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Don‘t you love when people talk shit behind your back ?! ♥️😄👊🏽

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I'd sit next to you if your mom wasn't packing you trash bitch idontgiveafuck 😂

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“Életemnek abba a szakaszába értem, amikor teljes nyugalommal elbúcsúzom azoktól, akik több mérget adnak, mint szeretetet, több stresszt okoznak, mint amennyi békét hoznak, jobban rombolnak, mint amennyire építenek.”☮️💟🕉🏳️‍🌈➰☮️💟🕉 sealifewithoutliesiammyselfbeyourselfidontgiveafuck

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If you are NEGOTIABLE based on others opinions, views, or expectations... 💔 YOU ARE DESTROYING YOUR OWN MAGIC. _ We cannot impact the world if we are plastic performing pleasers OR blend “into” our peers. Find courage to be who you are. Be you. embracetheweird tooextra sorrynotsorry

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On the world photography day lets get close to the nature Because water is the ultimate driver of the Mother nature 🌲🌿🍀 Wishing all the followers and my inspirations a happyworldphotographyday Special thanks to comfortably__floyd for shooting my frame , man this was the feel of life 💖❣️💚💚💚💚 shotononeplus oneplus oneplus_india oneplus6 promode waterfall letsgethigh getlost babythisiswhatyoucamefor thisisthelife wanderlust travelblogger travelphotography aspidajacket aspida idontgiveafuck letsdoitagain vadodarablogger vadodara_lover vadodara_igers barodamirror barodadiaries life nature Edited via snapseed.in sagar8394 Thanks for the further inputs 😎 P.s - will roll out my 4k videos of here and slow motions soon so stunning visuals are coming soon

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Aim for the moon😎,if you miss you may hit the star😉. Self confidence is the best outfit ,rock it and own it😁.Success is not final😄,failure is not fatal😞 ,its the courage to continue that counts😇. motivation fearlessmotivation potraitmood potraitphotography naturelover lovethenature hairstyles beardo beardlover idontgiveafuck lowkey liker likeforlikes likeforfollow like4likes followforfollowback follow followers follower insta instahub instagood instadaily instalike instagramhub instagrammerslikeandcomment comment ownurstyle

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