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Ibiza ☀️ Next week 😍 we will be living here!! It’s been some amazing two months where everything came perfectly together, if you just trust and follow the flow of life magic happens 💫. Stay tuned for doula, mama and pregnancy retreats 🌸. . . . . . . ibiza ibizachill ibiza2018 ibizaretreats ibizamoments retreat mamaretreat doula doularetreat doulalife travellingdoula vegan veganmom veganmama veganpregnancy campo wildling wildchild soulholiday theself selfcare womenretreat womenempoweringwomen womensupportingwomen birth geboorte

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Getting my nails done 💅 and can’t stop myself from moving to the beats of “Rhythm is a dancer” 🕺 💃🏻🎶 My ego tells me - “So many little loose ends left to tie together before leaving for Ibiza luxury retreat tomorrow. You should be worried about them instead of playing Queen.” My higher feminine self tells me - “Oh baby doll, live your life and flow with the moment. It’s the fun on the journey that counts. Be the queen 👸 “ Now husband messages - “Massage booked at 6pm. Be there.” Guess il just carry on with the queen and buy the ego some candy this evening 🧚🏻‍♀️😀 Diva loves - Everything’s always working out for you and me and we’re infinitely loved and supported ♥️♥️♥️ always! Never forget this, leave the worries behind and be present to the beauty of the current moment - what true, radiant femininity is all about 🧚🏻‍♀️!! femininity feminineenergy wife ibizaretreat ibizaretreats samiwunder samiwonder manicure lovecoach motherhood onlinebusiness onlinelovecoach datingadvice ♥️💃🏻🧚🏻‍♀️✨

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There is a small paradise just around the corner... They call it: FORMENTERA 🌴🦎 Soon youribiza will offer stunning sailing tours to Formentera. More info soon ❤ • • • youribiza ibizaisland yourboats ibizalove ibizalovers lugaresimperdibles somosinstagramers hallazgosemanal volandoalfindelmundo helloparadise repost glutenfree ibizaretreats strong4lifenutrition lovemyjob retreats hot summertime eatclean port luxury yacht yachtlife ibizasummer islands oldtown daltvila ibiza ibiza2018

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GOOD MORNING🏝🐚 wir testen gleich zuerst das Frühstück im Hotel bevor wir uns auf den Weg zum berühmten Hippie-Markt machen✌🏽 dieser ist nur einige Gehminuten von uns entfernt. Was habt ihr heute schönes vor?☀️ ____________________ ibiza ibizavibes ibizaisland ibizalove ibizalovers ibizaretreats summertime ibizasummer ibz ibizabeach igersibiza baleares balearicislands illesbalears islands charming hippiemarket hippiestyle hippiemood travelblogger travellover travelgram americanstyle travelawesome prettylittleiiinspo carmushka anajohnson annaix carokarmann

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“Difficulties are mean to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict” Any conflict is not a bad thing, we actually create more peace in the way we actually deal with any conflict. Set yourself free of any inner conflicts you may also have; but in a peaceful way 💫 Today; 9am Box Con, 10am Yin & Yang Flow fitclub_studios - 12.15pm butiyoga gymboxofficial Farringdon & then 6pm Mandala Flow (fire day) blacklotusyoga1 🔥💜🙏🏼 butiyoga boxing ibizaretreats yinyangflow tribe conflict peace freedom butitribe mandalavinyasa tribe empower love gratitude sweatwithintention sarafakihyoga

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The summer retreat season is awakening and I was in this haven yesterday giving an intuitive coaching session. I am a calm person but after working in this sublime retreat space I leave feeling even calmer. Pure serenity! ibizaretreats It's easy to understand this when you know that they are 11 years old and absolutely dedicated to their mission. I have never worked anywhere on this island like this and so it's the only retreat I offer my sessions too. To share calmness I must choose my tribe with care. The hostess yesterday had prepared fresh, wild flowers in bowl of water for my session. You get the picture of the detail and forethought that comes with a foundation like this. You can feel it! Not all retreats carry that vibe because truly it is a gift to create sacred space and have a team which is also calm and serene. Rome was indeed not built in a day so all good things take time and dedication. The fruits are worth it yes? ibiza ibizaretreats intuitivecoaching flowerpowercoaching transformyourlife mooncycle naturalrythm soften nourish lifebalance

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Last Mediterranean Morning ☀️ . Trading in beautiful Ibiza vibes for... Last days of spring in Germany 💚 . Looking back to a wonderful week in Ibiza and Formentera - will be back soon for sure... . So much up front: Jules from travelandliveabroad and I were scouting locations for co-hosted INTO THE WILD & TRAVEL AND LIVE ABROAD retreats during these days as well 🤗 . Stay tuned for more! . NEXT STOP➡️STUTTGART

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‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’ 🌴 Day one our_retreat Sardinia and it’s safe to say the vibes from this tribe are more than special 🌈. . Have an awesome week you lot. Nourish your insides with food that helps you glow on the outside, be kind to others, spend time with humans that lift your vibe, move more, hug more, take time out to breathe some calm into your life, do more of the things that make you happy and be good to yourself.💜 . Check out my insta stories for more of the action 📽rituals selfcare mondaymotivation

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🕊✨ We offer an option of guided Juice Fasting, Cellular Detoxification and Coaching for our Retreat and Mobile Wellness clients. ✨ Cleaner body, clearer mind, happier YOU. When our temple is taken care of even our manifestation and productivity powers are heightened. Are you open to experience a more powerful you ? ✨ detoxcellulardetoxificationvitalityvitalityweekhealthyholidayshealthretreatsspainhealthretreatsdetoxretreatsdetoxyourminddetoxyourlifedetoxforhealthdetoxforweightlossresetbuttonresetyourbodyresetyourselfresetyourliferesetyourmindibizaretreatsibizaholidaysibizaretreatibizasummer2018springcleandetoxifyveganholidaysveganretreatsjuicefastingretreatsfastingretreatjuicefast

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Join me and my amazing team for the next Ignite Fitness Holiday, taking place in Ibiza, 13th-18th October. We have been working hard in the background to plan the next fun filled retreat. See new website for full details - www.ignitefitnessholidays.com Our vision is to create a holiday experience that leaves our customers feeling fitter and healthier than ever. We combine daily fitness classes with sunshine, relaxation, delicious healthy food, lifestyle workshops, and fun & laughter. Friends & Fitness professionals, please share with your networks and/or tag people who you think might be interested. DM me for more details. ignite_fitness_holidays damo_fit jade_yoga_life theyogasanctuaryibiza ignitefitnessholidays philnaynafitness ibizafitnessoctober2018 ibizafit ibizafitholidays funinthesun fitnessretreats ibizaretreats fitnessholidays fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney fitnesslifestyle fitlife fitnessfun healthygoals lovewhatyoudo dothethingsyoulove dothemoften whatsnottolove sunshine fitness relaxation luxury

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You’re invited to the IBIZA360 LAUNCH PARTY at MINISTRY DOES FITNESS 💪 everyoneiswelcome ✨ Join the MDF & KIN retreat crew on Thursday 24th May 6:30, 7:30, 8:30am for an IBIZA STYLE STRENGTH SESSION ! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💙 Find out from previous fitness retreaters how life changing a fitness retreat can be, 👯‍♀meet the fitfam who are going on this year’s retreat 🥊get a taster of what retreat training sessions will involve with westoncourtney , 🍹sip on complementary KIN_nutrition protein “cocktail” (shakes) , ☀ plus, there will be a tonne of Ibiza themed surprises too! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Book your spot 👉 https://www.ministrydoesfitness.com/classes/

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Having completed the same transformational firewalk instructor training as Tony Robbins (created by Tolly Burkhan) recently, I can now hold the following, insured, activities for parties, retreats or transformational events; • Firewalking 🔥 👣 • Broken glass walking • Arrow bending (using the throat) • Partner steel bar bending (done in pairs using the throat) • Block breaking (by hand; wood and concrete) • Trust falling • Bliss pierce (pushing a surgical needle through your own hand) All of these activities are designed to break through imposed fears and ego led rules resulting in totally transformed lives. Of course we’ll be rolling some of these activities into our retreats too🙏🏼 💖 . . . . . ibiza primalbeatretreats mensretreat sacredmasculine masculine formen retreatsformen ibizaretreats firewalkwithme firewalker firewalkingibiza blisspierce glasswalking arrowbending fear nofear rise brave transformation transformational transformationalcoach love spiritjunkie souljunkie twinflame findtheothers youaretheanswer

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R e t r e a t 🌴 If you look closely I’m doing my best to break the concentration of natalieglaze and lottiemurphy_ while they blitz one of the morning sessions our_retreat Ibiza. This was certainly one of my favourite missions to the magic island 🌴 . Currently on my way to Sardinia to kick off the first of my 2018 summer Mindful life Experiences with our_retreat and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time 🤸🏽‍♀️ . This new location on the world tour sold out mega fast and I’ve no doubt it will deliver the goods this week. If you missed out this time, I’ve just found out we have a few spaces left on the October adventure to Ibiza🧘🏽‍♀️...Fancy coming alway with me? . Anyway.. where ever you are, have an awesome weekend, everyday day really is a gift x

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“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it” Every day is a different day, every day we feel differently. Some days strong, motivated, positive, some days far from that. Don’t fight it or judge yourself for it, allow it to just be & focus on positive thoughts, focus on love; love for yourself, love for others & to have a grateful heart 💓 To everyone that is battling something in life; to the ones who still have perhaps more days where they wake up feeling incredibly low & struggling with the negative monkey mind patterns I feel you 🙏🏼 Nothing lasts forever, step by step things will change, but be kind to yourself, we all go through struggles for a reason, it makes you you, it makes you stronger & it gives you empathy to other people. We are never alone in this world even though it can feel so bloody lonely at times. “Healing takes courage” I’m sending you all so much love 💕 We are all love, some need to be reminded, some need to be told but we all need to tell ourselves this every god damn day! Happy Friday beauties 💖 Covering the beautiful Bess today another_spacelondon Bank branch 12.15pm for a 45 min Hot flow🔥💜 Ibiza this year; either join me with mindbodyretreats Sept 1-7th for a beautiful intimate villa retreat or with yogafitretreats 14-21st October and use the code YOGAFITSARAFAKIH to get a discount! courage love yoga healing beyou peace iambuti iloveyou butiyoga hotyoga ibizaretreats grateful weareallone bekind mentalhealthawareness sarafakihyoga sayiloveyoutoyou

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“Why complicate things that are really quite simple?” 💫 Mary Poppins is full of insight ❤️

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🌎 Besides our retreats, Almond Blossom Ibiza provides a complete MOBILE WELLNESS SERVICE at your doorstep 🔑 ✨- both ON LAND and ON THE SEA -✨ No matter how much you indulge in all of what Ibiza has to offer, we are here for you to reset and recover in no time ☝️ Check out our stories for the list of services we provide. ✨ mobilewellnesswellnessibizawellbeingibizaafterpartydetoxibizadetoxmobileretreatibizaretreatsconciergeibizaholistichealthibizahealthyholidaysretoxdetoxibizapartyislandhangoversolutionsafterpartyrecoveryresetforsummeryachtingibizayachtlifeibizayachtingibizayachtsprivateretreatsmentaltrainingdetoxcoachingibizayogaretreatibizayogaretreatsprivateyogateacheribizasummer2018