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You were staring up at the sky The shinging of the stars Coaxing you to watch it. You admired it from a far. It’s very existence, warming you. The vibrant colors— that littered the sky like a blanket. You were enchanted. The fire of the stars, Was a storm. Yet, it remained graceful. You stared at it with such longing. You stared at it with such admiration. You gazed at it with— The same stare that he was giving You. poems shhh idk

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~Happy Tuesday little!~ ****hint idk Legolas is my fav from The Lord of the Rings! ****

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( girl version ) comment who changed the most ✨

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This Thursday come party at the Polls

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The process of taking a selfie 😂 Swipe to see! Hehe! Just being a dork 🙊💕 Haven't posted an out of cosplay selfie for a while! Which pic is your favourite? 1, 2 or 3?! selfie redhead redhair smile cute derp idk silly blueeyes

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Ngoài kia bao la thế giới... kệ mẹ mày 😂😂☺🙄🙃🙃 btw idk

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NOT atreeHugger🌳 💚(wanna-a-be treelover; ONLY this Tree!😍) 😳😂😂😳😂😂😳 idk Why; either💁

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it’s been 114 days since i saw harold & i am SAD

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There's a girl in my class who annoys the shit out of me. She's the kind of person who thinks she knows everything and will literally argue with anyone until they give up. She also said last night in class "college is like, so easy for me". I cannot stand people like this 🙄 • annoyed ugh stoptalking college ihatepeople gonnabealongday idk spam

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My babies on a piece of paper.♥️🌿 I've been experimenting a lot with filters, and this time, I decided to use little to no filters at all.🌾💫 I find this feels more real and honest to me.🌸🌱 I'll definitely use this more often.🍃💫 What do you think?🤔 Do you use filters and why or why not?🌟💫 ------------------------------------------------------------- art honest drawing artist artsy arty oc ocs originalcharacters characters writer author copicmarkers tegning zeichnung plants idk hashtags are cool XD

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I don’t know where I was going with this but it’s some kind of princess vibes. 💕 . PRODUCTS USED: revolutionpro Sfx palette revolutionpro conceal & correct concealer C0 makeuprevolution Ultra brow palette milanicosmetics Baked blush Bella Rosa revolutionpro Supreme highlighter palette Ice w7makeupuk On the Rocks palette Shades Sugar Rim, Maraschino Cherry & Last Call toofaced Size queen mascara toofaced melted metal liquified metallic lipstick Violet . . . princess chocker glam crueltyfreebeauty halloween halloweenmakeup productlist crueltyfree beauty makeup pinkmakeup crueltyfreemakeup 31daysofhalloween idk pinkglam pink glitter highlight

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OOOO boy