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this was a fucked week but tomorrow new week starts good part is have chance to make thingz worth...bad part...u sm lazy n sad to do it...good part...u have some ppl never leave ya side i think thats called real friend....yuh this 1 gonna help u always...and be by ya side in happy or sad moments this type ppl u should tell to stick around♡ • • • macmillernation macianator macmiller macadelic macheads maciana macmillerhat scarymovie5 swimming swimminghat selfcare swimmingtour snoopdogg divinefemininetour divinefeminine cinderella calvinklein cashmerecat highland blueslidepark bestdayever kikinincrediblydopeshit kids pittsburgh pennsylvania watchingmovieswiththesoundoff wearmyhat wizkhalifa andersonpaak tydollasign

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おはようございます。 今日もお天気良い気持ちぃ朝です。 jamjam.よりお知らせ… 旧店舗よりずっとずっとお世話になってます ごぱん屋うっでぃちゃん。 東野でコツコツ ごぱん、ガリガリ作りを頑張ってて今は植木のご自宅で玄関販売されてます。 jamjam.も 東野に越してきて1年たち、何かみなさまがこれから ワクワクして頂けたら… と。 ご近所のファンの方より なかなか植木まで行けなくて… というご要望もあり 久しぶりにごぱんちゃん販売をスタートする事に致しました。 店頭に並びます😊 もちもちごぱんちゃん これからもどうぞよろしくお願い致します😌 また、人気のなかよしソース、お野菜たっぷりのガリガリも揃ってます。 夕方から ひょっこりうっでぃーちゃん遊びに来てくれるそうです。 また、同じく頑張ってる コーダヨーコちゃん! 今年もカレンダー完成され納品に来られました。 ファンの方々お待たせ致しました。 カレンダーは毎年人気です。 ご予約も承っております。 今日もみなさまのご来店おまちしています😊✨✨ 本日12時〜17時まで…。 ごぱん屋うっでぃー コーダヨーコ art channel highland highland ティーコゼー jamjam. jamjam.14さいお年ごろ反抗期…😆

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Today was a good day! I walk into a store and see these beauties sitting side by side just waiting to be taken home. So of course I obliged and now they are both all mine. Glenmorangie Bond House No. 1 collection Grand Vintage Malt 1989 bottled in 2017 and 1990 bottled in 2016. I am ecstatic to find out what Dr. Lumsden has selected for us. Sidenote: These are some of the most fantastic cases for a whisky I've personally ever seen. glenmoardbegdavid mcc_brendan glenmoardbegdan glenmorangie glenmorangieusa ko_kailee glenmorangie scotch whisky singlemaltwhisky highland moethennessy

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Embrace The Suck - I JUST said this to a GF the other day and this morning saw another GF say the same.. ♥️ Here’s a fact: whenever your are growing, whenever you are stretching, whenever you are breaking a plateau or busting through to the next best version of you.... whether on business, in relationships, in training..... there is ALWAYS a suck factor. ♥️ That suck factor can come from either the physical pain of training or the emotional pain of a tough change for the greater good... the suck of building a discipline and learning to say no to things that no longer align with your goals (like saying no to nachos or friends not understanding why your skipping the fried food and opting for healthy when your the first among them to change...🤷‍♀️) ...... 💕 BUT nothing great is birthed out of comfy feeling, nothing great comes out of being a people pleaser or going with status quo or simply staying in the comfort zone of good enough..... the SUCK factor is an indicator of growth and change and evolving.... so embrace the suck and be expecting something great on the other side 💪👊

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The best part of my job is getting to help introduce new puppies to the other dogs in the family. Doing it correctly makes a huge difference in how the new dog will be accepted (or not) by the other dogs in the house. Luna is a Catahoula mix puppy that was being introduced to her new brother Izzy right after this photo. All went well and they get along fabulously! souldogcanineeducation educatedontintimidate trustcentredtraining catahoulaleoparddog

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The Lofoten Islands is an archipelago of northern Norway, located above the Arctic Circle and a very special place: it’s under the influence of one of the largest temperature anomalies in the world, caused by the Gulf Stream. As a result, they enjoy much more warm weather than what corresponds to their location: about 9°C in May, 15°C in July and 11°C in September, with a maximum of 30°C.

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Hipsters thinking they just got gangsta. If highland park want the way it used to be u wouldn’t be seeing this hydraulics

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This concluded my UK trip. Just feel like time flies by very quickly. Proposed this trip last December and confirmed it in March. Then started to book the flight, hotels, and local tours. This travel companion actually did work very well 😂 Thank you for taking care of me in the past 7 days! Can’t wait to go on the trip together later. Take care and see ya soon! (My favourite quote 🤗) UK england scotland london windsor oxford bath stonehenge edinburgh skye highland thanksgodforthegoodweatherandsafety untilnexttime 上次去完澳洲多咗個mom 今次去完英國多咗個姐 感恩 笑足成個trip 風之女神 晴天姐姐 有日仲話自己係風之女神同晴天姐姐究極進化版 因為細個睇得多數碼暴龍 冇得救

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It was a fun night of Glowga with these YoungYogis! They had 🍕 and made🐱 and 🦊 masks, colored Halloween ornaments and painted Halloween magnets 👻 Glowga was so fun! Balancing and ArmBalances and a nice Savasana in a PumpkinPatch 🎃 Save the date 📆 for our next KidsNightOut on 11/24 with a Friendsgiving theme with theartistscornerny • • • Poughkeepsie PoughkeepsieKids PoughkeepsieYoga PoughkeepsieKidsYoga HudsonValley HudsonValleyLife HudsonValleyYoga HudsonValleyKids HudsonValleyKidsYoga HVYoga HVLife Highland HighlandHuskies HVLocal LoveMyJob CertifiedKidsYogaTeacher MindfulYogaWithLiz Namaste

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This impressive-looking gentleman is Laurence Philip Kington-Blair-Oliphant of Ardblair and Gask. No Highland gathering is complete without a chieftain of the games and this is the man who presides over the Blairgowrie and Rattray Gatherings. The Oliphants fought alongside William Wallace at the siege of Stirling Castle and with King James IV at the Battle of Flodden. canonphotography canon📷 canon5dmarkiii highland highlandgames scotland scottishhighlands

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Lost in the Highlands 🖤

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Repost cvexplores • • • • • • • • Follow➡️ bella_fotoword Follow➡️ bella_fotoword Follow➡️ bella_fotoword • • • Throw back to the slopes of Mt Ruapehu again with stefneoh • The sleet was just setting in and the wind was picking up for what seemed like a cold night on the mountain mountainouslandforms sky mountain wilderness hill photography grass highland ridge cloud girl fell terrain landscape ecoregion rock meteorologicalphenomenon grassland tundra plant picoftheday capture pics composition beautiful hdrstyles_gf awesome_hdr moment

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