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Thursday. Calling all creamy Matcha Latte lovers! Order tonight via Talabat or Jeebley.

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✌🏽 words, HOUSTON ROCKETS 🚀 Its GAME day 🏀🤘🏽 Clutch city tee: statelinedesigns

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Product placement..a simple yet appealing shot of some products🌟 What’s your favorite scent? Ours is Love by Chloe💕

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“The photograph is completely abstracted from life, yet it looks like life. That is what has always excited me about photography.” –Richard Kalvar

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🔵🔴 Labdajáték gyorsított menetben 🔴🔵 mesemaci

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Follow my journey as I learn the world of hairdressing shawnjohnthair

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my second home

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One of my favorites from the Graveyard shoot. (Borella cemetery circa 2016). The Borella cemetery is so beautifully serene with its own collection of curious items- beautiful italian marble pieces, gorgeous Madonnas and weeping angels hiding in the undergrowth just waiting to be discovered. The sense of peace and calm is so overwhelmingly addictive. I like Graveyards. The dead are much friendlier than the alive. Your equivalent of a walk in the park is my equivalent of a walk in the Graveyard. I name this "Kneel.....before me" graveyard angel cherub Cemetery statues marble sculpture photography lambofgod f4f follow4follow instafollow followforfollow picoftheday instagood nofilter srilanka igdaily borellacemetary travel instatravel travelgram instapassport Traveller travelling TravelBug

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One of my favorite nights. At astronomy in the park springmountainranch taking an epic selfie.

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A small break through all this early June gloom 👐🏽 👌🏽🌥

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You know that I'm the only one that gets you higher Gets you higher, babe And you ain't gotta worry 'cause you know I got it Know I got it, babe You be, stuck on it 'cause my love so good So you, keep comin' back to get some more Got you in your feelings, all emotional nike nikeboyz jordan jordan3 blackcement nolove night mets metsnation kanyewest fashion shoot shooting photography dsquared2 catenband igers igdaily instagood instagram instafashion instadaily boy jeans pants outfitoftheday ootd picoftheday livefastdieyoung

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