, it’s so crazy hot outside. ☀️🤯. How is it going for you in this heat?🙇🏾‍♂️ Ps. Being comb on my belly is pretty ok🤫 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ pomeranian pomsta pom pompom instapom dailypomeranian puppie puppies puppiesofinstagram puppy puppyeye puppylove blackpom dailypom ilovemydog ilovemydogs pompuppy pomeranianpuppy thedailypomeranian thepompom dogsaroundtheworld paw paws love cutestpuppies pup pomeraniansclub thedailypompom pomeranian_daily_s2

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How did you decide to choose which dog breed or breed mix? . doglovers puppylove

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He only needs to give me this look and I give up, yes you can have all the treats and hugs, lick my whole face and I just can’t be mad with him for long, even after he peed on the couch... although I’m just he thought “if you’re leaving me alone for so long thank Fuk yo couch!” 😂😩 this dog definitely thinks he’s human, and he needs more attention than me 🙄😂 but it’s ok, I love my dogs to death... ❤️❤️❤️ any of you love dogs as much as me? 🤗🐶🐶 ... ilovemydogs frenchbulldog frenchie cute

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How will Kenny react Kenny& the crab pt.2

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Back to the grind... well for mommy at least...

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Mummies snuggle 🐻

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Good Evening! Hope everyone had a wonderful day, and now onto our TransformationTuesday. Hopefully, this inspires you to AdoptDontShop! - Iggy was found barely alive in Mexico with a horrible eye infection. Someone uploaded a picture of him to FaceBook. People were touched and donated money to transport the guy into the U.S. and treat his injuries 💙 - Please, if you see any animal like this, don’t ignore the situation. Call someone that can help and save a life! Just look at that beautiful recovery! WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! ❤️😍 - adoptdontshop allanimalsmatter mealsforpets pawsmatter petsagram petadoption adoptme adopted adoptdontshop adopted adoptadog adoptacat shelter shelteranimals shelterdogsofinstagram sheltercats shelterdog shelterdogs shelteranimal endanimalcruelty endanimalabuse loveallanimals ilovemydogs ilovemycat ilovemypet

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♥️ apparently everyone wants to watch blippiofficial this morning 😂

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