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Best way to finish off a work day on a weekend is a spliff and some 2K19!! 🤤🔥 Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend peace out!✌🏼And sorry for the lack of posts over the past week I’ve been super busy but expect a bunch of new stuff next week! 😁👍🏼 • • • • ⚡️Don’t forget to like, comment, follow & share!⚡️ • • weed cannabis weedporn marijuana cannabiscommunity weedstagram ganja stoner cbd thc kush smoke sativa cannabisculture follow memes indica like4like weedmemes medicalmarijuana high weedlife music maryjane dank joint stoned hightimes 420girls

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So My favorite non-coloured person has once again hit Me with profound yet simple logic. I am obligated to share it because we are all in this together, whether we like it or not, whether we want to or not, whether we fantasize exclusive territories or exclusive social groups, we are not going anywhere, we are stuck here with each other and be a dick if you want to but warriors like plarson2341 prove that if you're a dick, it's cuz you wanna be, not cuz you are genetically predisposed to bullshit and narcissistic personality disorder. I know that it is fairly difficult to be a white person standing up to other wite people over issues of race. I also know just from being a userfriendly Black person that wite people say some fucked up shit when they feel comfortable enough. Sometimes it's cuz they're drunk, sometimes it's because they're high and sometimes it's because they are always comfortable telling Black folks how much they hate/love/resent/envy/lust for/hunt down/wanna be/wanna kill/wanna fuck Blacks. If a Star magazine editor can tell Me to My face that their "readers don't care about Black people. Unless they're fucking a Kardashian. Get Me THAT story and we'll both get paid," or a Jewish Hollywood kid tell Me to "act Black" before entering parties, I'm certain plarson2341 gets cornered by co-workers, family, friends and nosy strangers over her difference of opinion, tense standoffs over her choosing humanity over politics. Technically she's a race traitor for not hating us. That was a death sentence until a couple decades ago and this woman stands to for us, not by "liking" a post but by standing up and standing in her beliefs. I've never met her but I love this woman. Dearly. And I thank God for her. Don't sleep on good brave people of any race that stand up for what's right. We don't have to agree, we don't have to like each other but we have got to STOP looking for excuses to hurt someone else. If your personal pain leads you to drive into a crowd of strangers, you need therapy, not like minds that feed into your psychosis. We all hurt, life sucks sometimes, grow up, be like Patricia ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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